Author's Notes – Hello, I decided to write some story on Aurikku. From the monotony of Auron's life, I decided to write one about Aurikku, in which the storyline kinda' borrows heavily from Final Fantasy VIII. The story is an account of Auron.

--------------------------------------------------------- Chapter One

I gave Yunalesca the final blow from my Katana. Her monstrous fiend collapsed as it turned into a sea of pyreflies.

"Yeah!" Tidus shouted. "We did it!" Yuna smiled at the defeated Yunalesca.

"Once I'm gone, you cannot have the final summoning," Yunalesca spoke as she vanished into thin air. I had a secret about myself that I needed to tell Tidus. I went up to him.

"Tidus, we need to talk," I approached Tidus.

"It's about you, rite?" Tidus guessed. He was right, it was about me.

"Yes," I spoke. "I'm unsent," I revealed my true self.

"I knew it all along," Tidus answered. I wanted to apologize to Rikku for revealing my true self but I could not find her. I had not confessed my feelings for her since the day we met at the Moonflow.

"Auron!" I heard a familiar voice. It was Lulu. "Something's wrong with Rikku, she's not moving." I turned instantly and saw a lifeless-like Rikku on the ground. RIKKU! What had happened to her? I immediately rushed to her side. Yuna did too.

'Rikku, don't scare me,' I prayed as I approached her. She did not respond. With a strong arm, I held her limp body up and walked out of the dome.


Rikku's father had come to pick us up. He was not very pleased when he saw his precious daughter in my hands. I watched him as he exited the bedroom where Rikku lay. He noticed me and suddenly with his strong fists pinned me up against the wall.

"What did you do to Rikku?!?" Cid demanded angrily. "You jolly know that Rikku loves you, and this is how you repay her?!? I'm gonna kill you today, or my name's not Cid!" I did not retaliate as he pulled a fist punch at me. Yuna and Tidus came to restrain Cid. "You son of a bitch, you'll get no nearer to Rikku," he shouted at me as he was brought away by them.

I approached the door to her room. Inside laid Rikku, cold and lifeless but still breathing away. Lulu sat by her, stroking her hair. She noticed me and stood up.

"Sir Auron," Lulu began. "Rikku's will be fine. She's just in a coma, and excuse me." She hurriedly left the room. I knelt beside Rikku's bed, holding her hand to my face. I took off my collar and sunglasses; I wanted to show Rikku my sincerity. She did not budge. Before long, I could feel that my face was wet, wet with tears of regret.

"Rikku," I spoke softly. "I love you." I finally had the courage to call up these three words. The look of Rikku sleeping peacefully gave me a flashback.


I awakened in Rin's inn. I was shocked to see Rikku's eyes looking at mine. I gave her my cold stare to make her go away. Finally, I gave her the 'What?' attitude.

"You're so adorable when you sleep," Rikku spoke, with a cheerful sound despite my cold attitude to her. "You look just like a baby sleeping; especially without your collar and sunglasses." Waves of embarrassment filled me within, I had never let anyone seen me sleeping before, sometimes not even Lord Braska or Jecht.

"Okay, breakfast is ready," Rikku reminded me. "Be sure to go, okay?" And she hopped out of my room.

-End of Flashback-

I felt Rikku's hands. They were still cold and clammy. 'Rikku, please come back to me,' I begged to her with my thoughts.

"Let's film this scene," a background voice came from behind. "I've never seen Auron that gentle before."

"But wait," another voice sounded. "It's not a good moment to film such things." I got up and turned towards the entrance. I saw Tidus and Yuna together, with a sphere in Tidus' hand. I gave them a cold stare and shut the entrance close. I continued my kneeling beside Rikku and held her hands to make them warm again.

'Rikku, I'll do anything to make you come back,' I prayed in my mind.

"You would really do anything for her?" a voice came from across the room.

"Who are you?" I demanded. The person showed herself. It was the same girl from my younger years.

"Hello Auron," she approached me. "We haven't met for ten years but we're equals now."


"Yes, both of us are unsent," she explained. I lowered my head. "But you're a different unsent spirit. You've the heart to feel and a strong will. Especially when it comes to love."

"Where's her spirit?" I asked the girl.

"Still within her body," she replied. "But she'll need treatment to revive her."

"Tell me!" I demanded, grabbing her by the shoulders. She looked unfazed by my emotional distress.

"East Zanarkand, Road Fifty-four," she replied as she began to dematerialize again.

