AN: I'm back! Did you miss me? I don't like my story "A New Adventure" and after watching the final episodes of DB and knowing more about G/CC now than I did when I wrote ANA, I got a better perception of how they were in the first five years of their marriage and so I'm writing again at what I think could've happened in that time. This story is rated R for sexual situations and that's mainly from this chapter. Those of you who are use to my stories knows that's the only reason my stories are rated this way. The rest of the story is mostly rated PG-13.

A New Beginning

"I'm so happy!" Chi-Chi squealed in delight.

Yesterday, Goku and Chi-Chi were finally able to put out the fire on the Ox King's castle. The rest of the day was spent in preparation for the wedding of Goku and Chi-Chi. The villagers of Ox King's kingdom joyously worked together to create the ceremony for the two by preparing the meal, getting Goku and Ox King suits made since theirs burned up in the fire and several maidens helped Chi-Chi with her wedding dress by giving it a good cleaning to rid of the dust that built up over the years while in its case.

The ceremony was held in the early afternoon the following day at the bottom of the hill where the Ox King's castle once stood. It was a perfect day with a clear, blue sky, and the bright, warm sun creating the perfect weather. A small group of the village people created the wedding march music with their musical instruments. Goku and Chi-Chi walked arm in arm down the white runner where a flower girl decorated it with red and pink rose petals.

Chi-Chi held onto Goku snuggly as they walked down the aisle together. Goku looked down at his wife-to-be confused. So many things ran through the young man's mind. He knew about Chi-Chi wanting to wear the wedding dress but why did he have to get dressed up? Was it because he was getting married, too? Why did they have to walk on this white paper with flowers on it? What was that man in black at the end of the trail going to do when they get there? There were so many things that was happening that made Goku realized one thing--getting married was strange.

Goku and Chi-Chi stopped in front of the priest and listened as he spoke kind words about marriage. The priest went on to ask if anyone felt these two shouldn't be married. When no one spoke, he continued. The priest asked Goku if he will love, honor and protect Chi-Chi the rest of his life. He also asked Goku if he will take care of Chi-Chi in sickness and health and remained by her side in rich and poor. Goku didn't see anything wrong with that though he wasn't sure exactly on what love was but went ahead and said, 'Sure!' Chi-Chi politely nudged Goku and told him he was suppose to say, 'I do.' Goku apologized to the priest and said 'I do.' Chi-Chi was asked the same question to which she eagerly said 'I do.' She squeezed Goku's arm even tighter. Goku wondered what Chi-Chi's problem was. She was cutting off the blood circulation in his arm.

The priest spoke a little more and told Goku to kiss Chi-Chi to make the wedding ceremony official. Kiss Chi-Chi in front of everyone? Goku just started kissing when he and Chi-Chi were on Nimbus as they searched for the Bansho fan. He got the feeling it was private and he wasn't sure about doing that in front of everyone. Chi-Chi whispered to Goku that they have to do this. Goku felt a light blush on his cheeks, feeling embarrassed but he decided to do it. Remembering what Chi-Chi told him last night, Goku raised the veil over Chi-Chi's head. He saw her eyes were sparkling in joy, just as it was when he proposed to marry her. Goku planned to make the kiss brief but as soon as he planted his lips on Chi-Chi's, she threw her arms around Goku's neck pulling him closer to prolong the kiss. Goku jerked in reaction, but Chi-Chi tightened her hold on him. She wasn't going to let go until she was ready.

When Chi-Chi broke away from Goku, the priest introduced them as Mr. and Mrs. Son Goku. Goku blinked in surprise. Mr. and Mrs. Son Goku? What? Chi-Chi won't be called Chi-Chi anymore? Goku asked Chi-Chi about that and she told her husband that this is what happens when a woman gets married. She explained as his wife, she will be taking his last name and will be called Son Chi-Chi from now on. Goku nodded understanding and mentally confirmed that getting married was strange, but smiled as he realized it was kind of fun. Goku and Chi-Chi walked back down the aisle as villagers threw rice at them and cheered happy praises for the married couple. Chi-Chi laughed happily while Goku looked confused. Why would anyone throw away good rice? Could this marriage thing get any stranger?

The wedding reception immediate followed. Food was brought out for Goku, Chi-Chi, Ox King and Baba on the large picnic cloth. The villagers gathered to yell happy cheers and raised their glasses in the air wishing good luck and happiness to the newlywed couple. Goku rubbed the back of his head as he laughed nervously, slightly embarrassed by all the attention. No wonder Chi-Chi refused her father's offer at first for a big wedding.

A five tier wedding cake was brought out for the couple. Goku licked his lips eager to taste the cake. He only had breakfast that morning and was getting hungry again. Goku was confused as he and Chi-Chi cut the cake together and fed a piece to one another. He shrugged thinking this was all apart of marriage. Afterwards, many pictures were taken of the couple by themselves and then with Ox King and Baba. With that out of the way, Goku was finally able to eat.

