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Soon enough the party had to disperse and go home. The trash was picked up so Grandpa Moto wouldn't ground Yugi for a week and food was put away. The animals did there part and got under foot, tripping Tristan and Joey a couple of times, also Yugi and Ryou stumbled, but luckily didn't fall. It took nearly everyone to help Joey catch Usagi to go into her carrier, eventually having to lure her out from under the couch with a banana. Poor Seto had to endure her mental screaming of that they would never take her alive; It got kind of old after a while to him. Seto himself was back on the chair by himself, Joey was currently helping take down the banner with Yami's help. He watched them closely; he didn't trust Yami with his current secret, in fact, he didn't trust Yami at all

And maybe it was a good thing to be cautious, because Yami was burning to tell Joey that the Red Eyes was Seto Kaiba, But what was he going to tell Joey 'Joey, that dragon, is really Seto Kaiba, the man you want to punch for being an egotistic bastard, and you've been taking care of him in your own house now for nearly 24 hours' Oh yes, that was a safe way to tell Joey, tell Joey and have him have a heart attack from shock... or maybe his brain would explode, it was had to tell, but either way it would be a shock, Joey would probably find out anyway, so... wouldn't it be good to tell him now? Or after Seto was back to human? This was the questions running through the ex-pharaoh's head and he didn't like it.

Yami's conscious was telling him many things, and he was not one to keep secrets from his friends. On one hand his conscious was telling him to tell Joey right now before he got attached to the dragon-Seto more, it was already clear that he adored the black scaled creature, it wasn't everyday you saw a live dragon. Being a good friend, Yami should tell Joey right now, while he was taking down the banner. That's what friends were suppose to do, tell each other things

But on the other hand... he was already on thin ice with Seto, and they did want the brunet as a friend, or a least to be nice to them. Telling Joey would not get on Seto's good side, and Seto would be helpless to defend himself in explaining because only Yami could hear him. What could a little dragon do, where would he go, what if he ran away in humiliation because they all knew?

"Yami... Hey Yami!"

Yami was poked in the head and that snapped him out of his thought, looking to the very blonde that he was deciding to tell or not "Uh, yes Joey?" he was sort or embarrassed about being caught not listening.

"Hold the banner up, I can't get the hook off" the blonde said, going back to standing on his tip toes, trying to force the corner hole of the banner off the hook on the wall. Yami did as told, holding the already unhooked side of the banner up over his head to Joey could bump the banner off the hook, finally being able to get it off with Yami's help "There, all done" the blonde grinned proudly for doing his job well done. Yami just nodded, his conscious nagging him to tell Joey, but he didn't know how to put it into words

"Joey..." He started and Joey looked back at him

"What?" He asked, curious to what Yami had to say, naive about the whole situation. Yami found him self unable to find words for what happened to Seto so he tried to find something else to say... Oh yeah...

"I'll try to find away to get the dragon back to the Shadow Realm tomorrow" he assured and Joey nodded, but smiling a little less now

"Thanks Yami" He said "I'll be glad when he's safe home, gotta be weird for him here and being taken care of by a human huh?" He thought a minute "You want me to leave him here so you can send him back when you can?" He was totally not smiling now, knowing what was probably best for a dragon would not let him take care of it any more. Yami thought a minute and smiled

"Well, you seem to be taking good care of him Joey" Yami said "Do you think you could take care of him until I find a way?" Joey blinked and bighted up

"Yeah! Sure! I mean, how often does someone get to take care of a dragon" he said grinning then his face turned into a wondering "I hope he doesn't actually get Usagi..." Yami chuckled

"Very true, besides, I don't thing Silver would be any better" he said and felt a ping of guilt, having a feeling that this wouldn't end well

Now it was getting dark out and Joey wasn't one of those people comfortable waking around in the city at night; One, he use to be in a gang that was still after him. Two, he knew a lot of evil people that were after Yugi and would kill to get to him, literally. And Three... He hated running into things in the dark, it hurt. So, when friends had vehicles, it was only right to ask for a ride, right?

