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(thought) "speech" ((comment)) flash back

Chapter 13: story of a girl Ryo's past and Hana's regrets (I remind you ALTERNATE UNIVERSE FIC!)

"You're mother was heiress to the hyuuga clan before you were born Hinata-chan she was younger than you and possessed no talent. When I met her at 18 she was weaker than you. And I looked at her as a beauty nothing more not a ninja not a fighter."

Hinata looked down. Why was this man telling her all this it tore her up inside. So her mother was the same was she weak as well? Was it genetic she didn't know yet as much as she wanted to curl up, run away, cover her ears, do anything to escape this. Despite those feelings she stayed still. She somehow felt compelled to listen.

After all it was her mother.

"We had no chance to relax or enjoy our lives we had to train hard and fast your mother trained herself harder than Lee…harder than Naruto and almost harder than me. Only reason she didn't surpass me she stopped when her hands were broken."

Hinata looked up in amazement her mother had gone that far? Further than Naruto-kun? Further then Lee-sama? Further then even this man? Til her hands were broken?

"Then she started to train with me started to catch up when she hit jounin I hit Anbu. Then I trained to become a medical specialist in combat and fields. She wanted to become a just heir and catch up with me. What I didn't know is she always watched."

The alarm had gone off the Cloud were attacking Konoha this time they weren't alone something big was attacking the villages and the outer skirts of Konoha still Ryo still felt distracted as he ran alongside his new companion one he should've helped and noticed.

"I remember you better now Hana-chan you were at the academy with me and on a team similar to mine in chuunin I remember you didn't pass and were a genin for another year."

Hana let out a long sigh "Three years but eventually I did pass."

Ryo laughed slightly. "So why did you try so hard?"

Hana looked at him if Ryo could've guessed her eyes were filled with anger.

"I will be a full heiress to the Hyuuga clan in a few years I will hit Anbu status and I'll be a just and powerful addition to Konoha I will keep this world safe!"

Ryo looked in awe the determination in her was incredible….he had such selfish reasons to be strong yet there she was fighting to be fair and strong.

"…I'm impressed I wish I had noticed earlier I would've helped you get stronger I could've at least healed your hands…or tried."

Hana blushed heavily looking on at Ryo and blushed more.

"Y-you're impressed."

"Yeah I'm sorry I didn't notice sooner."

Before Hana could get a word out they arrived where the third Hokage resided.

"They've summoned a demon from another plane to do their bidding the information is unclear but it seems to be a giant fox. Don't let them get to this village!"

An injured ninja blood the screams of a female ninja holding him in her arms.

"i-intruders at the gate some kind of demon"

A stopping of breath tears of a young woman the scattering of shinobu.

Ryo sighed as Hinata absorbed the first few minutes and lowered her head more thinking of the lives lost.

"We were still at War with the Cloud nation before you were born. It was only somewhat after you were born that it ended but what happened that day was a turning point."


A nine tailed fox attacking a village ninja dying left in right a lone shinobi sealing up what he can in wounds keeping those he can alive losing hundreds to ninja and demon alike.

"Dammit give me a chance you bastards" Ryo pounded his fists against a recently dead genin. "He was half my fucking age!"

No time for distractions a dead ninja thrown into a spinning chakra. A female hyuuga joined by her clan fighting back the ninja.


12 Cloud ninja thrown 15 dead 3 hyuugas down. A large blast a combined effort of two young ninja anbu and jounin forming a chakra barrier of perfect precision a hundred ninja hurt or unconscious only two remained.

"Hana-chan look out!"

An exhausted hyuuga a paw a hyuuga hurt but not killed flying into a body of her brethren.


Hana was injured she wouldn't last long he didn't have the ability to heal her alone and he was all that was left. Anbu would not come until the fox was through the gates the third demanded and he understood. But that didn't make him less angry.

Focus all chakra into my feet and hands

hand seals in precision another paw a swipe, a jump.

Ryo landed on the paw running on all fours like a deranged animal landing on the demons back a kunai with an explosive rune lodged into the kyuubi's eye a scream of pain and an explosion.

Ryo jumped away to face the demon he had mortally wounded. "gotcha"

Ryo only needed to send up a message with a fire jutsu to receive help.

If the demon hadn't healed the wound that would've been possible.


Ryo looked in shock it could talk…but his anger overcame his astonishment.


"Fool I am a leader of the pack of foxes if I can destroy you miserable filth it doesn't matter what side I'm on until my summon wears I will slay you then the fools that summoned me."