Chi-Chi continued to touch and squeeze Goku's arm affectionately, continue to murmur how happy she was to be Goku's wife. Baba saw the two and couldn't help but smile. After all his adventures, Goku was finally going to settle down and with the right girl. "Well, Goku, I must admit. I never thought I'd see the day that you get married."

Goku looked up from his fifth plate puzzled. "But how can you not know? You're Fortune Teller Baba. You're supposed to know everything."

Baba rolled her eyes. "I only know what I choose to know. I'm doing you a big favor and not finding out what happens tonight!"

At Baba's words, Chi-Chi blushed while Goku looked adorably clueless. "What's that suppose to mean?"

Baba smirked and glanced at Chi-Chi whose cheeks were turning into a dark shade of red. "Just where are you two staying tonight, Chi-Chi? Your father's castle is burnt to the ground."

Chi-Chi's blushed deepened and shyly played with her food. "Oh, I don't know. I hadn't thought about that. Where are we going to stay, Goku?"

"We can stay at my grandpa's house," Goku offered as he finished his plate of food and put a slice of wedding cake in his mouth.

"That's great," Chi-Chi said happily.

"Except we won't have a bed," Goku added as he reached for another piece of cake. "I left my futon at Master Roshi's house when I began training under him years ago. Do married people really share a bed, Chi-Chi?"

Chi-Chi nodded shyly. "Yes, Goku."

Goku smiled. "Cool. My grandpa is the only person I shared a bed with and I miss sharing a bed with someone. Well, there was Lunch when I was staying at Master Roshi's because we were low on futons, but she shot me when her bad side took over. I kicked her knocking her out though." Goku rubbed the back of his head, recalling the bullet shots he got. "Those bullets hurt."

Chi-Chi blinked not fully understanding what Goku said. Still, she patted his knee gently. "Don't worry, Goku. I'll never shoot you."

Baba cackled wickedly. "I'm sure one of the villagers will be kind of enough to loan you something. Excuse me." Baba floated away from the newlyweds to Ox King who was talking to some villagers, thanking them for putting this wedding together so quickly. "Ox King, may I have a word with you?"

"Sure, Baba. What is it?" The villagers bowed politely in front of their king, leaving him and the fortuneteller alone.

"I think there's something you need to do. Goku's an innocent young man and he's been on his own most of his life. It's a miracle he didn't learn anything perverted from my brother so I think it's up to you give Goku the talk."

At that, the Ox King coughed up his wine. He pounded on his chest as he choked on the bubbly. Once he got the cool liquid down, he looked at the fortune teller stunned. "The talk?!" The giant man blushed. "I--I, uh, I can't do that!"

"Why not?" Baba argued with hands on her hips. "He's your son-in-law now and you're gonna be a father to him. Goku's going to be in for a big surprise tonight if someone doesn't tell him what will happen. Well, your daughter will tell him unless she doesn't know." She eyed the giant man curiously. "Does Chi-Chi know?"

Ox King's cheeks blushed furiously. "Old woman, I… Chi-Chi knows not to do that until she's married."

"She's married now, Ox!" Baba argued.

Ox King didn't want to admit it but Baba had a point. When he had to give his daughter the talk, he blushed embarrassed, left the room and had one of the female servants give Chi-Chi the talk. He came in later and told Chi-Chi not to do it until she married. The giant man finished up his glass of wine and looked around for another. No, no more alcohol. He'll have to explain this to Goku when he's sober. "Okay. I'll talk to Goku. Send him over here."

Chi-Chi giggled to herself as she placed a forkful of food in Goku's mouth. "Chi-Chi, I can feed myself," Goku said unsure of Chi-Chi's behavior.

Chi-Chi laughed as she wiped the crumbs around his mouth with a napkin. "I know. I just wanted to feed you. When we settle in our home, I'm going to make you the best meals you've ever tasted."

"Really?" Goku said excited at the thought.

"Mm-hmm. I'm going to take such good care of you," Chi-Chi said before planting a kiss on his lips.

It was taking some time but Goku was getting used to Chi-Chi kissing him. He didn't mind it. In fact, he was starting to like it a lot. He got his first kiss on the lips from Chi-Chi when they were flying to Mt. Kiwi to get feathers from the fire eater. Chi-Chi was talking about things they will have to do at the wedding and she shyly asked Goku for a kiss. The only problem now in front of the villagers was that Goku didn't feel comfortable kissing in front of others. He felt more relaxed when he and Chi-Chi were alone.

"Goku?" Goku and Chi-Chi broke from the kiss, blushing and directed their attention to Baba. "Ox King wants to have a word with you."

"Oh, okay." Goku left Chi-Chi and walked over to the Ox King. "Baba said you wanted to talk to me."

