Sam's Chowda 3: NOthing can Prepare you

Sam got up off the floor. He looked down at Strider who was fixing a big pot of soup on Sam's stove. Sam felt indignant. Sam tried to pick up a large potato that would be used in the chowda and throw it at Aragorn's head, but the potato wouldn't move. Sam's hand went right through it. Sam looked at his hand, realizing it was transparent. Sam was now a ghost.

Strider breathed deeply as he smelled the pot of Chowda cooking on the stove, and he smiled. "Aahh, this is gonna be good." said Strider. He had Sam's instructions nearby.

"That bastard can't cook my soup." said Sam. Sam grew inraged and tried to flail his arms at Aragorn, attempting to beat him away from the chowda. Aragorn kept looking at the pot of chowda, smiling and waiting for it to finish cooking.

Sam was fuming, enraged that he was a ghost in his own kitchen and Aragorn was stealing his chowda. Sam couldn't stand it. Sam thrashed around, wildly, not caring that he was a ghost.

Suddenly, a box of crackers flew off of Sam's table. Aragorn spun around. Sam had been so angry, he turned into a poltergiest. Strider saw Sam and screamed. Sam started throwing everything alround, and it flew through the air in his rage. Strider was so frightened he nearly passed out. He backed up against the stove, burning himself on the flame beneath Sam's chowda.

"STRIYDER!!" roared Sam in his furious accent.

Strider panicked, going white as a sheet, and fled the house as fast as he could. Strider was terrified of ghosts.

Sam went over to his stove. He couldn't move anything anymore, and he couldn't eat his soup, but Sam felt happy that his chowda was safe.

The end.