Ryo breathed heavy a strong hit a shot through the gate blood everywhere a seal to keep it in a last maneuver from a scroll he read once before.

"…dog…bird…ox….dog bird ox dog bird ox" incredibly fast movement repeated succession a drawing of blood on the chest and both hands.

Ryo threw several flash bombs temporarily stopping the Kyuubi when he gained sight he saw Ryo jumping up a blade in his hand impaling the demon through the head his own blood running down the blade the Kyuubi seemed unscathed.

A glow of chakra moving down the blade a scream on both sides a violent mixture of blue and red.

"FUUINKA KOUI! SECOND FORM DEMONIC FLAME OF HEAVEN AND HELL!" ((this seal is originally meant to seal fire so I winged it))

A burning sensation a flame both parties burned to the core in flame a scream of torture and hate.

"GOGUOUFUUIN!" ((type of sealing jutsu))

One final scream a mark all black.

When ryo came too the final ninja were being thrown away Hana-chan was crying on his chest.


It hurt to breathe but he managed to speak non the less until Hana-chan hugged the hell out of him.

"d-did we win?"

"Yes you did it Ryo you're a hero!"

Ryo smiled…hiding the mark now burned into his mid-section slowly hugging back in a blush.

"Despite what I told you about my heroism your mother was the one who drove back the remaining Ninja she killed over 300 that day."

Hana woke up to see the demon gone Ryo crumbled on the ground the final flames dying out. Despite his bleeding there were no burns but he didn't not stir.

"RYO-KUN!" Hana ran to Ryo's side holding him as the other ninja amazed by their loss of their strongest weapon it had taken the I think it's Raikage if not meh full efforts of their Raikage to summon that demon and the extra 7 ninja that helped summon it died shortly after the summon the Raikage weakened to quite a degree.

No matter many ninja were killed only two remained the gate was opened.

They didn't expect the rage of a hyuuga woman who's first love was torn asunder.

"Byakugan" White eyes an anger and shivering hands.

"Live Ryo-kun I'll be back."

She then bent down and kissed his still warm but fading lips.

"I'll not let you hurt Ryo-kun!"

She reached into his pocket and pulled out his two kunai his destroyed katana laid by his side another kiss then a turn and a stance.

"Jyuuken bladed death!"

A blur of movement 3 dead, 7 dead, 100 dead.

Kaitens, broken organs, an exhausted hyuuga, a barely conscious Ryo barely woken from a woman's kiss a very weak hand sign. One last explosive note thrown into the air a very small fireball an explosion of light then all went black once more.

300 dead Cloud ninja a single woman unable to move a cut tendon from a strong kunai no more chakra no more hope. 100 Cloud ninja remaining.

"Now you hyuuga brat you wil-"

A kunai through the head an Anbu squad more ninja 7 medical healing ryo and pulling Hana back healing their wounds. Ryo barely breathing Hana holding him tight as the remaining ninja were killed, sent to retreat, defeated.

"The woman I had called weak saved me in my hour of need long enough for me to find the strength to call in for help she saved both our lives and revived me long enough to return the favor."

Hinata was wide-eyed she couldn't focus on anything else but this story it amazed her if her mother was so amazing could she too grow to be as strong?

The third stood by the door now Ryo watched with contempt and Hinata could feel awkward again rubbing her two fingers again.

"Hinata-sama the preliminaries are over please report home if you are feeling well enough."

Hinata didn't want to go but she wouldn't argue with the Hokage so she bowed as ryo smiled at her and she ran off.

"You were not to mention any of this! Yet you broke yet another of my rules."

"I told her nothing about how the demon was defeated I merely stated he was destroyed I didn't lie completely and she deserved to know about her mother! She's to be respected by at least her daughter not hated like the rest of this sickening village."


Ryo spit. "you love this place that much do you? Well don't worry I offered to protect it for you and for them that generation the one that has yet to know hate!"

The third sighed and Ryo walked past.

"Naruto passed lee was severely injured if you could look at him please do so"

Ryo said nothing and continued on.

Hinata looked worriedly against the wall she didn't want to eavesdrop but she wanted to know more about her mother. Her mother was hated? But Ryo-sama said she was a hero. Despite her confusion she knew of one thing. Ryo had answers but only he could decide if she was worthy of knowing. She cried silently and ran off cursing her shyness and inability to demand more answers.

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