A New Beginning

Part Ten

Gohan sat outside in his chair at his table doing simple math exercises in the math book his mother bought for him. She was happily insisting and encouraging Gohan with his work, telling him how he would be a great scholar. Gohan liked the work, too, but he also liked to play. He was a child after all. He took his eyes off his work to look at his father who was also outside exercising.

Goku was in the yard practicing on his physical exercises throwing kicks and punches in the air. He would also do pushups on his hands or exercises that required great agility. Gohan was once again amazed at what his Dad could do. Chi-Chi came out of the house with a tray holding two glasses of lemonade.

She placed the smaller glass of lemonade on Gohan's desk. "Here you go, Gohan."

Gohan looked up at his mother. "Thank you, Momma."

Chi-Chi saw Gohan staring at his father when she came out. She had a feeling he wanted to play. He was working outside for two hours now on assignment and Chi-Chi decided it was time for a break.

"Gohan, when you finish this page, you can go play with your father."

Gohan smiled happily at his mother. "Okay, Momma." He eagerly went right back to his work.

"Goku!" Goku looked back at Chi-Chi and saw her approaching him. "I brought some lemonade out for you in case you get thirsty."

Goku took the glass and quickly swallowed the lemonade. "Thanks!"

Chi-Chi took the glass back. "I just mop the floor so you can't go inside until it's dry. I'll be upstairs cleaning the rooms," Chi-Chi said and went back in the house.

Goku knew Chi-Chi would be upstairs for about an hour, so that would give him time to test out Gohan's strength. It was rare times such as these he could do this. Goku knew he really shouldn't do this because Chi-Chi would be furious with him, but he felt it would be a greater waste that Gohan never learn how strong he was. Education was fine and Goku understood that, but he also wanted his son to be strong and learn some martial arts. He walked over to his son and looked over his shoulder.

"Are you done yet, Gohan?"

"Almost, Daddy. Momma said I can play as soon as I finish this page."

Goku looked at the page and saw Gohan had five math problems left. He waited after Gohan was finished before taking him away from the table. They went to where Goku was exercising.

"Gohan, I want you to punch my hand as hard as you can."

"Um, okay," Gohan said and punched Goku's hand with everything he had.

'Hmm, that's a little stronger.' "Okay, Gohan, let's try something else."

Chi-Chi was in her and Goku's bedroom cleaning up. She was sweeping the floor when she realized she left the dustpan in the kitchen. Chi-Chi went to get it and as she passed the kitchen window to go back upstairs, she saw Gohan striking a fighting pose in front of Goku.

"What's he doing?" Chi-Chi asked herself.

"Remember Gohan--if someone tries to kick you from the left side you block them like this." Goku raised his left arm up in a blocking position. "Watch. I'm going to try to kick you but I want you to block."

"Okay, Daddy."

Goku raised a leg at Gohan gently and Gohan raised his left arm to block his father's kick. Goku did the same for his right and Gohan was quick to raise his right arm blocking it.

"Good. Very good, Gohan. I didn't need to tell you that."

In the kitchen, Chi-Chi was seeing red with fury. 'I told him not to train Gohan and he does it behind my back? How could Goku do that?!'

Goku smiled proud of his son. "All right, Gohan. Now this time--" he was cut off when he heard the door slam open and he saw a furious Chi-Chi standing in the doorway. "Uh-oh."

"Goku!!" Chi-Chi screamed as she marched to him. "What are you doing?! I told you not to train Gohan!"

Goku raised his hands nervously. "I know, but--"

"But nothing! You and I agreed that Gohan would not be training! He's not going to be a fighter! He has his education to prepare for! He's going to start preschool in two months!"

Goku started to say something, but his words were forgotten at Chi-Chi's last word. "Preschool?"

"Yes. Preschool. I was going to wait until dinner to mention it, but while I was in the house while you and Gohan were out here, I got the call that Gohan has been accepted at the preschool I registered him for. It's a preschool for bright children like our Gohan."

