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Chapter 3

Eriol's Suspicions

School had finally ended and everyone had gone home. Syaoran, Tomoyo, Meilin, and Eriol had arrive to the Li Mansion. Meilin was teasing Syaoran about him having lunch with Sakura. Tomoyo was just watching them. Eriol on the other hand was in some serious thinking.

"Oh come on Syaoran. Admit it. You like Kinomoto." Said Meilin. She saw how Syaoran was becoming more annoyed so she kept on going. "You two look so cute together eating lunch."

"Stop it Meilin!" Said Syaoran who was very annoyed with his cousin. But Meilin didn't listen.

"Oh my gosh! You are even blushing." Said Meilin making him even angrier. Syaoran's face was red, but not from blushing it was from anger.

"Meilin would you just shut up!" Yelled Syaoran who had finally had it.

Meilin only laughed. Tomoyo couldn't help giggling. But everyone quiet down when they heard a voice.

"What is going on here?" Asked Yelen. She had just entered the living room and found her son with her niece fighting. Like that was new. Well except that this time there was a girl involved. A girl that she didn't know.

"Nothing that isn't new Li-san." Said Tomoyo. Meilin just smiled while Syaoran was glaring at her.

"I seem to hear that you mention someone that I am not familiar with." Said Yelen. She wanted to know who that girl was.

"Oh yeah, Kinomoto. She is a new girl at our school. She comes from Japan." Said Meilin informing her aunt.

"Oh. What's her name?" Asked Yelen very interested in the new girl.

"Sakura, Sakura Kinomoto." Said Meilin.

/Sakura? How odd, but then again fate has a funny way of dealing with things./ Thought Yelen. She then notice how serious Eriol was. So she knew that there was more to what it seemed. "Meilin I would like if you to invite this Kinomoto girl to dinner tomorrow night." Said Yelen. Everyone was quite taking back by that request, well everyone except Eriol.

"Uh sure auntie." Said Meilin a bit confuse. With that Yelen left followed by Eriol.

"Something is going on here, don't you think?" Said Tomoyo. Meilin nodded. Syaoran didn't understand why his mother wanted Sakura to come over. They didn't even know her that well. But he knew that his mother was up to something if he wanted Sakura to come over.

"I'm home!" Said Sakura as she entered her house. She took off her shoes and walked into the kitchen. She found her older brother there. Her guess was that he was cooking.

"Hey kaiju." Said her older brother. He had just began to cook dinner.

"I am not a kaiju!" Said Sakura annoyed. She went to the fridge and took out a pudding.

"Fine. So how was your day at that new school? Did anyone bother you?" Asked Touya ready to pound someone if they had.

"It was fine. I already made some friends." Said Sakura leaving out the part about Amy bothering her.

"Oh. Then who are they?" Asked Touya. He was happy that she had made friends so soon. After the accident that she had she became a whole new different person towards people that she was not related to.

"Well there names are Tomoyo Daidouji, Meilin Li, Eriol Hiiiragizawa, and Syaoran Li." Said Sakura.

"You mention two names of boys." Said Touya already in his 'over protected brother attitude'.

"Yes, Hiiiragizawa and Li. Hiiiragizawa is Daidouji's boyfriend." Said Sakura. Stating to her brother that she was not dating him.   

"And the other one, Li, is he the girl Li's husband?" Asked Touya.

"Of course not! They're only cousins." Said Sakura almost laughing at her brother's imagination.

"So that guy is free." Said Touya in not a too happy attitude.

"Yes he is. Is there a problem with that?" Asked Sakura. She already knew there was. Heck! It happens every time she mentions a guy.

"As long as he doesn't try something with you." Said Touya. Sakura glared at her brother.

/Here we go again./ Thought Sakura. "Touya, I'm almost 18. Someday I'm going to have a boyfriend whether you like it or not." Said Sakura. She already had her father's permission to date guys and if she waited for Touya's to give it to her too then that would take forever.  

"We'll see about that." Said Touya. He wasn't just going to let anyone go out with her. He had promised his mother to take care of her and he would.

"Well think what you want, but when the day comes there is no one stopping me." Said a very determine Sakura.

"Yeah what ever. Dad wont be home until 10. Oh and dinner will be ready at 8." Said Touya changing the subject.

"Ok, I'll be in my room." Said Sakura. She grabbed her backpack and went upstairs.

"She seems to be happy here. I'm glad this change didn't affect her." Said Touya to himself.

Sakura went into her room and threw her backpack on her bed. She was glad that her day had gone really well. She expected it to be more harder but everything had turn out just fine. She was even glad that Amy had bother her, thanks to that she was able to make some new friends.

Sakura went to her closet and took out some clothes. She quickly changed into something more relaxing. She took out her homework and began working on it on her desk.