"Hey Tristan" Joey called as his brunet friend was bringing his bike to the front of the shop to get ready to leave; street lights were already starting to come on and the city was getting dark. Tristan looked to the blonde, the brunet beside his bike, one hand on a handle bar and the other clutching one of two helmets that he had on his bike "Can you give me a ride home? I don't like to walk home in the dark" He had all his things ready to go too, Usagi in her carrier and Seto in his backpack. Blanky was next to Tristan by his bike, scrambling up to the front of the seat, resting his paws on the handle bars. Tristan gave his friend an apologetic look

"Sorry Joey, no can do" he said and Duke came out of the shop then, walking over to them, putting a hand on Tristan's shoulder for balance and swinging his leg over the back of his bike, searching for the other helmet, even though he hated wearing it, it gave him helmet hair, but Tristan wouldn't give him a ride if he didn't. Joey gave him a knowing look and Tristan sweat drop slightly "What! I have a full bike!" Joey sighed, nodding, knowing he couldn't change it; sometimes it sucked that his friends had lovers and he was left in the dark. Yugi was practically the only one that he hung out with anymore, though sometimes Ryou hung around, it wasn't the same

"Its ok, don't worry about it" Joey said and Tristan sat on his bike, slipping his helmet, Duke's hands immediately finding their way around the brunet's waist, ready for the ride. Blanky was sitting safely at the front of the bike, wanting home. Joey waited until they were off, them waving to him and him waving back, before starting home. But not too far off he heard a honk and Mai's car pulled up to the curb, traveling at his walking speed and stopping when he stopped. Mai smiled kindly

"Need a ride home, Joseph?" she asked and Joey grinned

"You mean it? Thanks Mai!" he said and went around the other side of the car to get in shot gun, setting Usagi alone in the back and bringing Seto from around front from his back, so he didn't squish him. Seto poked his head out of the bag when the bag was set in Joey's lap. The two blondes were chatting soon enough about miscellaneous things, mostly about what had been going on while Mai was going on, like Tristan and Duke getting together. The little dragon huffed and lied down in the bag, head resting on Joey's leg. Mai commented that the little Red Eyes was so cute and for the rest of the trip turned to conversation about Joey getting the dragon.

Seto watched them both, his eyes darting between them. Joey was casual about the whole thing, but very thankful for Mai giving him a ride home. Mai on the other hand was being flirtatious, he could tell, he'd had many women do the same thing; they'd play with their hair and jut out their hips and chests, sticking their legs out to be more noticeable. And while Mai was driving, she couldn't do all those things, but she was playing with her hair and leaning back against the seat so her breasts where out there like a bill board sign.

Personally Seto found it annoying when women jutted body parts in his face, it was quiet rude and most of the time it was in his personal space. He did not tolerate things in the personal space. Once he had a secretary who actually sat on his desk to get in his face, trying to act sexy. She was fired immediately, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Mai was being very annoying to Seto now, and Joey didn't seem to even notice it! Was he really so oblivious? Ah, sweet ignorance though, Seto mused, he didn't have that luxury.

Mai was seriously annoying him tonight and he wasn't particularly sure why. Well one thing was the unnecessary advertising of her body, which was enough to catch as annoying; maybe is was because woman were always crowding him that it had a reverse affect on him, he wouldn't know, and he didn't care at the moment, but he prayed this car ride would be over soon

And soon it was, they arrived at Joey's place and Seto didn't have to deal with her bulging body parts anymore. Joey got Usagi out of the back and said good bye to Mai before heading upstairs; and Seto was also glad the car ride was over because in the background of all his thoughts there was Usagi's cries of being abandoned and it was so, so cruel!

When Joey got to the apartment and let loose the animals (Usagi running into the wall and knocking her self out for the second time that day), he yawned and announced it was bed time; school was tomorrow after all AND he had work. So after Joey got ready for bed Seto soon joined him a little more willingly, sleeping on the floor just didn't seem so appealing anymore, though he would kill anyone who found out he preferred Joey's arms than the floor.

Mm, just one thing I wanna say really about Seto not liking woman cause they're all up in his face, that's not what got him liking guys, in fact he's got such a busy schedule at Kaiba Corp. he wouldn't have time for dating so... I don't know, just that being gay isn't caused by how you were raised, its just how things are, I hate when characters suddenly swing to the other side because of a hot guy, that always got to me, I take the love theory too seriously sometimes

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