Confusion is a completely normal human response to anything related with life. At least, that's what my teachers tell me.

But nobody ever really tells you, that confusion is something you witness almost everyday!

Take my alarm clock for instance; I set it for five o'clock (5:00) in the morning, yet it always goes off at five after five (5:05). How does that happen? I don't know; like I stated before, it's confusing, but I solve the problem and set my alarm clock now for four fifty-five (4:55).

I get out of bed and spend at least thirty minutes in the shower and then another twenty minutes getting dressed. There's always a certain outfit I set aside on my desk, but it's never there when I'm in a rush to change. Confusing? Yes, but I now know my mother puts it back into my dresser drawer because she deems it inappropriate for training.

My teacher's confusing to me. How can someone so strong, so talented, and so widely known as a genius, fall for some of the most lamest tricks in the book? Does he really not know what he's falling for, or is he just humoring us?

And my teammates! They have to be the most confusing points in my life! How can someone so stupid, who takes years to learn a basic jitsu, accomplish a dark art in a day? How can someone so handsome and smart, ignore those that fawn over him?

See, confusing, confusing, confusing.

It's not having the answers that frustrate me, because I'm supposed to be the brains, am I not? I'm the one who's supposed to be the master of the basics, second only to Iruka-sensei.

And what was with that comment? Mission? We don't have a mission today, just training… unless Iruka-sensei meant something else… Oh crap… he did, didn't he?

Damn! Does Iruka-sensei know what's been going on between them? They have been acting very strangely lately.

Double damn! Why does nothing make sense anymore! I can't take it! It's driving me close to madness!

Where's my realism? I need a dose of something normal! For kami sake what is going on? They're just standing there staring, like they're waiting for the other to self-combust.

This is just too weird! I'm so confused.

Everything is changing, and I think I missed the notice…

"Ah… this is so irritating…"

"Eh? EH! What's wrong? I know, I know! You've missed me, that's it, isn't? I knew it! Let's go on a date!"


"OW! Sakura-chan why do you always have to hit so hard? Ow, ow, ow, ow…"

And here we have Sakura. Short chapter once again I know, I hate to tell you this but... the rest of the chapters are about the same size. Guess what Natalie you can relax, my annoyingPOV technique will be changing soon! It won't be an obvious "guess who's speaking" POV it will be an obvious given and just a general their side of the story from now on.

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