"Uh, yes, Goku. Come with me." Ox King and Goku walked along the soft plains of Ox King's kingdom away from prying ears. Ox King didn't want to give Goku the talk. How was he going to give the talk to such an innocent young man? Would he understand? Would Goku asked questions? Would Ox King have to go into details? Oh, he didn't want to do that! It is his daughter Goku would be doing these things too! Ox King only hoped Goku would understand what little he had to say.

"Goku, Chi-Chi is my daughter, my only child. She's very precious to me. She loves you a lot and is very happy with you." Ox King rubbed his sweaty palms. This was so nerve-wracking. He looked down at Goku who looked up at him curiously. "My daughter is yours now so I want you to do your best in taking care of her."

That 'love' thing threw Goku off again but he got the feeling this discussion was serious. "I'll do my best," Goku promised.

Now was the time to talk about the wedding night, but with the innocent look Goku was giving him, Ox King felt as if he was talking to a child. "Good luck, Goku," Ox King said. "Uh…that's all I wanted to say. Go and enjoy the wedding." As he watched Goku leave, Ox King took out his handkerchief and wiped his sweating face and dried his sweaty palms. He nearly had a heart attack trying to talk to Goku about sex. He just couldn't do it. "I hope everything works out all right."

Baba floated to Chi-Chi on her crystal ball. The young bride was finishing up her plate. "Here you go, my dear."

Chi-Chi looked up and caught a capsule box tossed in her direction with one hand. "What is this?"

"The villagers chipped in and gave you some things you will need. There's a fresh futon and sheets, bath paraphernalia, a change of clothes since you can't fly on Nimbus in that wedding dress. They also added your and Goku clothes from the tournament." She sat with Chi-Chi and cackled. "So, my dear, are you ready for tonight?"

Chi-Chi placed the package on the blanket. She smiled shyly. "Um, I guess."

"Just tell him to be gentle," Baba advised. "And take your time."


When Goku returned, he ate some more and was pulled into a dance by Chi-Chi. It was a bit clumsy since Goku wasn't used to dancing like this, but Goku was trying and that was all that mattered to Chi-Chi. After their dance, they walked far from everyone else to be alone for a moment. "You look so handsome," Chi-Chi commented.

"Handsome? That's good right?" Goku asked to be sure. He heard it before but forgotten what it meant.

Chi-Chi laughed. "It's very good, Goku. Do… do you like how I look or my dress? You haven't said anything about it."

As Goku looked Chi-Chi over, he wondered what to say. He never had to do this before. He looked her over in her wedding gown, white pearls and veil with white flowers that enlightened her dark hair. "It looks nice. You look softer."

"Softer?" Chi-Chi questioned thoughtfully.

"Well, despite your strength, I always thought you were a delicate looking girl. I guess you look even more so now," Goku admitted. He saw a tear in Chi-Chi's eyes. He worried if he did something wrong.

"Oh, Goku," Chi-Chi smiled warmly. "That was so sweet."

"It was?"

"Yes," she said and pressed her body to his in a hug. Goku noticed how soft she felt against him and thought the feeling was nice. Unexpectedly, she pulled back. "Come on." She took his hand and led him back to the villagers. "We have to do a few more things before we leave. We have to do the bouquet toss and you have to get rid of my garter."

"Garter? What's that?"

"It's a band on my leg that you have to remove and toss to a group of single man. It's tradition. It's supposed to pick the next man to marry just like the bouquet toss picks the next woman to marry."


A group of single woman stood in a crowd and waited for Chi-Chi to toss her bouquet. Chi-Chi turned her back on the women and threw her bouquet behind her. Goku watched as the women fought and nearly wrestled to get the bouquet. One woman rose from the mob holding a bouquet.

'Weddings sure do make women act strange,' Goku thought.

Next came the garter throw. Chi-Chi sat in a chair with Goku kneeling before her. He was told he had to toss the garter to the single men in a crowd together.

"Where is it again, Chi-Chi?" Goku asked.

"It's on my thigh. Just pull the band on my left leg."

"Okay," Goku said and stuck his head under Chi-Chi's dress.

Chi-Chi blushed shocked Goku did that. "Goku, not like that," Chi-Chi whispered. The villagers laughed at Goku's behavior while Baba shook her head at Goku's naiveté and the Ox King blushed.

But it was too late for Goku to hear what Chi-Chi said since Goku's head was already under. There was a muffled, "I found it!" from Goku and he pulled his head from under Chi-Chi's dress.

He tossed the garter to the men and a young man caught it.

There was still a few more hours of daylight left and their duties done, Chi-Chi was aware it was time for her and husband to leave and begin their new life together. Besides, she wanted to get to his home before dark. Chi-Chi linked her hand with Goku's getting his attention. "I'm gonna change and then we can leave." She released his hand and walked away.