Goku recalled taking Gohan and Chi-Chi to the school last month where Gohan did some testing such as putting the right shapes in the correct slots, recognizing shapes, simple math, reading and writing skills, etc. "He got accepted?"

"Yes!" Chi-Chi said still upset with Goku. "And I'm glad he's been accepted too, so he won't be under your influence to train."

"Chi-Chi, I'm really sorry about training Gohan, but you can understand why I did it."

"I can see you do things behind my back when you agreed not too!" Chi-Chi argued. She took Gohan's hand. "Come on, son. It's time for your nap."

Goku sighed dejectedly as he watched Chi-Chi and Gohan walk away. 'It doesn't look like I'm ever going to train you, Gohan.'

Goku knocked quietly on Gohan's door. When Gohan didn't answer, Goku turned the doorknob and entered Gohan's room. Gohan was snuggly sleeping under his covers. A sense of love flowed through Goku, as he watched his son sleep. Goku sat on the bed and shook Gohan gently. "Gohan. Gohan, wake up."

Gohan stirred awake. When he opened his eyes, he saw his father and smiled. "Daddy."

"Hey, Gohan. Remember what day it is?"

Gohan yawned as he nodded his head. "Mommy said it's my first day of preschool."

"It is. Are you ready?"

"I guess so," Gohan said quietly.

"Come on then," Goku said cheerfully. "Let's get up. You don't want to be late for your first day, and Mom's gonna have breakfast on the table soon."

Gohan wiped his tired eyes and climbed out of bed. Goku stayed with Gohan as he took his shower, brushed his teeth and dressed himself. He grabbed his book bag that he packed with his mother last night.

"Let's eat breakfast. Your mother should have it ready by now," Goku said holding a door open for Gohan.

"Okay," Gohan answered. "Daddy?" he said nervously as he twiddled his thumbs.

"Yeah, Gohan?"

"I'm a little scared of preschool."


"I don't know anyone. You, Momma and Grandpa won't be with me." A tear shed from Gohan's eyes and he sniffed. "I'm gonna miss you."

Goku sat on the bed and placed Gohan on his lap. "Oh, don't worry about it, Gohan. I'm sure you will make lots of friends. I was alone once, too, but then I met a girl named Bulma and I met other people like Oolong, Puar, Yamcha, Master Roshi, Krillin, Tien and Chaozu and they all became my friends."

"That's a lot of friends you have, Daddy."

"And they are good ones, too. I started with one but you are going to start with many at that school." Goku placed a finger under Gohan's chin and locked Gohan's eyes with his. "Just be yourself, Gohan. I'm sure you will find some friends."

Gohan nodded and smiled. "Okay, Daddy."

"Good. Let's eat breakfast. I'm starving."

After breakfast, Goku drove Chi-Chi and Gohan to the preschool. Gohan looked out the car window and saw the school. It was bigger than his house and Gohan became nervous. He lived in a home in the mountains miles away from civilization. The only people he was ever around were his mother, father and grandfather. He saw people when he went with his parents to the store but he never had to spend long periods of time with them as he will at the preschool.

Goku opened the car door for Chi-Chi and Gohan. Gohan stepped out of the family car and looked up at the building. "There it is, Gohan," Chi-Chi said excited. "Isn't it great?"

"Um, I guess," Gohan said.

Chi-Chi sensed Gohan's nervousness. She knelt to his level and rests her hands on his shoulders. "Are you nervous?"

Gohan swallowed hard. "A little."

"Don't worry. Everything's going to be all right." She took Gohan's hand and walked him into the school.

Goku and Chi-Chi introduced themselves to Gohan's teacher. Gohan nervously hid behind his mother's skirt. He took the chance to look around the room. There were so many kids in the room. They were all sitting at the tables, talking to their parents or other classmates. Some were sitting on the carpet playing with toys.

Chi-Chi knelt to Gohan's level. "All right. It's time for us to go. Your father and I will come get you at three." She kissed his cheek and hugged him. "Have a good day and do what your teachers tell you."

"I will."

