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Garet's P.o.V

I looked around at the strange sight in front of me. Before, I was too distracted with that other person in this…X-Jet. His hair was blue, almost like a Mercury Adept's was, but it was of a darker shade than Mia's and Piers. Also, his hair seemed to have somehow been combed back in such a way that he looked like he had flat spikes sticking out of the back of his head.

Now that I was sort of used to the look of the man I gaped at the internal organs of the bird. Or I would have if there were any to gape at. It didn't seem as big as it did on the outside, but that probably was because of the things inside of it. For example the chairs and whatever that thing was at the front of the inside of the bird. It looked like it had captured the stars and somehow (impossibly) changed the colours of them as well. I still felt like the bald man wasn't to be trusted. I mean, why would he want us to go with him? We're complete strangers. We may be young adults and all but we could also be mass murders for all he knew.

Which of course we aren't, but still, he should be more careful. If there was a fight, then it would have been eight people against three. One of which wouldn't be able to manoeuvre properly.

The other reason why I didn't trust him was because of his thoughts that he could make us fly. If the God's Luna and Sol had intended Man to soar among the clouds, we would have been born with wings like the birds.

I snapped out of my musings when I heard a buzzing sound behind me. Half turning in the chair that I was sitting on (I was still in that seatbelt mechanism thing) I saw the ramp that we had walked on to get inside was raising itself by its own. It closed with a muffled clang. That was it. We were trapped. Trapped in a steel bird with a man who seemed to be semi-insane (at least), a woman whose skin we had never seen on the face of Weyard before and a man who didn't seem to like us as much as I liked them.

I waited for the expected attack. To my surprise, there wasn't an unexpected attack. Not in that way anyway. Instead, the bir –darn, what was it called again?- X-Jet growls grew to a roar. Before I could do anything to defend myself against the angry beast, I was suddenly pushed back into my chair by an unseen force. My insides felt like they were being dropped past my feet and through the shining floor.

I heard cries of shock and confusion from my friends as I made similar sounds. How could we fight someone who could attack us with an attack that we couldn't see, an attack, which wasn't psynergy?

'Oh…Luna…' Sheba's thoughts infiltrated my head.

Sheba's P.o.V

'Oh…Luna…' I couldn't help but cast my thoughts out. While everyone was looking at each other in disbelief I was staring out of the birds eyes. 'But how? How is this possible?' My mind couldn't take in what my eyes were showing it. 'That's, that's Vale.' True, I was able to see what I now considered my hometown but it wasn't the kind of view that I was used to. I was able to see the rooftops. The rooftops. The only time I was able to see this much was when I was…actually never. The closest I got to seeing this much of the roofs was when I was helping to patch them. After that, the Bird continued to rise.

Soon, I was able to see Mount Aleph's silolette against the afternoon sky. I never realized how level the top of the mountain actually was. Well, it wasn't really that flat, but it didn't end in a point. The part that looked like it was more or less even ground had spires reaching up to the air above it like jaggad brown teeth.

After another minute blue stared to fill my eyes. The only other colour that came into my sight were the clouds that suddenly didn't seem so far away anymore.

And with a jolt, I realized that the handicapped man had been speaking the truth the entire time. He said that we were going to go flying and we were. So if he was speaking the truth about the flying then he must be telling the truth about wanting to help us. Unless of course he ended up being like Alex. I sincerly hoped not, if he had enough power to make us able to fly, then what else was he capable of? We had grossly underestimated our chances of what these people were able to do.

And now I could see the clouds floating past.

"Sheba? What's wro…." Ivan, noticing my lack of comunication had tried to get my attention when he noticed what I had ten minutes ago. "I-I don't believe it." He stutered.

::Ivan? Sheba? Is something the matter?:: Felix's reasuring voice entered our minds.

::He was telling the truth. He was telling the truth.:: Ivan kept on repeating that one sentence. He was in shock. Apart from the obvious why, it was also because he was one of the people who adamantly didn't believe him when Mr. Xavier said that we were going to fly.

I could feel Felix starting to get concerned. ::Ivan? Who was telling the truth?::

::He was telling the truth…:: Felix mentally shook his head.

::Sheba, what's he talking about?::

I was silent for a moment while I decided if I should tell him. ::It's Mister Xavier who he's talking about.::

::Mister Xavier? But how could Ivan already know if he was telling the truth? And I thought he said that he couldn't sense any kind of deception coming from him.::

::He didn't. And I'm not getting an impression of that either from him.::

::But he attacked us!:: he protested.

