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There was a village that existed a long time ago. It was called Konoha, the Village Hidden in the Leaves. This village was made up of well trained shinobi, or ninja, who protected the village with their lives. A healthy forest surrounded this village. But this village is not our center of attention at the moment. Many miles away, lying on a tree branch (a -tree branch-, mind you) in this particular forest was a young man.

Well, to be honest, he wasn't exactly young. Far from it. But by demon standards, he -was- young. He was only a couple hundred years old, truth be told. Okay, lets say around 357 years, three months, two weeks, two hours, and five minutes old, but who's counting?

This young man sure didn't show his age though. He looked around his early twenties! -Twenties-! He was, at the moment, lightly dozing comfortably, since he was used to sleeping in trees. Plus, it -was- nighttime.

But I suppose I should stop calling him a man, because technically he was only half man. Well, have you ever heard of such a thing? -Half- man? Isn't that interesting? Well, like I said before, half man. Now this next little bit of information may be a little shocking. The other half, it was -demon-. Half man, half demon. That is quite an interesting combination.

By now, I suppose you are dying to know the name of this half man, half demon person. You may have heard of him in legends, since he has done a great deal for man kind, but it is said that it was only a myth. This person's name was only heard of in legends, myths, bedtime stories, and passing tales. But it is -not- just a story, it is fact. Man may not appreciate him for all the sacrifices he made for our race. Many do not believe he is even real. Only people of the old ways know the truth. The people of the old ways, the monks and priestesses, are slowly dying out. They are not needed to protect the villages anymore. The ninja are now needed. I guess I'm getting a little side tracked. Anyway, the legendary name is Inu-Yasha. He is only one of the main characters for this story. The other I will soon tell.

(Scene Change)

A young boy was comfortably sleeping in his warm, cozy bed. He was not, however, sleeping in his parents' house or apartment. In fact, he had none. No parents or anyone to call a parent figure. He didn't even have a brother or sister. No family whatsoever. He never had one to call his own. Never did.

He was twelve years old, but because he was short, he looked a little younger.

You'd think a boy like this would be living on the streets. How would he be able to pay for his living quarters? By the way, he lives in an apartment. Well, this apartment happens to be in the village I was talking about earlier. The village Konoha. Do you remember the ninja whom inhabited this village I was talking about earlier? This boy happens to be one of them.

Since this -is- a boy, and also one of the worst students from his graduating class, he isn't a very good ninja. But he is improving in a remarkable rate. Because he is a ninja, he does get paid some money, and that is how he was able to keep this apartment.

Anyway, since this boy lives alone, such a person would get lonely. It was impossible not to. Because of his loneliness, he plays pranks to get attention. It does work, though people think he is annoying for it. A troublemaker who loves ramen. The loudest ninja in the village. I find that ironic since ninja are supposed to be silent, quiet killers.

Everyone hates this boy, not for the pranks or anything he has done, which is quite odd. -Nothing- he has done made the other villagers hate him. They hate him because he has a demon sealed inside him. That's right, a demon. He had no control over this fact. He couldn't do anything. What could a little baby do about a demon being sealed inside of him?

This boy was a good person through and through, but the ignorant villagers couldn't see that. All they could see was a demon who had nearly destroyed their beloved village. They were blind to the fact that they were hurting an innocent boy who did nothing wrong. They even went as far as to not to tell him why they hated him, until a traitor told him the truth while trying to kill him.

This boy was strong though. He survived all this hate. He used it as motivation to become the best, to show the other villagers what he was capable of. He used it to become the best ninja in the village. The title of -Hokage-. The boy's name was Naruto. Uzumaki Naruto. And he is the other main character to this tale.


"Hey! I want another bowl of ramen!" Naruto shouted happily at the cook. Naruto was wearing his usual clothing. Orange pants and jacket with a black shirt underneath. It was a beautiful morning with no clouds. A bright sunny day.

Iruka sighed. "Naruto, that's your seventh bowl." Iruka was wearing the normal ninja uniform with a chuunin vest. He was sitting in front of a half finished bowl of ramen.

"So? I love ramen!" While he said this, another bowl of the wonderful food was placed before him. "Thanks!" And with that, he dug in.

"Never saw a kid who loved it more then him," the cook said happily while leaning on an arm on the counter. He was wearing plain clothes and an apron. "It's good for business. Too bad not everyone loves it like him."

"Thank the Gods not another student of mine likes it as much as him. I'd be spending more then I would be earning," Iruka said.

Naruto began to slurp loudly. Iruka sighed again. "Why am I always treating you to ramen?" Iruka asked rhetorically.

"Because I'm so lovable!" Naruto joked. He then started to eat some more.