From the look on Goku's face, Baba was wondering if the young man knew what was to come and if Ox King gave him the talk, but then again, Goku always had that clueless look on his face. She floated to the young warrior on her crystal ball. "Goku, I wish you and Chi-Chi a happy marriage. I predict many good things in the future for you."

"Thanks. What is going to happen?" Goku asked.

"You're just going to have to wait and see, but I'm sure you will be pleased," Baba said. "Enjoy these first years of marriage, it will be one of the best times of your life."

"Really? Cool!" Goku said cheerfully.

Female villagers packed away some food for Goku and Chi-Chi from the wedding and gave it to him. Goku called for Nimbus and placed the food on the cloud, along with his power pole and the capsule package Chi-Chi told him about. Not long after that, Chi-Chi returned wearing a white outfit similar to the one she wore at the Martial Arts Tournament without the pants attached to it.

Ox King approached them and burst out crying again. The giant man couldn't contain his tears earlier when Goku and Chi-Chi said their vows and kissed. It saddened him that his daughter wasn't going to be with him anymore. She would no longer depend on him anymore, but another man. Still, he was very happy that Chi-Chi was with a good man that was going to take care of her. He scooped both the newlyweds into a bear hug, cutting off the couple's oxygen. "Oh, my sweet little girl is all grown up and married! I'm going to miss you so much!"

"I'm gonna miss you too, Papa, but Goku and I will come visit," Chi-Chi told her father.

Ox King sat the two down. "I hope so." He pulled out a capsule and gave it to Chi-Chi. "Here's some money that will help you get started."

"Dad, Goku and I don't need--"

Ox King waved his finger. "I won't hear of it, my dear. You will need this. Consider it as another gift."

Chi-Chi embraced her father once more. "Okay. Thanks."

Goku hopped on Nimbus and helped Chi-Chi on the cloud. The villagers waved goodbye and cheered praises as Goku and Chi-Chi waved back before flying off.

Chi-Chi clutched onto Goku. She still was getting used to riding on Nimbus. Goku was also getting used to this action by Chi-Chi. She was a clingy person but the way her personality switched moods, threw Goku for a loop at times.

"We're going to be so happy together," Chi-Chi giggled and pressed her body against Goku's from behind.

The action caused a strange sensation to go through Goku. It left his body warm and a bit tingly in a good way. He smiled as he realized he liked Chi-Chi being close to him. 'Sleeping with her is going to be fun.' "Baba told me to enjoy these first few years of marriage because it's going to be some of the best of my life."

"It will be." Chi-Chi said squeezing him from behind. Goku felt the warm sensation spread even further and placed his hands on hers.

They flew for another hour before they arrived at his home. "We're here, Chi-Chi," Goku said once Nimbus stopped. He looked at his home in awe, missing this place. "Wow. It's been so long since I've been here. I've really missed it."

Goku helped Chi-Chi off the cloud and she looked around at the peaceful setting. Even though it's been years since Goku has been at his home, it didn't look like it. The grass was short and neat as it was all those years ago. Grandpa Gohan's house even looked the same as well at least on the outside.

Chi-Chi looked around. She saw a small house that had to be Gohan's since no other house were around for miles. Not far away was a well. "So, this is where you grew up." Overhead, she could hear birds chirping in trees and flying in the sky but other than that, silence. "It's nice. It's very peaceful here. Let's go inside." Chi-Chi threw her arms around Goku's neck.

"What are you doing?" Goku asked.

"You have to carry me into the house for the first time, Goku. It's tradition that newlyweds do."

"Oh, okay," Goku picked Chi-Chi up. He opened the door with one hand and carried Chi-Chi in the house. He set her down on her feet. "That's it?"

Chi-Chi didn't hear Goku as she looked around the one room place. It was dusty and there were cobwebs almost everywhere, but that came with no one living in the place for years to take care of it. She saw a broom, umbrella, a small chest, table, stool and a small window where light peeked in. There was no electricity anywhere in the house. Right by the door was a small canopy bed missing its futon.

"There aren't any other rooms?" Chi-Chi asked.

"No, this is it," Goku said as he brought their things in. He placed the capsules and power pole on top of the chest. When he faced Chi-Chi he noticed the frown on Chi-Chi's face. "What's wrong?"

Chi-Chi thought of the right words to say it. To be frank, the house just wasn't going to do, but she didn't want to hurt Goku. He did find them a place to stay and that count. "This place is nice but it's too small, Goku. We're going to need a bigger place for us. We can stay here until we build our home around this place. There's plenty of land."

Goku looked around, noticing how different it was from when he was a child. "It does look a lot smaller from when I was kid. I guess we could build a bigger house."