"Wait!" I cried out but it was too late again. I was once again alone with Rikku in the room. Feeling emotionally tired, I laid my head on the bed to rest.


I was awakened by a sudden pull away from the bed. It was Cid.

"You still dare to go near my daughter?" He was angry. "You shall see what I shall do!" He threw a punch at me, but I did not repeal the attacks. The attacks were only halted by every guardian of Yuna and Yuna herself.

"We'll need to return to Zanarkand," I told Yuna. Yuna stared at me in disbelief.

"Sir Auron," Yuna asked. "Sin is there, so how are we supposed to go there?" I was getting emotionally stressed from worry.

"It's the only way to save Rikku!!!" I shouted as I lost my cool. "I don't want her to die!!" I started crying in front of Yuna and borrowed her shoulder.

"It's alright," she comforted me. "She's my cousin too. I won't let her die." I was breaking down in front of the summoner. The great Sir Auron had broken down in emotional depression. I did not care, however, and continued to cry in Yuna's arms, with a shocked Tidus behind being unable to believe that the strong guardian he had was breaking down.


The ship landed in Zanarkand. Thankfully, Sin was already gone. I approached Rikku on her bed.

"Come Rikku," I attempted to talk to her, but she did not respond. "Let's bring you back." I took her arm up and began to carry her on my back. Strangely enough, her hands held on to my neck tightly, my bare neck for I had taken off my collar. I walked down the ramp in which the ruins of Zanarkand greeted me for the third time.

I was about half a mile away from the airship when I heard my name being called. I turned and saw Yuna and the rest of the group catching up with me.

"Why do you want to follow me?" I interrogated them.

"Rikku is my cousin," Yuna replied. "I shall see to it that she shall not be in trouble."

"Don't worry, milady, "I assured her, putting a hand on her shoulder, her head bowing down. "I pledge to ensure that your cousin shall not perish. Follow me no more!" I began to walk away from them briskly.

As thoughts of worry filled my heart, I did not know that I was near East Zanarkand. A bridge stood before my eyes. A bridge that stretched into the ocean horizon. 'Who could have build such a wondrous feat?' I wondered to myself. Nevertheless, I advanced onto the bridge, bearing the heavy weight of Rikku and my katana.

'How long is this bridge?' I shouted to my own conscience. The sky had begun to turn a rosy pink, and it would be long before darkness would fill the sky again. The sight of the beautiful sky gave me another flashback.


"Hey Auron," Rikku spoke to me. I looked down at her. It was at Rin's travel agency in the Calm lands. "The sky's beautifully pink, isn't it?" She commented, waiting for my opinion. I gave no answer. "Hello??" she waved several of her fingers in front of my face. I gave her an irritated look.

"Just go away," I replied. "Beautiful?? Spira's full of death, nothing is beautiful," I gave her the cold look. She took a step back and cleared her throat.

"How can you be that pessimistic?" she exclaimed. I resisted replying. "As long as one is happy, everything in Spira's beautiful," her optimistic words spoken. Rikku took my hand and placed at her chest. My face turned red instantly, but was covered by the high collar, which I wore.

"Auron," she spoke softly. "Promise me that we shall watch this sunset after Yuna's final summoning, with Yuna surviving of course." I withdrew my hand spontaneously and looked at her. I could not accede to her request for it was impossible, and simply gave her a cold look. Instead of retreating, she smiled. "I take that as a yes," she spoke as she ran back to the campfire to join the rest of the group, leaving me alone and fulfilling my request earlier on.

-End of Flashback-

I stopped in my tracks and laid Rikku down on the floor. I proceeded to the railing of the bridge, and stared at the sun, which was halfway on its way below the horizon. 'Rikku, you're right,' I thought to myself. 'The sunset is indeed beautiful.' I turned to look at her, but no sign of stirring came from within her limp body.

I could bottle up my feelings no more, and bended down to shake her lifeless body.

"Wake up!" I shook her shoulders, causing her head to roll about on her body. "As a senior guardian, I command you to wake up!" She did not reply. I hugged her small frame against my body, with tears flowing down from my eyes, yes my eyes, even the one from which its eyelid had been permanently shut from the hideous scar on my face. "Rikku, E muja oui," I cried out in Al Bhed, hoping she could reply to her native tongue. She still did not reply, with her eyes shut close. I cried as I hugged her body against mine, making several sobs a man would not do.

-------------------------------------------------------- Author's Notes – Like it for now? See you in the next episode!