(Scene Change)

A man lying on top of a tree sat up, still on the branch. His stomach growled. "Damn, I'm hungry," The man said. He was wearing a loose long sleeved black shirt. The color red bordered the hem of the shirt, the ends of the sleeves, and the neck. He wore baggy black pants that also had red lining the pant legs. He wore a red sash to go with it. On top of that, he wore a black cape with a hood to cover his long silvery hair and face. He had on black gloves to cover his claws. He also had an expensive looking ring on his left ring finger. He had a battered looking sword at his left hip.

Inu-Yasha jumped off the tree and landed gracefully on his feet. He wore no shoes. He searched through his backpack. He mumbled, "Great, ran out of food. I feel like eating something more -human- today. Didn't eat human food in...hmm...a hundred years. Better head to the nearest village then. Feh, I don't want to come into contact with humans again though. Humans bring nothing but trouble. Oh well, as long as I'm there, might as well stock up, too." He slung the black backpack on his shoulder, put on his hood, and started to walk in the direction where he sensed humans.

(Scene Change)

Inu-Yasha got to the gate where two ninja were guarding it. "Damn," Inu-Yasha muttered, still unnoticed by the ninja. He walked out of their eyesight and jumped up and over the wall, hoping no one saw him and no one was on the other side to "greet" him. Other wise known as: screaming and pointing at Inu-Yasha, then running to the nearest ninja to tell them about the intruder.

Luckily, no one was there. Inu-Yasha walked casually to the nearest restaurant that didn't seem too crowded. He was hungry. 'Food then stock up,' Inu-Yasha decided.

No one really seemed interested in him. All they did was give him a glance or two and went on with their business. Inu-Yasha rolled his eyes at this. 'They should be more suspicious, what if I was some demon wanting to eat their children? Their lucky I'm not. Humans don't taste as good as ramen. Oh well, better for me. What luck, this is a ramen stand.' Inu-Yasha smiled under his hood.

Inuy-Yasha sat two seats down where the nearest people were. "Hey, old man, I want a bowl of ramen," Inu-Yasha ordered.

(Scene Change)

Naruto turned to the man who spoke. 'Whoa, his voice sounds like he didn't use it in a long time. And it's all rough and a little deep. Weird, never saw him before. Must be some traveler.'

Naruto turned back to Iruka, who was asking him about how his team was going. "So, is Sasuke giving you any trouble? How's Sakura? Is Kakashi teaching you anything?"

"Sasuke's still a bastard. Sakura is still ignoring me, and Kakashi is still reading his perverted book. Who the hell writes that anyway? Must be some big pervert. But anyway, it's still the same."

"Oh," Iruka said.

Inu-Yasha sat quietly eating his ramen. He was the only one there besides Naruto and Iruka. 'Can they talk any quieter? My ears hurt now. Or maybe my ears are too sensitive. I haven't talked to any humans in a long time, after all. Probably around a hundred years or so.' Inu-Yasha thought.

Iruka then noticed Inu-Yasha. "Hey, you. Who are you? I never saw you around here before. Do you have a pass?" Iruka questioned.

'Shit.' "Yeah, so get off my case," Inu-Yasha lied easily, as if it was normal for him, which it was. Lying had become a necessity for Inu- Yasha's existence a long time ago.

Iruka was kind of surprised by the harsh answer. He started to get suspicious. "May I see it?"

"No, unless you're the guard of this village." Inu-Yasha sensed Iruka's hesitation.

'Safe.' Inu-Yasha sat there, waiting for a response.

"Never mind, it's not important," Iruka said a little coldly. 'This guy's rude.' He turned back to Naruto.

"Whatever." Inu-Yasha went back to eating.

Naruto's eyes narrowed while staring at Inu-Yasha. 'What's up with this guy? He keeps acting like he's got something to hide...either that or he's like that to everyone,' Naruto pondered.

Inu-Yasha finished his ramen and stood up while slamming his money on the table. He walked away.

Naruto made a bored face and thought, 'He's like to everyone.'

"Oh my goodness..." the cook muttered.

"What? What is it?" Iruka asked. He raised an eyebrow

The cook held the money in both hands. His eyes were really wide. "This-this money! It's gold! Just gold, not paper like ours."

Iruka stared at the gold. "Strange. Guess he didn't have cash with him."

"Is it enough to pay for what he ate?" Naruto asked the cook.

The cook stared at it a little longer. "I think he paid ten -times- the amount."

Naruto blinked a couple of times.

(Scene Change)

Inu-Yasha leaned on the wall of the bank. 'Should of thought about it. Of course they wouldn't be using gold as money. Oh well, might as well go into this bank to turn it into their money.' Inu-Yasha walked inside. He walked to the counter with a lady sitting there, working through paper.

"Hey, I want to change this into your cash. Now." And that was Inu- Yasha's ever so polite command.

The women didn't even look up and said, "What is it you are changing into money?"

Inu-Yasha held out half a handful of the gold he carried around (he carries around a bag full of them). The lady stared at him, then at the gold. "Well...may I see your face?"