Chi-Chi hugged Goku suddenly which startled him. "Oh, thank you." She looked at him, smiling with warm eyes and a blush on her cheeks. The way she looked made his heart speed a bit. "Let's clean up before we go to bed, okay." She left his embrace and handed Goku the broom in the corner. 'I will not be making love for the first time in a dirty place.' Chi-Chi thought to herself.

Goku helped Chi-Chi clean the house by getting rid of the cobwebs and dusts. Afterwards, Chi-Chi took out a pack of capsules and opened one. A large futon puff out of the smoke. Goku placed it on the bed and Chi-Chi put the sheets on it.

"There. It's finished." Chi-Chi was pleased at the job she and Goku did in the past hour. Since it was dark now, Chi-Chi lit the room with a few candles creating a sensual light in the room.

"What's with all the candles? I thought we were going to sleep now," Goku said looking around at the intimate setting Chi-Chi was creating. He removed his clothes except for his undershirt and boxers and placed them on a stool. The clothes looked too fancy to be tossed on the floor. He sat on the bed. "After all we've been through today, I'm ready to get some sleep."

A blush appeared on Chi-Chi's face as she lit one more candle in a lamp that hung over the bed. Without any electricity, Chi-Chi had to make due with the candles. Plus, she thought it created a romantic setting. "Actually, Goku, there's one more thing we have to do."

"There is?"

"Yes, but I want to get ready first." She closed the red canopy curtain. "I'll be back. Don't fall asleep."

Goku sat on the bed obediently waiting for Chi-Chi. His mind wondered what they had to do now. He really wanted to get some sleep. It couldn't be that important, could it? The canopy opened and Goku saw Chi-Chi standing before him. Her hair was down and she wore a long white nightgown. It was cut low, giving view of her ample bosom and a side slit to her mid-thigh. Chi-Chi twirled for him and Goku saw the back was very low. Chi-Chi never wore anything like this before and felt nervous about it but the maidens in her castle said it would be appropriate for her wedding night since only Goku would be seeing it.

Chi-Chi sat on the bed beside Goku and placed a soft hand on his muscled thigh. Goku looked at her hand and then her face confused. Chi-Chi was blushing and there was a sparkle in her eyes. "Goku, tonight we're going to finalize our commitment to each other. We're going to make love."

Goku scratched his head at the new word. "Make love? What's that?"

Chi-Chi bit her lip nervously. "Nobody told you?"

Goku shook his head. "No. What is it?"

This may be harder than she thought. "Goku, it's an expression of our feelings for each other."

Poor Goku didn't have a clue what Chi-Chi was talking about. "How do you do that? If you teach me, I could do it."

It looked like she would have to, but Chi-Chi didn't know all about it either. The maidens told her some things that would happen such as a guy kissing and touching different parts of her body that made Chi-Chi blushed, especially when she learned where the guy would enter her. They also said the guy would know what to do but with Goku here not knowing anything, it was up to Chi-Chi to explain.

"Well, we kiss and touch each other. We do things to please each other." She hoped her explanation was enough or at least help.

It didn't help. "What do you mean by that?"

Chi-Chi blushed even more. "It's just that--we touch each other in a way we like. I like it when you put your arms around me when we kiss. I like holding your hand. Stuff like that, except we do more."

Goku thought for a moment. He remembered how he liked holding her hand; how she held on to him as they flew on Nimbus and the hugs she gave him. "I think I see what you mean."

"You do? Oh, that's great." She took his hand and softly caressed his palm. "Do you want to get started? There are more things you need to know, but I'll tell you, all right. Just go with your feelings. Don't think about it; just act on what feels right."

Goku nodded obediently. It sounded easy enough. Chi-Chi began with kissing him. If this was what making love was, then he was fine with that. He felt Chi-Chi opening his mouth and was reminded of their time together on Nimbus and how he liked this even though both were still learning about kissing. The feelings evoking inside Goku were strange but nice. He felt his body heating up to unfamiliar feelings. As he kissed back, mimicking Chi-Chi and moving his tongue with hers, he heard Chi-Chi sigh blithely. Yep, he was doing this right.

His arms came around Chi-Chi slowly stroking her back and he felt Chi-Chi's hands on his waist. He had to hold back a giggle since he was ticklish there. They parted occasionally allowing air in. Everything was fine with them as they tenderly kiss and held each other until Goku felt Chi-Chi pushing up his shirt.

Goku pulled away from Chi-Chi. "What are you doing?"

"I was trying to take off your shirt. It's suppose to be done. We have to be naked for this." Chi-Chi removed his shirt and this time Goku didn't resist. She shyly turned away for a moment. She had seen Goku's muscled chest at the tournament and hadn't thought anything about it, but now they were alone and she was very close to it, her faced heated up. His body was perfect to her with the amazing ripple of muscles from his chest to his stomach. Chi-Chi wanted to touch it but she was too shy to do it on her own. "Do you mind if I touch your chest?"

