Joey's Little Red Eyes

My first Seto/Jou! ^_^ I'm not the biggest fan of it, but I like it well enough to write a fic on it

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Warning: Joey/Seto-ness and mentioned Tristan/Duke (I can't get enough of them ^_^), so if ya don't like shonen-ai... go to hell! ... Or don't read, no one is forcing you to read it ^_^

Summery: Seto Kaiba is turned into a teddy bear sized Red Eyes Black Dragon ^_^ Guess who finds him


'Idiots' Seto Kaiba thought 'Complete and utter idiots...' He was waiting at the airport, and his plane was already 2 hours late. The plane was having engine trouble in Tokyo and there weren't anymore flights until tomorrow. But Seto had a very important meeting that night, and needed to get on a plane there ASAP. So he waited in one of those uncomfortable airport chairs his arms crossed, his left leg swung over his right, looking pissed, glaring at a random floor tile, which hadn't done anything at all to him.

Something beeped in his coat pocket and Seto waited for it to beep 3 times before he took out the cell phone and flipped it open in one smooth motion.

"Kaiba here" he said

"Seto" said a familiar pre-teen's voice

"Mokuba" the older Kaiba said "What is it"

"I just wanted to see if you had gotten on your plane yet" Mokuba said. Kaiba had called earlier to tell Mokuba that the plane was late

"No, these idiots can't fix the engine" the brunet said in an annoyed tone "I may have to reschedule the meeting and be there tomorrow" He checked his watch "Go to bed after this call Mokuba, its 10 o'clock"

"But big brother..." the pre-teen began to whine

"No buts" Seto said sternly "If I make in to the meeting I'll call you tomorrow, If not I'll see you in the morning" He heard Mokuba sigh

"Yes Seto" He said "Good night"

"Good night Mokuba" Kaiba said and hung up his cell phone. And it seemed right after he did and put it away, someone announced something over the loud speakers

"We are sorry to announce that flight 154 in terminal B12 has been canceled for this evening, I repeat, flight 154 in terminal B12 has been canceled for this evening. Thank you and have a nice day"

Seto growled in frustration. That was HIS flight! How could they cancel it?! He got up and left the seat he had been waiting in for nearly 3 hours, wasting valuable business time. Least to say he was stressed. He had been planning this trip for weeks, so he had worked overtime at the office to get done the work that would have piled up on him over the trip. He had barely gotten 4 hours worth of sleep each night. The CEO of Kaiba Corp had a bone to pick with the head desk of this airport...


Kaiba stepped out of the main office, still very angry that he had missed his flight, and it hadn't helped that he had gotten his money back, even if he had gotten to chew out the managers of the airport. It was now just a little after 11 and he needed to go back home, but first he needed to wake up some before he would be able to make it back home.

He walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror in front of the sinks. He saw he had some light bags under his eyes and he was a bit pale, but he thought nothing of it. He ran some cold water in the sink, and then scooped it up in his hands, splashing his face. It helped, but only a little. The brunet pulled some cheep brown paper towels from the dispenser and wiped the water from his face.

Seto calculated that he wound get about 5 hours of sleep tonight. An hour to get home and get into bed, wake up at 5:30 and get back to the office before some idiot ruins something.

He stretched and heard 5 or 6 cracks from his neck and back. He needed more sleep.

Kaiba threw the paper towel into the trash and turned around, only to hear the sound of metal scraping on title. He looked down to see a black chain that he had stepped on and picked it up. It was a necklace. The CEO examined it for a minute. It had a black stone medallion, about 3 inches in diameter with a ruby red pearl that could be seen on both sides. On the black medallion were tiny red lines were carved into the stone, making elegant shapes and figures.

Seto snorted 'a cheap trinket' he thought and was about to throw it into the garbage with the paper towel when he looked at it again.

The medallion's ruby pearl in the middle seemed to have a black slit in it, almost like a cat eye. It blinked at him. The brunet's mouth opened slightly in surprise, and felt it turn warm in his hands and it shook, like it was alive.