Gohan looked up at his Daddy. He sniffed. Goku smiled. "You're going to be just fine, Gohan. Just be yourself."

Gohan nodded. "Okay, Daddy." He hugged his father's leg.

Goku laughed and picked him up. "I think you can give your Daddy a better hug than that." Gohan hugged his father tightly, as if not wanting to let go but Gohan was promptly placed down on the floor. "I'll see you this afternoon."

Gohan watched his parents leave the room. The teacher knelt to Gohan's level. "Hi, Gohan. I'm Mrs. Nozawa. Just go to a table and introduce yourself. We'll begin in ten minutes when class begins."

"Okay," Gohan said and walked to a round table where three children were--one boy and two girls. Gohan sat in a chair and all the children looked at him. He was nervous to be there.

A red haired girl with freckles smiled at Gohan. "Hi. I'm Cassie. What's your name?"

"Gohan. Son Gohan."

"I'm Laila," a pink haired girl introduced herself. "How come you have a tail?"

"I've always had a tail," Gohan said.

"Why there's a ball on your head?" Cassie asked.

"It's my Dad's. His grandpa gave it to him."

Cassie showed Gohan her watch. "My Mommy gave this to me."

Gohan looked at the watch. "It's nice."

"You're weird," a dark haired boy said.

"Weird?" Gohan said puzzled.

"He's not weird," Cassie said. "I think it's cool he has a tail and he doesn't have a weird name like you, Yoshi."

Yoshi stuck his tongue out at Cassie. "I say he is weird. What kind of kid has a tail and what kind of last name is Son. That's the dumbest last name I heard of."

"It's not dumb!" Laila said and bopped Yoshi on the head with her small fist.

"Ow!" Yoshi said and covered his head where Laila hit him. "Teacher!" Yoshi yelled. "Laila hit me!"

Mrs. Nozawa approached the group. "Now what's going on?"

"Laila hit me!" Yoshi pointed to Laila.

"He asked for it. He called Gohan weird and made fun of his tail and last name," Laila said hotly.

Mrs. Nozawa frowned at Yoshi. "We do not call each other names and Gohan isn't weird." She looked at his tail. "In fact, I think his tail is kind of cute."

Since the students already passed the special tests required for this specific preschool, Mrs. Nozawa began the lessons of what the average second grader would learn in public school. The lessons were easy to Gohan since his mother taught him at such a young age and worked with him diligently. Gohan was also a fast learner like his father.

At lunch, the children went outside to eat on the benches. Cassie, Laila and Yoshi sat with Gohan. The children looked surprise at Gohan's lunch. The children all had sandwiches, a juice box, a small bag of chips and for dessert a cookie, piece of fruit or cake, but Gohan had tripled of what his new friends had.

Cassie had to ask. "Are you going to eat all that?"

Gohan looked at his food and then at Cassie. "Yes." He noticed her odd stare. "Is something wrong?"

"That's a lot of food," Laila said.

"I told you he was weird," Yoshi said and Laila head him on the head again.

Gohan looked at his food and then his classmates. "This is what I always eat for lunch." He looked at the food Cassie, Laila and Yoshi had for lunch. "Is that all you're going to eat? It's so small."

"It's enough for us," Cassie said.

"Okay then," Gohan said and begin eating. Much to the children's surprise, Gohan ate all the food he took out of his lunch sack.

After lunch, it was naptime and then more lessons. So far preschool wasn't that bad to Gohan. He met some really nice kids aside from Yoshi and it was turning out better than Gohan expected.

While Gohan was at school, Chi-Chi decided to have a picnic for her and Goku in the backyard of their home since they would be spending the day together and alone. It was the first time since Gohan's birth that Goku and Chi-Chi could do something like this. Chi-Chi leaned back and sighed heavenly. "I almost feel a bit guilty having this picnic while Gohan is at preschool. It's such a beautiful day to be outdoors. I hope Gohan is doing well. He was so nervous when we left."

"I'm sure Gohan's fine. You've prepared him well." He placed a hand over hers and squeezed it comfortingly. "Besides, I like spending this time with you and eating all this food."