Goku looked at Chi-Chi confused at that request. What was the big deal? "No, go ahead," Goku said.

When Chi-Chi touched his chest, she felt warmth and her cheeks blushed even further. She slowly traced her hand over the delicate muscles of his chest, up and down to his firm stomach and gradually up to the nipples on his chest. Goku felt his heart racing at Chi-Chi's touch. Heat spread through his body and he sucked in a breath at his wife's gentle caresses.

Chi-Chi noticed Goku's change in behavior. It didn't seem he mind her touching him this way. She kissed him again and Chi-Chi moved even closer so that she was sitting on his lap. That was when Chi-Chi decided to plant kisses along Goku's neck. "Chi-Chi, what are you doing?"

Chi-Chi pulled back. Maybe she moved too fast. "I thought you might like it. I saw a servant kissing his girlfriend like this. You don't like it?"

"No," Goku was quick to answer on that. "I liked it. I didn't know people kiss on other places besides the lips. I don't know much about this stuff. I'm sorry," he apologized.

Chi-Chi caressed the side of his face. "It's okay. I'm still learning like you. There are many places a couple can kiss besides the lips." She took his hand and kissed it. "See, I can kiss your hand." She pressed her hand to his lips. "You can kiss my hand." She rubbed a hand on his chest. "I can kiss your chest." She watched him carefully as she placed a kiss in the center of his chest where his heart was and felt him suck in a breath.

Judging by Goku's reaction, Chi-Chi noted that Goku liked it so she placed another kiss on his chest. This was a new thing for her as well. She didn't know what it would be like to kiss a man's chest. She liked the feel of his smooth skin on her lips. Wanting to try something new, she darted her tongue out to lick the smooth skin. She felt Goku suck in a breath and a low moan escaped his throat. He looked at her perplexed at this new feeling and sound coming from him. He never felt that before and he wanted to feel it again. Chi-Chi continued in kissing his chest and darting her tongue occasionally on the smooth skin until she suddenly stopped.

"Chi-Chi," Goku called out, his voice breathless. "Why'd you stop? I liked that."

"I want you to please me now. It's not fair if you get pleasure and I don't get any is it?"

"No, I guess not," he sulked. "What do I do?"

"Just do what I did and anything else you want."

Goku cupped Chi-Chi's face and gently kissed her. Slowly he mimicked the same actions Chi-Chi bestowed upon him. Chi-Chi opened her mouth to his and Goku eased his tongue in exploring her mouth. His hands began to move on her body, just exploring and doing what he felt right like Chi-Chi said. His hands moved up on her where it touched one of her breasts. Chi-Chi made a sound of surprise and Goku pulled back.

"I'm sorry," he apologized, feeling he did something wrong. "I thought--" he was silenced when Chi-Chi pressed a finger to his lips.

She smiled at him. "It's okay. I didn't mind it."

Goku was relieved. He was worried Chi-Chi would be upset with him. He had seen Master Roshi get hit by Bulma and other women several times for touching them on their breasts and rear end. He was glad Chi-Chi wasn't going to hit him. 'Chi-Chi did say husbands and wives touched each other,' he reminded himself.

As Goku looked at Chi-Chi's breasts through her dress, he wondered what was so special about them. He remembered Master Roshi antics to touch them and Bulma screaming at him once that what she had on her chest wasn't a butt but breasts and he would like them when he got older. He was older now. It was time for him to find out if he would like them.

Curious about them, Goku reached out to touch one. He gave it a light squeeze and he heard a soft sigh escape Chi-Chi's lips. He squeezed it again and a nipple protruded through her dress. Goku played with the other breast and the same thing happened. This fascinated Goku. He poked them with a finger and that sweet sigh escaped Chi-Chi's lips again. He smiled. This reminded him of that commercial he saw on Master Roshi's TV about this white doll laughing whenever anyone touched his stomach. Even more curious, he pulled the straps of her gown down to her waist to get a view of them.

Chi-Chi wondered what he thought of her and from the look on his face, he was curious. He stroked and squeezed them gently. The sounds Chi-Chi continued to make indicated she like it. Feeling a strange urge inside him, Goku kissed Chi-Chi again while caressing her breasts. The two continued to feel and touch one another lost in each other. Unaware of who initiated it, the two fell upon the bed with Goku on top. Pleasant sounds escaped Chi-Chi's mouth as Goku gently played with Chi-Chi's breasts with kisses, touches and gentle teasing as she did to him earlier.

They explored each other with their mouths and hands, telling each other what they wanted, getting accustomed with one another. It was a bit rusty and clumsy a few times because of their inexperience, but what could anyone else expect. Chi-Chi rubbed and massaged his chest with tender fingers, getting a response out of Goku as he suckled her neck gently and rubbed one of her legs.

