Author's Notes – Extended

Disclaimer: "Savior" is a fan-made story based on Final Fantasy VIII. It is in no way affiliated with Square Enix Inc. All characters and game specifics are trademark of Square Enix's 1999 release Final Fantasy VIII.

Game script provided by Oliver Kong from Gamefaqs

Storyline partially inspired by the anime Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Play

Time: on and off over 1 year

Chapter 23 notes: Yes, there you have it. I leave you to let your imagination draw out the rest. My apologies for anyone wanting cute reunited Squinoa action, but I wanted to avoid using the ending cliché of them kissing on a balcony. Or them running at each other blurting out unlikely gibberish with outstretched arms. My vision of Squall and Rinoa is a selfish, reluctant hero paired with a beautiful hopeless romantic. I adore feelings of uncertainty, awkwardness, and jealousy in a blooming relationship… especially with the kind of character Squall is. Given this 'template', writing Savior was, although at times difficult, still a lot of fun. Thanks for reading, thanks for your patience, and thanks for motivating me.

Further explanation on Chapter 22: After Rinoa dies and Squall goes back to time compression, Squall, whose mind was too distracted to concentrate, kinda got 'lost' ..and he ended up going backwards through time a little too far. When he unknowingly enters that timeframe he hears someone say, "You're the prettiest Chocobo I've ever seen," ----

Now,that is the point where chapter 22 and chapter 17 are CONNECTED.

Hopefully, now if you read chapter 22, it'll make more sense. It's really hard to inccorporate 'time issues' into storylines. If something from the future visits the past, it only makes sense that when the past is being told as the present, it should include the visit from the future... wahaha now my eyes are crossed.

Thanks again for reading!