Just when she was about to answer a question a shadow from behind her covered it. She turned around to see what it was and she became pale as ice.

Yelen and Eriol entered the study room. They both knew that something was going on. Yelen was the first one to speak.

"I sense that there is something happening." Said Yelen in her usual serious tone. Eriol only nodded.

"I guess that you too have felt that new aura." Said Eriol. Some one new was here and they needed to know who it is.

"Do you think that it is going to affect the cards? This new aura seems awfully familiar but I can't quite place it." Said Yelen.

"You can the problem is that someone is using magic so that you can't" Said Eriol. Yelen had a shocked face. Who would do that? Better yet, who was able to do that. Yelen's magic was very powerful so the person that cast that spell must be someone stronger than her.

"But who?" Asked Yelen. She didn't like that idea of a new sorceress that she doesn't know who it is and worse that person being stronger than her.

"I don't know but who ever it is, is already affecting the cards." Said Eriol. He didn't understand why but he only knew that is was happening.

"Do you think that this new person will be able to take control of the cards?" Asked Yelen.

Eriol remain silent for a few moments before he answered. "Yes."

Yelen sat on the couch. For the first time in years she was scared. If this new sorceress is evil then the cards would be used for darkness and no one would be able to take them away.

"What are we going to do? Not even the Elders were able to take control of the cards after the death of the Card Mistress. Why can this new sorceress can?" Yelen demanded to know.

"I don't know why yet, but this person must have something to do with the last Card Mistress. There must be something that relates them. A connection or something." Said Eriol. He too was worried about the fate of the cards.

"Do you at least have a suspicion of who can it be?" Asked Yelen. Eriol walked towards the window. He stood facing the garden.

"No but I do know of someone who did." Lied Eriol. He had a suspicion of who, but he was not ready to tell her yet.

"Who?" Asked an impatient Yelen. Eriol slowly turn around to face Yelen.


Next Day


Sakura walked in the classroom and found Tomoyo, Meilin, Eriol, and Syaoran there. Sakura walked over to her seat. She placed her backpack on her seat and then turned to greet them.

"Good morning everyone." Greeted Sakura with her cheerful smile.

"Hi." Said Tomoyo, Meilin, and Eriol. Syaoran seem not to notice her.

"Hey Kinomoto, do you want to come over for dinner at my house?" Asked Meilin. Amy who was close by heard this and was not very happy.

"Sure I just need to tell my dad. What time do you want me to come over?" Asked Sakura as she sat on her seat.

"Oh don't worry we will pick you up. Just tell me where you live and we will be there at 7." Said Meilin. What ever her aunt wanted with Sakura she would find out tonight.

"Ok." Sakura wrote down her address and gave it to Meilin. "Oh and please call me Sakura. You too Tomoyo."

"Ok then, but you will have to call me Meilin." Said Meilin. She put the little piece of paper in her backpack so that she wouldn't lose it.

"And you have to call me Tomoyo." Said Tomoyo happy with the idea that they would call each other by their first names.

"Deal." Said Sakura. "Do I have to wear a certain kind of clothing or just normal clothes?" Asked Sakura. She didn't want to look bad at dinner.

Meilin stared at her confuse. She hadn't even bother to ask her aunt what they would wear. They usually dress normally for dinner unless it was a special occasion. "Actually I don't know." Said an embarrassed Meilin. "Hey Syaoran, what is the dress code for tonight's dinner?"

"Normal clothes." Said Syaoran not even looking at her. The teacher came in and everyone quiet down.

Amy was not very happy with the idea of Sakura eating dinner at the Li Mansion. She didn't know why they had invited her. Not once had she gone to their house. This made her even more angrier.

Soon lunch came and this time they all ate together. Syaoran was still being a bit cold towards Sakura but she didn't mind.

"So Sakura which school did you go to when you where in Japan?" Asked Tomoyo. Since yesterday she didn't eat with them they weren't able to find out much about her.

"I was going to Tomoeda High School." Said Sakura.

"Do you miss your friends from Japan?" Asked Tomoyo.

"No, not really." Said Sakura. Everyone else were taken by surprised with what she said.

"How come?" Asked Meilin. To her Sakura seemed pretty nice so she wondered why she would say something like that.

"It's really complicated to explain. I did have some really good friends but our friendships ended." She said sadly.

"What happened?" Asked Tomoyo. She saw how sad Sakura became.

"Death separated us." Was all she said. Everyone else let out an 'oh'.

Syaoran stared at her. The sound of her voice contained so much sadness and pain. He felt as if he could understand her and she him. Just like yesterday, when they talked about their parents. Maybe she lost someone who she loved a lot too.

"Was it an accident or a-" But Syaoran cut Tomoyo off. He have her a look that said 'don't ask'. Tomoyo remained quiet and said nothing else.