The more they kissed and touched each other, the more heated their bodies became and Goku was starting to feel something in his boxers. He pulled away from Chi-Chi and sat down looking at his boxers worried.

Confused, Chi-Chi sat up. "Goku, what's the matter?"

"Um, Chi-Chi, I think there's something wrong with my winkie."

"Winkie?" Chi-Chi said lost at what that was.

"My winkie," Goku said pointing at his legs. "It feels kind of hard. Let me show you."

"Goku, no!" Chi-Chi shouted putting her hands up.

Goku had his hands around his waist ready to pull his boxers off when Chi-Chi screamed. "What?"

Chi-Chi just sat there for a moment thinking. Why did she stop? Goku was looking at her confused. "Chi-Chi, you said we can be naked around each other. What's the big deal?"

Chi-Chi just couldn't believe how blunt he was about it. Then again, Goku never thought about things like that. Also, what was that Goku called his private area? "Oh, um, well, Goku, it's not called a winkie." She sighed. "I have so much to teach you."

"It's not?" he said surprised. "That's what my grandpa told me what it was."

"It's called a penis. Not a winkie. It's a stupid slang. You mean no one taught you better?"

A confused eyebrow raised on his face. "Slang?"

"Another name for something, but it's not properly called a winkie, but a penis."

"Oh," Goku said understanding. "Well, it's still kind of hard. I wonder why. It's never been like that before."

"I…I think I know why."

"You do?"

"It shows your attraction to me," she explained.

"Attraction? What's that?" Goku asked confused.

"It means you really like me. It's suppose to get like that…I think." She thought for a moment. "Yeah, it should." She was new to this too and trying to figure this all out. She didn't know much about sex. All she knew was what a maid told her which what happens to a male and a woman's body and feelings while having sex. Chi-Chi was still a bit confused about the talk but the maid told her she wouldn't understand until it happened to her

"How long is it going to be like this?" Goku asked still worried about his lower anatomy.

"Until we're through," Chi-Chi said. "Can I see it, Goku?"

"You mean my penis?" He asked.

She nodded slowly. "Yeah."

Without another thought, Goku dropped his shorts, revealing himself to her. Being naked never bothered him. In fact, Goku felt relieved to have his boxers off since his arousal was becoming a problem in his shorts. As he stood before her slightly aroused, Chi-Chi blushed. This was her first time seeing a naked man. Chi-Chi motioned him to sit down beside her.

"So, my attraction to you is causing this?" He asked pointing to his slight erect penis.

Chi-Chi nodded. She stared at the member. It wasn't a full size but it was large to her. The maid said the man put this inside her body. Chi-Chi wondered how that was possible. "Can I touch it?"

"I guess." Goku said slowly, a bit unsure. "Nobody's ever done that before."

"They shouldn't. Only you and I do this. Only you touch me and only I touch you. That's part of being married and committed to each other is all about." Chi-Chi touched the member. She slowly rubbed it from the tip to base. Goku gasped suddenly. "Do you like it?" She asked. Goku nodded and she continued until his whole member hardened to full arousal. She rubbed her hand gently over the front tip and a pleasant sound escaped Goku's mouth. Chi-Chi never thought about size or how big it is but now she started to wonder, especially seeing it increased before her. How in the world was she going to get that inside her?

"Chi-Chi," Goku whimpered as he felt her touched him. He liked this feeling a lot. He wondered if he could do the same for Chi-Chi. "What shows you're attracted to me?"

Chi-Chi stopped rubbing Goku. She knew what it was. She felt it tonight. "All right. Let me show you." She removed the last of her clothes until she was as nude as her husband. Goku looked her over. This was a bit strange to Goku. He only thought people were naked to take showers not to be touching one another and causing strange feelings in their bodies but he liked it. As he stared at Chi-Chi, he noticed how toned and shapely her body was. He smiled, liking what he saw.

Chi-Chi sat beside him. She took his hand and placed it on one of her breasts. "Here is one way." She took his hand and lowered it to between her legs. "Here's another." Goku put his hands on her thighs and spread Chi-Chi's legs apart. He saw some wet substance and became confused. "Did you take a leak?"

"What?!" Chi-Chi shouted as her cheeks turned a dark shade of pink. "I didn't take a leak! I mean, you don't say leak! You say 'did you go here' or 'wet yourself' and no I didn't!"

"Then why are you wet?" He touched the wet substance. "It looks kind of sticky."

Chi-Chi calmed down and blushed again. "That's how I'm showing my attraction to you now. Another word for it is arousal."

"Arousal?" Goku repeated. It was weird but Goku ventured on and touched her. As he rubbed a nub on her, Chi-Chi moaned and Goku knew he was doing this right so he continued to rub. Chi-Chi's breathing became more ragged as she writhed against him. It even made Goku excited to see her like that.