"I wonder what you enjoy most."

"You feeding me."

Chi-Chi laughed. "I knew it." She looked up at the sky, watching the different shapes of clouds passing far above her and Goku. "This is the first time since Gohan's birth that we spent any time together alone."

"Yep," Goku said and rested his head in Chi-Chi's lap.

"You're not going to fall asleep on me are you?" Chi-Chi asked running her fingers through his hair.

"Nah," Goku said closing his eyes.

These were the days Chi-Chi enjoyed most with Goku--when it's so quiet and peaceful as it is now on this warm day. From her early marriage to Goku, Chi-Chi learned that a day like this was alien to Goku since he spent all his time training and fighting. He never just strolled in the forest taking in the scenery. Goku was too busy training to do that and a part of Chi-Chi wondered if he missed that. "Goku, do you miss fighting?"

"I do," he said not surprisingly to Chi-Chi. It was his life before her. Of course he would miss it. "Even though Piccolo was tough, the fight was fun."

"How can it be fun? Piccolo tried to kill you."

"I know, but I miss the thrill of a good fight--the excitement, the anticipation, the rush; thinking on your feet, being surprised. It's all exciting."

Chi-Chi shook her head. "I don't understand how you can enjoy something that can get you killed." Chi-Chi felt a cold chill rush down her spine as if she had a bad premonition. "You should be careful with what you wish for Goku. Suppose you get that good fight and die from it?"

"I won't die," Goku said confidently. "I'll figure something out. I always do." He opened his eyes to look at Chi-Chi puzzled. "Why do you hate fighting, Chi-Chi? You're a martial artist."

"Fighting's fine for you as long as you don't get hurt or killed, and I don't fight anymore, Goku. I'm a wife and mom now."

"You haven't lost your skill. I saw you using it a lot when you were getting your body back after you gave birth to Gohan."

"I have it but it's nothing compared to your skills. You're so far above me I can never be your equal in physical strength."

"So? It doesn't mean you're not fun to fight with." Goku got up and stretched. "Come on. Let's spar."

"Spar?" Chi-Chi looked at her husband as if he lost his mind. "With you?"

Goku held a hand out for Chi-Chi to take. "Sure. It'll be just like at the tournament. You give me everything you got and I run around avoiding you."

"All right." Chi-Chi took his hand and was lifted off the ground. They two walked a few feet from their picnic site and faced off. Chi-Chi saw Goku's adorable face and laughed. "I can't. You're looking so cute. Don't look at me like that. I can't concentrate."

"How should I look?"

"I don't know. Try to look how you were at the tournament--no, that won't work either. You looked so innocent then."

"I was," Goku said.

Chi-Chi sighed. This wasn't easy. "Goku, looking like that, you're making it difficult for me to--" she screamed as she saw one of Goku's punches coming her way. She ducked and swung her leg at him. "Goku, what are you doing?!"

"Trying to get you to fight," Goku said and threw another punch at her. Chi-Chi ducked and began attacking him. She threw her kicks and punches at him. Goku jumped in the sky and Chi-Chi was quickly after him. She gave it her best throwing her kicks and punches at him. When they landed, Chi-Chi went on the attack again and Goku dodged, jumped and ducked out of the way.

With quick speed, Goku appeared behind Chi-Chi and wrapped his arms around her. "Gotcha."

"As if I had a chance," Chi-Chi said and leaned on her husband.

"You could if you let me train you."

"Train me?"

"Why not?"

Chi-Chi shook her idea at the thought. "Goku, I don't have time for that."

"Of course you do. You don't cook and clean all day. Don't you want to be stronger?"

"I'm happy the way I am," Chi-Chi said turning herself around into Goku's arms. She rests her head against his chest listening to his heartbeat. "You will protect me if I need it and I can defend myself. I am the strongest woman in the world," she said with a laughed, "married to the strongest man in the world."

"And together we created the strongest son in the world, if I was allowed to train him," Goku said absently.