Inu-Yasha glared at her, but she didn't know that because of his hood. "No, you may not. What does my face have to do with anything?"

The lady blushed and stuttered, "Um...well...here." She handed him the amount of money the gold was worth and took the gold. She put it away and when she turned back, Inu-Yasha was gone. "Didn't even catch that weirdo's name."

(Scene Change)

'This is some funny looking money...' Inu-Yasha thought as he stared at the paper in his hand. 'Is this swirl with that pointy thing sticking out of it supposed to be a leaf? Humans are so weird. How come they make such funny looking paper? Whatever, at least I can use it for money.'

Inu-Yasha walked off, still looking at the foreign money. 'Konoha? Is that this village's name? I heard it somewhere before...must have been from some other demon or human...'

Naruto sighed contently while leaning on the counter. "Well, see ya Master Iruka!" Naruto then jumped off his seat and walked away, arms behind his head and whistling.

"I don't get how he can be so happy all the time," the cook said while cleaning some plates.

Iruka leaned on the counter, facing the retreating Naruto. Iruka smiled fondly, "It's only Naruto. Only Naruto."

Naruto was walking, ignoring the hate filled glares from some of the villagers. He saw a black cloaked figure walk passed him. "Hey! You're that guy I saw at Ichiraku noodle bar!" Naruto yelled pointing. Everyone stared at him, including Inu-Yasha.

"Your point?" Inu-Yasha growled.

Naruto stared at him. "Huh?" Was his intelligent reply.

"I said, 'Your point?' The reason you're drawing everyone's attention is...?" Inu-Yasha elaborated.

"I don't know. I just wanted to say I saw you there. Now that you mention it, why are you such an ass to everyone?" Naruto looked at Inu- Yasha intently.

'Who does this kid think he is?' Inu-Yasha said in an annoyed tone, "You don't just ask a stranger why they're an ass. What's wrong with you, dunce?"

Naruto glowered. "Dunce!? I'm not a dunce! You're a bastard!"

Inu-Yasha's eyebrow twitched. 'This kid is really getting on my nerves. I'd kill him right now but that'd make a scene. Wait, he's already making one.' "Feh, you're not worth my time." Inu-Yasha started to walk away. Over the years, Inu-Yasha learned tolerance.

"Ha! You're probably afraid of me since you know I'm such a strong ninja!" Naruto boasted.

Unfortunately, Inu-Yasha didn't have much tolerance. Inu-Yasha whirled around and lifted Naruto into the air by his neck. Naruto's eyes were wide with shock. He tried to pull away from the half demon. No such luck. 'He...he moved so fast...I couldn't even see him!'

"One more word, -kid-, and I'll kill you, got that?" Inu-Yasha said venomously. Inu-Yasha dropped Naruto on his butt.

Naruto grew angry. "What!? As if you could kill me! I'm the great Uzumaki Naruto and I'm going to be the next Hokage! I'm a good ninja!" Naruto pointed to himself importantly.

Inu-Yasha glared at him. Naruto could feel the killing intent on Inu- Yasha coming off in waves. And they weren't the little, baby waves either. Everyone backed away except Naruto. "I told you to shut up," Inuyasha said in a deadly calm. "I suggest you do. Ninja are suppose to be quiet, not a loud mouthed brat like you. Now shut -up-." Inu-Yasha walked away.

'He's...he's no ordinary guy. Who is he? How can someone have so much killing intent?' Naruto stood up and brushed the dirt off him. People began to go back to what they were doing before.

Some people muttered things like "Wish that demon got killed." "Why couldn't that other guy kill him?" "Jeez, that demon child is such a nuisance."

Inu-Yasha was still in sight, just barely, but he still heard the mutterings. He was confused. 'Huh? You'd think those villagers would protect him, isn't he one of them? Weird. Humans are so confusing.' Inu- Yasha thought. 'Feh. Don't have anything better to do. What have I been doing since Kagome died?...Damn! Bad memories! Don't think about her! Don't! Still...if only she...I should stop right now...Humph. I guess I got something to occupy my time for right now. Get the answer to: Why do these villagers hate that noisy brat? Maybe he just annoyed them...'

Inu-Yasha sighed. 'I should restock my supplies though.' Inu-Yasha walked into the nearest store that had first-aid things incase he got in a fight with another demon. 'Then again...I haven't seen another demon in at least a year. I wonder why. There used to be a fight every day...they're probably slowly dying out. Or they don't want to fight these humans anymore. Man, since when did they decide to make -ninja-. If only they did that -sooner-.'

'Whatever. I'll restock then find out more about that kid...It was...weird. That kid...had the same innocence...as...Kagome...but he had my...loneliness...more then me before I met Kikyo or Kagome...it showed through his eyes...it was overwhelming...I feel bad for that kid now. Damn. I'm getting soft...again.' Inu-Yasha sighed. "Strange kid," was what Inu-Yasha muttered under his breath.


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