Looking into the older man's mind, I didn't understand all that he was thinking but I was able to understand some. ::He doesn't think that he has attacked us.::

::But then what-?::

::This is where I don't really get what he is thinking. His thoughts say it's got something to do with "Gravity" whatever that is.::

Felix was quiet for a minute or so. ::It sounds like a name for a monster.::

::I know. But apparently, it's harmless unless you fall off a cliff.:: I was confused by my last remark. Why would Mister Xavier be thinking something like that? It sounded like he was explaining it but how would he have known that I was reading his mind? That means, that even though he does call it something different, being a Mutant must be the same as being an Adept. So maybe 'Gravity' is a name of a summon? Like execpt from healing, it holds people down? But that would be considered as an attack and Mister Xavier felt like he hadn't ordered one.

::What's that supposed to mean?::

::I have no idea.::

::Since we don't know about that, what was Ivan talking about?::

::I don't really need to explain it. Look out at the front, where the window is.:: I waited for a minute for Felix to take it in. It looked like he was going to react like Ivan had reacted the first time he saw the clouds.

"What are you three talking about?" Piers asked us from two seats back, "You've been silent for some time now."

'Is there any point in telling them one by one? How come no one else has noticed yet? Is it because we're sitting at the front?' I wondered. "Look out the window." I whispered, but just loud enough to be heard over the X-Jet's continous roaring.

There was a stunned silence as five pairs of eyes turned towards the window that showed them what was outside without feeling the wind blowing past.

Mister Xavier, somehow telling that we were in distress, glanced over his shoulder to look questionally at each of us. "Is something wrong?" he asked inocently, like soaring among the birds was something that was done every day.

We were unsure how to reply to that question so stayed silent.

"What do you mean, is something wrong?! Of course something's wrong!" Jenna suddenly exploded. "We're freaking flying! How the heck are we flying?!"

To this outburst, he glanced out of the window. I heard him sigh softly. "This is not the proper place to explain things like this. We are nearing our desination anyway. When we arrive there, then we can talk where there is less noice." We weren't really happy with his answer but we accepted it anyway. He had told the truth before, why would he stop now?

Strangely, I could somehow feel that the Bird was slowing down. But how could Mister Xavier tell where we were from watching the clouds? Was this where we were going? Were we going to living in the clouds? Was that how he was able to tell? Because one of the clouds wasn't a cloud? It was solid? But how would he be able to tell where it was? Clouds change and move constantly. My mind was racing with questions and answers that could not possibly be true.

Still staring out of the window I was able to see that the clouds were seemingly starting to rise up past the Bird. So we weren't going to live on a cloud. When they had parted completely, my eyes were somehow able to widen even more than they already were.

Below, on the ground, was a Mansion. It was the biggest building that I had ever laid my eyes on. It looked like it was twice the size of the Kandorean Temple. The ground that it was built on was covered by grass except (for what I took to be the front) by a grey dirt track. If that was the front, then around the back was a grey rectangular box that had white lines one it. It also had some sort of poles at each of the shorter sides of it. Was everything in this world bigger than what was usual?

"Wow." Mia breathed.

Soon, the Bird was hovering over the grey box. Storm pushed something on the board in front of her. The Bird shuddered. Was it in pain? Again, Storm pressed something. This time, the grey box suddenly had a black line appear in the middle of it. The black line grew and grew and soon engulfed the box completely.

The Bird then started to desend. It looked like it was going to go into the hole which had just appeared. When it did, I was surprised by how much the Bird was able to go down. There was a jolt as the Bird impacted something. Storm pushed yet another something in front of her. The light that was filtering down from the hole started to diminish as it began to close again. As soon as it did, it was like hundreds of candles were lit as the area around the Bird was bathed in light.

I heard a buzzing sound echoed a bee's. Looking around I saw it was the ramp that we had used to go up into the Bird in the first place.

"If you would like to go now." Mister Xavier said. Storm and the other man were already standing up.

We all looked at each other.

"Er…How do we do that?" Isaac finally asked.

The three adults stared at us. Mister Xavier was the first to recover. "You press the red button."

Looking down, I saw that the little black box had a smaller red square on it. Pressing it, there was a click and I was released from the seatbelts grasp. Around me I heard a similar clicks as everyone else did the same.

By that time, the three adults had already walked of the Bird. Following Felix out I gasped as my eyes wandered around the cave. How much work would have had to go into this to make it! As the rest of the Adepts filled out, I saw a group of teenagers walking towards us. Some of them looked like they younger than me, whereas some of them looked around about the same age as Felix and Issac. Of course they would never be older than Piers.

Mister Xavier was still facing us. "Welcome to Xavier's School for the Gifted."


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