Chi-Chi stiffened under Goku's arms. When her eyes met Goku's, it was full of anger. "Goku, we've talked about this."

"You talked and I listened."

Chi-Chi pulled herself from Goku's arms and walked away. "I'm not having this conversation with you, Goku."

Goku grabbed Chi-Chi's right arm, stopping her in her tracks. "If I can't train Gohan, then at least let me train him enough so that his tail doesn't weakened him when it's pulled."

"Goku…" she looked at her husband pleadingly. "Don't do this to me."

But Goku wouldn't stop not when the window of opportunity was opening right now. "I really want to train him, Chi-Chi. He's my son. I want to pass something to him just as my Grandpa did for me with his dragon ball and his martial art skills."

"I know you do, Goku," Chi-Chi said softly. Chi-Chi closed her eyes painfully. She couldn't give in. She wouldn't. She'd have to be strong.

"Then why can't I? I won't interfere in Gohan's studies. I promise." Goku sense tension in Chi-Chi and he was coming to realize this was a difficult decision for her. Why, he didn't know. "You don't have to say it now, but promise me you will think about it. I can take that for now. Just don't say no."

For the next five minutes, there was silence. Chi-Chi wrestled with this decision. She understood Goku's reasoning to want to train Gohan but her fear of Gohan being in a life and death situation like his father was, frightened her. She didn't want that for her son, but she also wasn't sure she could say no to Goku right now, not while he sounded like this. "All right, Goku," Chi-Chi said quietly. "I'll think about it."

"Great!" Goku said cheerfully and scooped Chi-Chi in his arms. Chi-Chi shrieked as she felt the ground fall from beneath her and found her and Goku in the sky.

"Ah! Goku, what are you doing?"

"I'm flying with you. If you let me teach you, then you can do this on your own."

Goku dipped low fast and Chi-Chi screamed. "Goku, not so fast!"

"Why not? It's fun this way! Whoo-hoo!" Goku laughed and took a sudden updraft.

Chi-Chi laughed as the breeze flew over her. Goku released his arms from Chi-Chi's waist and stretched out until he was holding her hand. "I prefer you hold me. I'll take that over learning to fly any day."

In the sky, they observed the people below them going about their lives, flying passed birds in the sky who were startled to see two humans flying in the sky with them. It was another half hour before they landed and walked back to their picnic site, hands enclosed around one another.

"There's something else I miss doing in the afternoon with you."

"Really what?" Chi-Chi asked.

"I'll give you a hint. Remember before you were pregnant, we often took walks in the woods or we would go flying on Nimbus and then we would come home and do something before I went to hunt for dinner."

"I remember you would show me parts of the world you visit as a child and you showed me the home of the animals in the woods." She sighed thinking about those times. "I remember sometimes we would come home and--OH!" Her face turned a scarlet red. A wicked smile curved her face. "What do you have in mind, Goku?"

"I was hoping you'd make me some cupcakes."

"What?" Chi-Chi said surprised at his words.

Goku laughed and locked his arms around Chi-Chi. "Kidding." Goku suddenly picked Chi-Chi up and tossed her over his shoulders.

Chi-Chi laughed. "Goku, what are you doing?"

"I think you know the answer to that," Goku said.

"But we have to pick up Gohan in two hours," Chi-Chi tried to protest thought the thought of what they were about to do was exciting.

"We'll make it. I promise."

Goku and Chi-Chi returned to Gohan's preschool just as it was about to end. They really had to rush since they were getting too comfortable and were about to fall asleep after their lovemaking. Gohan ran happily to his parents and in the car ride home, told them about his first day of school and the new friends he met.

When they walked in their home, Chi-Chi was holding Gohan's hand. "For your first day of school, I'm gonna cook you a special meal," Chi-Chi said.

Gohan smiled up at his mother. "Thank you, Momma."

Chi-Chi and Gohan sat on the sofa. Gohan pulled off his book bag and took out the assignments his teacher gave him so Chi-Chi could look at it what he did during the day and assist him with homework if Gohan needed help. At this time, the phone rang and Goku offered to get it.