There was a sudden red light that blinded the CEO and he dropped the necklace, but the thin black chain had some how gotten tangled around his wrist and he felt a strange painful tingle down his spine. The only thing he remembered after that was falling on the hard title floor...


Seto groaned a couple of hours later. He slowly opened his eyes to look around. He only saw the wall of the bathroom but heard a drip of water, probably form the sink. Seto shut his eyes again. His head hurt and his body ached. 'What was that?' he thought and opened his eyes again, turning his head to look at the ceiling, but saw the sink in his way. Was it him, our did everything seem... bigger?

He rolled onto his side and felt even more awkward. His arms and legs felt shorter and it didn't feel like skin on tile. He felt the chain on the necklace still around his wrist and lifted his arm up, but instead of finding a human hand he found a black scaled hand with 3 claws, 2 in front, one dew claw in back.

Kaiba's eyes widened. 'Don't panic...' he thought 'This is probably some sort of trick...' he slowly sat up and that felt awkward too. He couldn't get to his knees, and his feet were bigger. He couldn't stand up either, his legs and arms were fitted perfectly for walking on four legs. He walked unsteadily on his legs to get to the full length mirror on the far wall.

When he peered into the mirror his long jaw dropped. Staring back at him was a 16 inches high black scaled dragon. His eyes were ruby red and he had a set of wings were folded on his back. He had a long black tail and his back legs were like that of a cat's, only were covered in black scales and had four black claws and a dew claw. He looked kind of like a Red Eyes Black Dragon, but he didn't have all of the armor and his scales were smooth.

'It's a trick, it's just a trick, it's just a trick...' he repeated in his mind

A little boy and his mother were going to Hawaii for vacation and it was his first time to use the men's room all by him self. He went to the door and pushed it open... A loud roar came to his ears and the little boy bolted to the girl's bathroom, after his mother to tell her about the scary monster in the boys' bathroom...

Seto was wide eyed and breathing hard after he let out his roar, but he was still in shock. He was a dragon, a red eyes black dragon! Why? Why? At the very least he could have been a blue eyes! Right? Why a red eyes? ... The medallion!

Seto looked at the chain, but there was no longer a medallion, just a chain. His eyes narrowed in confusion. The medallion had been real; he had felt the cold stone in his hands... well, when he still had hands.

Seto heard the bathroom door open and he panicked a little. He dashed under a stall and someone walked in. the dragon peeked out from under it and saw the door swing closed. Well he certainly couldn't stay in there forever. The man that walked in was obviously a business man from the gray suit and brief case he carried. He looked very snobby and his greased back graying hair did nothing for him. He only washed his hands and walked back to the door, muttering something about inferiors and 'what if's if he was head of the business.

Seto rolled his new red eyes. 'Right... You couldn't run a mile never less a business' Seto watched at the door began to close, knowing it was the only way out. He made a dash for the door, his claws clicking on the tiles. He made it, but it was a little close for his tail, a little too close.

Kaiba froze as he made realized that he was out of the bathroom. Everything was so big! He watched as people on cell phones walked by and an air port cart went by. The dragon walked close to the wall so he wouldn't be kicked. He really had no particular idea how to get out of the airport. Everything looked so much more different when he was closer to the ground.

Seto had walked for about another hour, but he was very tired. Dragon's were not meant for long time travel it seemed. He stopped and he had to fight to keep his eyes open. The dragon yawned and he looked around for somewhere to rest. There wasn't anything much around, and he had to duck behind another pant to not be seen by some tourists.

Seto looked around from there and saw a small shop with souvenirs and other trinkets. He trotted over and peeked inside, looking for somewhere where he wouldn't be spotted and mistaken for a stuffed toy. He saw a door, a storage closet. He hurried in and blinked around in the darkness. He saw a small heat vent that was blowing warm air on the floor. He suddenly felt sleepy and it was even harder to stay awake. He trotted over to the vent and lay down, curling into a cat like ball in front of the warm air. He'd just shut his eyes for a minute... get his strength back...

The dragon sighed and let his ruby eyes close slowly. He really hoped when he woke up it had all been a dream and that he would be at home in his own bed...


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