Eriol studied Sakura. Even though she seems like a nice person there is something about her. Something that she is hiding. She was so mysterious at times.

"Hey Tomoyo, Eriol would you guys come with me to buy something." Said Meilin. They both nodded and got up. "Syaoran stay here and keep Sakura some company." Meilin got closer to Syaoran and softly whispered, "You better not make her feel bad." The three of them left leaving Sakura and Syaoran alone.

The silence that surrounded them was like ice. Neither of them dared to say anything. They didn't even look at each other. It was only them when Sakura's cell phone rang. She took it out and answered it.

"Hello." She said.

"Hey kaiju." Said Touya from the other line.

"Touya how many times have I told you, DON'T CALL ME KAIJU!" Said Sakura very annoyed. Syaoran just watch her. He wonder who Touya was.

"Yeah yeah. Hey I wont be home tonight because I have to work and dad wont get there until 11 so you're by yourself ok squirt." Said Touya.

"Yeah don't worry about it. I was going to call my dad asking him permission if I can eat at a friend's house tonight." Said Sakura. She knew what was coming next.

"Exactly who is this 'friend'?" Asked Touya. If it was a guy there was no way he was letting her.

Sakura sigh. Couldn't she be wrong for once in her life. Syaoran notice that and thought what was up. "Her name is Meilin. Remember I told you about her."

"That brat Li's cousin right?" Asked Touya. He wasn't liking the idea.

Syaoran raised an eyebrow. "Touya shut up." Said Sakura. She didn't want Syaoran to hear him. Syaoran was finding this conversation very amusing. Sakura let her emotions visible through her face so Syaoran could easily notice when she was annoyed or happy.

"Why? Is he there with you? Are you alone with him?" Asked Touya. He wanted to go at that moment to Sakura's school to check if Syaoran was trying to make a move on her.

"Yes." Was all Sakura said. She tried to keep the conversation as low as possible but unfortunately her brother wasn't helping.

"That's it! That kid is going down!" Said Touya annoyed.

"Ok cool it! I'm not doing anything. Besides I can take care of myself." Said Sakura. She knew she had better end that call. "Listen I'll see you later ok."

"But-" Touya protested.

"Bye." With that she hung up. When she turned to face Syaoran he had a look that said 'who was that'. She decided to better tell him before he asked. "It was my brother."

"How come he called me a brat?" Asked Syaoran not too happy with the idea of a guy who he doesn't even know already calling him names.

/Oh my god, he heard that!/ Thought Sakura thinking of something to say. "Uh well…" But nothing came.

"It seems to me that your brother doesn't like me." Said Syaoran although he found it kind of funny.

"Uh yeah." She said softly. She turned to face somewhere else.

"Don't worry about it." Was all he said. Sakura got up from her seat and stretch a bit.

"I think that I'm going to walk for a while before the bell rings." Said Sakura already gathering her things. Syaoran also got up.

"Well I'm going with you. If Meiling comes back and sees me without you then I'll have to stand her yelling at me for the rest of the day." Said Syaoran. Sakura only nodded.

When Meilin, Tomoyo, and Eriol came back they found the tree empty. "Where did they go?" Asked Tomoyo. They looked around the place but didn't found them. So they decided to stay there and wait for them to come back. The bell rang. They all got up without saying anything. There was just one thought in their minds. Where could they of gone.

Finally school ended. Syaoran, Meilin, Tomoyo, and Eriol said goodbye to Sakura and left to their homes. Sakura was the last one in the classroom. She had been thinking a lot since lunch.

/Syaoran's really hurt. Too bad I can't help him, but he has to over come this by himself. It is the only way he can get through this./ Thought Sakura remembering the conversation Syaoran and her had while there walk. All of the sudden she heard the door of the classroom being shut. She turn to see how it was.

"So Kinomoto. You think that you are all that just because you are going to eat at MY Syaoran's house." Said Amy making sure that Sakura heard the word my very well.

"No I don't and last time I checked Syaoran isn't yours." Said Sakura trying to hide an emotion that she was feeling at that moment.

Two of Amy's friends stood next to the door guarding it so no one would come in. Amy was in front of Sakura.

"Well you are not going to go to his house. You hear me!" Said Amy thinking that Sakura would obey her commands.

"Who are you to order me around. It's not my fault that Syaoran doesn't even know that you exist." Said Sakura keeping her cool.

Amy got even madder with what she said. "Look I'm warning you. Stay away from Syaoran Li. He's mine!" Said Amy loud enough for the whole school to hear. She turned around and left the classroom followed by her two friends.

Sakura wanted to laugh. "She is the one who should of been warned because she has no idea who she's messing with." Sakura grabbed her backpack and left.


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