One of these days, I'm going to be great.

One of these days, I'm going to get strong.

One of these days, I'll tell her I'm over her.

One of these days, I'll stop my obsession.

One of these days, I'll kick your ass.

One of these days, I'll leave you in the dust.

One of these days, I'll gather my courage.

One of these days, I'll look at you without a mask.

One of these days, I'll hold you close.

One of these days, I'll tell you my secrets.

One of these days, I'll tell you I love you...

But that day is so far off it looks so damn fuzzy. I just can't seem to focus on it, I can't seem to get closer to it; those days always seem to run ahead.

Today is just normal, with no vision of hopeful promises.

I'm helping more people with their problems, and protecting those that I care about; but I still see the hesitant look in their eyes.

I'm getting more experienced with my body, soul and mind; but I still find someone who's better than me.

I come so close to dropping the act and telling Sakura she's yesterday's news; but I still find myself running up to her at the top of my lungs screaming I want a date.

I'm trying to eat more healthy things, and try new foods but damn, ramen still kicks ass...

With every day my strength builds I find new ways to surprise you; but you still find a way to knock me into the ground.

I find myself advancing as the days go by and see my future goals close in sight; but every time I take a look behind me you're not there, because you somehow made it pass me again.

I've always been good at speaking my mind and showing how I feel to the world; but when I try to tell you simple things I find myself stuttering or insulting at you.

I like to show those close to me how good they make me feel and I've always prided myself on telling the truth; but when I look at you I want to smile, but instead I just sneer.

People are starting to warm up to me but you still have that "no touch" rule written on your face.

Only a selected few know about what I really am; but can you really blame me, for wanting to keep it a secret from you? Would you not push me away in disgust like all the others?

Because you see, no matter how many times I find the moment to be right, or how many times we come close to death, I just can't tell you how loved you are... I can't tell you how needed you are...

So today I'm going to wake up; eat my cereal; train; tell Sakura-chan how much I love her; go on missions; taunt and insult you; spar with you; get my ass implanted into the ground; walk through a crowd of frowns and angry faces; and never once tell you how much you mean to me... and I'll do all of this with a vulpine smile on my face.

I've worn this mask for too long I'm afraid, it's weighing me down to the point where I can't keep up with the pace I want.

So maybe tomorrow...

Or the day after that...

Or maybe even the day after the next...

I'll find you standing in front of that classic sunset and tell you how much you captivate me.

But until then, I pray to whatever god that will listen to me, that you see through this well played act, and you pressure me into saying it.

I hope you drive me to the point where I can yell out my emotions to you without having the raging waterfall drowning out my words, because you see...


I just can't do it today, in front of your face.

"... Baka dobe..."


Yeah... that was Sasuke at the end, sorry if that confused you... n_n;;

This just kinda came out of nowhere, and I know it might not seem all that great, but the idea just wouldn't leave me alone! _ Don't you hate when story ideas do that?!

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