"Krillin?" Goku asked a little unsure and then he smiled as he realized it was his best friend he was talking to. "Hey, Krillin! It's been a while!" Goku said happily and then frowned. "How did you get my number?"

"Ox King gave it to us when Master Roshi contacted him. What's the deal, Goku? You leave us for five years and you never send us a letter or a phone call."

Goku frowned. He hadn't really given his friends much thought over the last five years. He was focused on his family and the time flew by. "I'm sorry, Krillin. I've been busy with Chi-Chi and--"

"Don't worry about it," Krillin laughed. "I can see you were busy with a pretty girl like Chi-Chi."

"Ooh, ask him if he's pafu-pafu, Chi-Chi!" Master Roshi asked in the background. "With those chichi's of hers, he had better or he's not a real married husband. Ask him if he learned how to slurp-slurp and--"

"Master Roshi, I'm not gonna ask Goku that! Don't you have any decency not to ask a married man, a man who was once your student that?!" Krillin yelled. "Sorry about that, Goku. As you can see Master Roshi has not changed his ways. Bulma and Yamcha haven't visit much either. So, Roshi and I thought it was time for a reunion. We're having it two Sundays from now."

"I'll be there!" Goku said and looked at his wife and son. 'They could meet Gohan.'

"Great! You can tell us what you and Chi-Chi have been doing in all these years. I'll see ya in two weeks, Goku."

"Okay. Bye."

"Goku, was that Krillin?" Chi-Chi asked.

"Yep. He and Master Roshi are planning a reunion for everyone two Sundays from now. He wants us to come."

"Oh. You can go, Goku. I'll stay home," Chi-Chi said and looked back at Gohan's assignments.

"Don't you want to come?" Goku asked.

"Not really. You go and have fun catching up with your friends," Chi-Chi suggested.

"If that's how you want it." He was surprised about Chi-Chi. He thought she would want to come. "Can I take Gohan with me?" he asked.

"Sure. Make sure to be back by dark. Gohan has preschool on Monday."

The next two weeks went by in a blur. On the night before Goku was leaving to see his friends, Chi-Chi found herself looking at the bright, full moon. Since her family always go to bed early, Chi-Chi rarely had time to see it. There was also Goku's foolish superstition that a giant monster appeared on the night of a full moon. Chi-Chi had a hard time believing it, but did when Goku told about his home getting destroyed. Still, Chi-Chi didn't believe that the full moon caused it. She had seen the full moon several times as a little girl and a giant monster never appeared.

Chi-Chi closed the curtains and got in bed. She laid there waiting for Goku since he was taking a shower that night. On the dresser were the two of the three Dragon balls in their possession. Goku had been collecting them in his spare time as he sometimes went on journeys in the day. Sometimes it was to visit other lands and other times it was to find different places to train.

Goku stepped out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and the other in his hair as he dried it. Chi-Chi took her eyes off the dragon balls and move them to her husband. "You're really planning on collecting all seven dragon balls?"

"Yeah." Goku discarded his towels and got in bed. "Gohan wants to see the dragon."

"That'll be nice. I want to see it, too. I never saw it. What will you wish for when you summon Shenron?"

Goku shrugged. "I don't know. I don't have anything to wish for. What about you?"

"I got what I always wanted," Chi-Chi said staring at her husband lovingly. Her soft gaze turned to laughter as something else came to mind. "We might anger Shenron for not having a wish and we summoned him."

"Ah, I'm sure we'll have something in mind when we get there."

"Why don't you ask Bulma for the radar?" Chi-Chi suggested. "You would find all the dragon balls sooner."

"I guess I could," Goku said and leaned back on the bed with his pillows behind his back. "I wonder how everyone's been doing all these years."

Chi-Chi laid on her stomach smiling at him. He really seem excited about this. "Do you miss them?"

"Yeah. They are my friends and I haven't seen them in five years."

"I think the reunion is nice, but I hope Gohan isn't too influenced by them. I don't want our son picking up any of their bad habits."