Chi-Chi put her hand on Goku's, stopping him. Her breathing was ragged. "Goku…I think it's time we… go to the final step."

"Final step?"

"There's one more thing a married couple does. It may sound strange but this is what happens."

"What is it?"

"You have to put your penis in me."

"What?!" Goku yelled and fell of the bed. "Why would I want to do that?! How would I do that?! Where will it go?!"

Chi-Chi pulled Goku back on the bed and took Goku's hand, leading it to her opening. "You put it in here." She saw Goku's eyes widen. He looked down at his hardened member and felt around the inside of Chi-Chi with a finger. She knew what he was thinking. "My body will accommodate you. You just have to go in slow and very gently."

Chi-Chi took Goku's hand out of her. She laid down on the bed, pulling Goku on top of her. Goku looked confused and unsure about doing this. It didn't sound normal to him. His mind was telling him to run but his body was ordering him to stay. "I'm suppose to be on top of you?"

"Yeah." She stroked the side of his face and smiled. "I really want this. I love you. Don't worry. You'll like it, too." She pulled his head down and kissed him softly, easing him and her worries. When she broke the kiss, Chi-Chi opened her legs a little wider and Goku settled between her, thinking this was the best way.

Goku rubbed his tip against Chi-Chi and she moaned softly. She placed one of her legs over his, making herself wider. Goku slowly entered her.

"You're really wet… tight and warm. I've never felt this before. Is this how it supposed to be?" He slowly pushed in and looked at Chi-Chi's face. She was looking at him intently with care. He was large but her body was doing well in accommodating him. Goku pushed in and stopped suddenly. "Um, I think I'm as far as I can go, but I'm not all the way in. Am I too big?" he asked innocently.

Chi-Chi blushed. "No, you're not. You, um, have to push a little further. We're committing ourselves to each other, Goku. This is part of it. Just be gentle and go slowly." Chi-Chi wasn't nervous. She heard about pain the first time from the maid but she also told her that sometimes it doesn't hurt. It depended on the person's body. Chi-Chi wasn't worried about the pain she may feel. In fact, she was very relaxed. She trusted Goku and knew he wouldn't hurt her.

Goku pushed even further, breaking her barrier. Chi-Chi felt him enter her fully and was relieved it was painless. She smiled and stroked his cheek. A rush of emotions flowed through her. She wanted him to move but Goku didn't know he was suppose to do that. "Now what, Chi-Chi?"

"You move in me."

Goku looked at her innocently. "But I'm already in."

Chi-Chi laughed. "I know, but you have to move in and out."

"Why?" Goku asked innocently.

"You just do it!" Chi-Chi shouted losing her patience. She was heavily aroused and he was controlling her pleasure without even knowing it. It was making her irritable.

"All right, but this making love stuff is strange." Goku moved in her slowly. He like the feelings that were enveloping around him--the warmth, the heat, Chi-Chi herself. 'Hey, this isn't so strange after all. It feels pretty good.' He heard Chi-Chi moaning and breathing heavily under him. He made a mistake in his thrust and moved inside a little faster. Chi-Chi's voice gotten louder but it didn't sound like she was in pain. She sounded like she like it. 'I wonder if I move faster if she would like it again.' He did so and Chi-Chi's moan got louder. Goku really liked this, especially the feelings around him. 'This is kind of fun.' Soon he felt Chi-Chi contracting around him and felt more moisture surround him. Goku was too busy moving inside Chi-Chi to wonder what that was.

Goku felt his organ tightening and tried to stop moving and say something to Chi-Chi but his body wasn't behaving with his mind. Still, he had to say something. He didn't know what was going with his body. He thought something was wrong. "Um, Chi-Chi…" he panted. "Something's happening. I can't…stop. I think I'm gonna take a leak in you."

Chi-Chi didn't answer. She was too busy enjoying Goku loving her. Goku kept moving inside and moments later a moan escaped his throat and he felt something escaped him and enter her body. He tried to stop it because he wasn't sure what it was or if he was suppose to do that but his body wouldn't let him. When it was over, he felt pretty good and looking down at Chi-Chi, he could tell she liked it too. He fell on the bed beside Chi-Chi, still trying to catch his breath with her. "Um, Chi-Chi, was I suppose to put something in you?"

"Yes," she answered in a heavy breath. "It was supposed to happen." Chi-Chi rolled on her side and looked at him. "That's what happens when you make love. Did you like it, making love?"

Goku beamed at her. "Yeah! I thought it was strange at first and I'm still confused by some things, but I kind of like it."

"It's a bit strange to me, but I think that's because this is our first time doing this. We'll get used to it," she said confidently. "We'll keep practicing until we're used to it and it doesn't feel strange." She moved even closer so their warm bodies were touching. "That will be all right, won't it?"

Goku looked at Chi-Chi enthusiastically and his smile widen. "Yeah!"

To Be Continued