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-Chapter 11-

Charlie's POV

The week went by fairly quickly. I had almost forgot that Orion was coming over to dinner no matter how much I protested.

It wasn't until Friday afternoon when it hit me. Him? At my house? No way. Not going happen.

I was originally going to hang out at the mall of America and play some games at the arcade when I remembered. I glanced at my watch. Five o'clock.

I catch the bus and run all the way home. I open the door silently and poke my head in and look around. Coast clear. I walk in and go to my room. I shut the door behind me and flopped backwards on my bed hitting my head on the headboard.

I moaned loudly and touched the spot gingerly on my head when I heard a voice.

"Casey, I thought I heard a voice," Orion said. I gasped. He was here already.

"Oh," my mother said. "That was probably just my son."

I opened the door just a crack and peaked thought the opening and saw Orion. He was standing right there in front of me. I slammed the door tight in hopes that he would not see me.

He knocked on the door. I held it shut tight. I'd die before I'd let him in.

Five minutes past. Then ten. Then an hour. I could hear them chatting.

After a long while, when I didn't hear any chatting, thinking that he has already left, I opened the door.

I saw them kissing right before my very eyes. I was about to shut the door when I banged my foot and cursed loudly. I looked up and saw Orion staring at me.

I am going to die.