Goku looked puzzled. "What bad habits?"

"For one, Roshi and his dirty magazines. I don't want Gohan to see any of that."

"I'm sure Master Roshi would put them up. He rarely had them out when I was around."

"I hope Bulma isn't too lecherous. I remember the things you told me about her. A lady shouldn't behave that way."

"I doubt if Gohan would notice," Goku said certain of himself. "I know I didn't as a kid. Don't worry, Chi-Chi, everything will be fine. I'll look out for Gohan."

"And make sure--"

"To be back by dark," Goku finished her words. "I know. We'll be back by dark. I promise."

"Okay. I believe you." Chi-Chi stopped being worried about Gohan's welfare and focused on the happy reunion between Goku and his friends. "Your friends are going to be impressed by you and noticed you've changed a lot."

"Really? Me?"

"Yes!" Chi-Chi said. "Don't act silly. When they last saw you, you were a naïve young man. Now you're…" she laughed, "a not so naïve man. You were a person who didn't know what love was or how to give it and you became a man who loves deeply. You're also a father now, and that really shaped you and your priorities. You're also the man who gave me the happiest years of my life." Chi-Chi hugged him as warm, happy tears fell from her eyes. "I don't know what I would do without you. I love you so much."

"I know. I love you, too. You know that."

"Sometimes it's nice to hear you say it once in a while," Chi-Chi said and reached over to kiss Goku.

It was meant to be a simple kiss goodnight but it soon turned into something more. They made love once more that night and talked into the late hours of the night as they sometimes did before falling asleep in each other's arms and preparing themselves to start what they thought to be another, peaceful day.

The End

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Anyway, yep tomato sauce gets rid of skunk smell. I was surprised myself when I learned that. If I ever go camping, tomato sauce is coming with me! FUNI screwed up a lot that it doesn't make sense and it's really sad since the people only watching FUNI's version won't know the truth. Oh, yeah, GT is a great series, if you forget everything that happened in DB and DBZ! Thank you on the compliment of my knowledge of DB series and manga. It's kind of a curse in a way because whenever I watch GT and I find an error, I usually scream at the TV. "That's not right! In DB or DBZ….." I even sometimes have a hard time reading the stories on FF.net because some are WAY off base on what happened in the series, but some have some minor discrepancies but I never say it because it's not important. I try to be knowledgeable in respectfulness to the series and how Akira Toriyama wanted it to be portrayed. I think any author of whatever work they create would want their fans to understand what they're trying to say and I want to know everything I can because when things are curious to me or don't make sense, I try to find out why so it does make sense. It's kind of fun to me. If there is something I don't like about a story, I don't review, because if I point it on it a polite way, then they would take it the wrong way like that author did to you. It doesn't seem anyone can take constructive criticism. I doubt they understand the difference between constructive criticism and flamming. It's over now. WHAA!!!

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Jessica C: Let's see. If you were four and you witness some tall scary guy knock out your father, leaving him writhing in pain and then kidnap you, wouldn't you cry or be scared? Wouldn't you cry if you learned your father died? Wouldn't you be scared if you were left in the woods to survive for six months and you were only four years old? How would you react if you were five and you had to fight two scary monsters three to four times your size and you never been in a fight before? I hate it when people refer to Gohan as a big crybaby. He wasn't. Yeah, he cried but under the circumstances he was in but who wouldn't if they weren't in Gohan's shoes.

Moon Girl: My cliffhangers just get you coming back! Hee. Hee.

Marshmallow: Um, when did you start watching DBZ? Did you watch the Saiyan Saga? Piccolo changed in that Saga. He kind of became good since he made a friend with Gohan so it's kind of clear he wouldn't kill Goku since he was Gohan's Dad.

Carrie: Um, where did I get the idea to do that scene because I can't remember? I thought it came from my mind so maybe it came from something else I don't remember. Hee.Hee. Gohan skunk = Funny scene. Hee. Hee. I love parent/child bonding scenes. Yep, I did pull some memories from Gohan in DBZ because camping with his father really kept him alive in those six months.