First Kiss

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Chapter 1: New High School, New Kids, Same old Kagome

"Kagome, you're going to be late! What are you doing in there!" Her mother yelled through the bathroom door. 15-year-old Kagome Higurashi stared at her reflection in the mirror. She was extremely sick of looking at the same old plain face all the time. Why couldn't she be more desirable? She sighed. She couldn't achieve that, even if she tried. Even though It was a new High School with New Kids, she was still the same old Kagome.
"Coming mom," She sighed. It was the first day at the new high school, and Kagome could already tell it wasn't going to be fun. 'Why couldn't it just stay summer?' She asked herself. Kagome stepped out of the bathroom and her little brother, Souta, rushed passed her to get it.
"Girls take so long," he said, closing the door with a snap. She scowled and went into the kitchen, were her grandfather was already eating breakfast.
"Good morning Kagome," He smiled. "Good morning," She mumbled as she grabbed a plate. She wasn't in the mood for conversation. "You look tired," he said.

She nodded. "I didn't sleep well," She groaned. She had tossed and turned the previous night, and her muscles ached with discomfort.

After finishing her breakfast, she pleaded with Souta outside the bathroom. "Oh come on, I need to brush my teeth or I'll be late!" She yelled. He finally opened the door and walked out. She rolled her eyes and shut the door.

"Kagome!" Her mother yelled. "Are you going to keep Sango waiting?" She spit out her toothpaste.

"I'm Coming, Alright!" She sighed.

Goodbye summer.

Grabbing her sack lunch, she waved goodbye to her family members and headed out the door. The high school was only a few blocks away, along with Sango's house. Sango had been her friend since childhood. They had met on the playground one day while playing tag. Sango was the toughest of all of them, and even bested the boys. She and Kagome instantly became friends after that. She rang the doorbell, and Sango appeared, lively as ever.

"Hey," She smiled.

"Morning," Kagome said.

"Ready for this?" Sango asked her as they walked down the sidewalk. Kagome shook her head.

"Not really. I never thought the day would come," She answered truthfully. Sango laughed.

"Neither did I, but hey," She said.

"So, do you think some of the same kids'll be there?" Kagome asked. The past summer, the school board of the district, along with another district (which was unmistakably richer) decided to join together and integrate their high schools. According to the boards, both schools had very small classes for graduation, and costs were higher.

"I don't know," Sango answered. "I suppose they'll be the same kids we know. But we can always make new friends."

Kagome bit her lip. "The other district's kids are probably a ton smarter than us," She said, jamming her hands in her coat pockets."

"We'll never find out until we get there, come on!" The two girls took off running. The school was crowded with kids she didn't recognize, and some kids she did. Many voices were heard in the hallway.

"Hey, Niki, is that you?"

"I haven't seen you for ages!"

"Oh my gawd, is that who I think it is!"

Kagome rolled her eyes. "They're getting a little carried away don't you think?" She asked Sango.

She nodded. "Yea, I'd sa-" She was interrupted when she heard a seductive whistling behind her. She whipped her head around, her dark brown hair almost hitting Kagome in the face. "Who was that?" She asked her.

Kagome shrugged.

"Oh well," Sango said, Do you think they were referring to us?"

Once again Kagome shrugged.

"I doubt it. There's so many kids..." And she was right. The halls were crowded with upperclassman, as well as freshman.

Taking out her schedule, Kagome looked at it intently. "Ok, let's see, I've got locker number B189. This new high school they built is so hard to get around."

"Yea, I've got B190 or something like that. I don't have it memorized," Sango answered.

"Now if I can just find them on the map," She turned the sheet over to the side with the map of the school and stared at it. She was staring at it so closely she didn't notice when she bumped into somebody.

"Sorry," She muttered, not bother to look up.

"You should be. To be stupid enough not to look were your going," a voice said. She looked up to see a boy standing there, looking slightly displeased. He quite a handsome face, if it were not twisted in displeasure. His silver bangs covered his amber colored eyes.

"Excuse me, but I don't think you should make such a big deal over it. She didn't do it on purpose," Sango said, annoyed slightly, sticking up for Kagome.

He rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Girls are stupid anyway," He walked off.

"What an ass," Kagome muttered.

"You're telling me. Who does he think he is?" Sango shook her head. "You can tell he's gonna be a trouble, not just for us. There's guys like them in every school."

Kagome nodded. "Hey look, it's our lockers!" She grinned. She opened it and put her schoolbag inside. Sango did the same. "What class do you have first?" Kagome asked her.

Sango rummaged through her bag and found her schedule. "Math."

"Me too! That's great, I'll need some help when it comes to math. It's my worst subject," She said. Sango was always good at Math.

The noise around them didn't cease, so the girls had to talk fairly loud in order to hear each other. They grabbed their things and ran off to find the math room. They reached the room with minutes to spare. Some students were already in the room, chatting noisily with friends. Kagome and Sango sat down in desks near the middle of the room, right beside each other. 'This might not be so bad,' Kagome thought lightly. 'At least I have Sango, otherwise things would be horrible'. Suddenly the bell rang.

"Please take a seat while I take role call. My name is Mr. Tonasumo," he said. Kagome looked around the room at her fellow classmates. There weren't many she recognized, only a few she didn't commonly associate herself with. Then she groaned, the guy she had bumped into earlier, that had spoken to her so rudely, sat in the back of the room.

"Oh no, he's here," She hissed at Sango.

"Who?" Sango whispered.

"Him. The guy we ran into before," She jerked her head towards the back of the room, where Sango directed her attention.

"Oh, I see him. It might not be so bad, he could have just been angry that you bumped into him." She shrugged.

"Alright," The teacher said. "Please stand up, I have already arranged a seating chart for you." The students groaned. She looked at Sango with a disappointed face.

'Wonderful. Knowing my luck, Sango will be across the room from me' Kagome thought. And she was right. She was placed on the complete opposite side.

"Kagome, and Inuyasha, these to seats right here," the teacher finished reading his list.

'Inuyasha. So that's the jerk's name...' she scowled and sat down in front of him. He looked quite uncomfortable sitting behind her.

"Now, let us begin. In this class, you will learn the basics of algebra. We will start with Standard Deviation." The class groaned again. 'Oh how I hate standard deviation,' Kagome moaned mentally. She suddenly felt a sharp poke in her back.

Then another. And another.

She turned to see Inuyasha looking away innocently, holding his sharpened pencil.

"What?" he asked. She whipped around, only to be poked again. She turned to see him with a bored expression on his face, poking her with his pencil again.

"Will you stop that?" She asked.

"What am I doing?" he asked in an innocent tone, continuing to poke her.

"Stop now," She hissed. He poked her again. "Knock it off!" She said, a little to loud.

"Miss Higurashi, is there a problem?" Mr. Tonasumo asked, setting down his chalk, his stern eyes drilling into her. She blushed slightly as every head turned to look at her.

"N-no," She mumbled, embarrassed.

"Good," he said, then continued his droning.

Kagome shot Inuyasha a dirty look. She had barely known him for five minutes and he was already causing her trouble. Inuyasha never did stop poking her. She got so annoyed with it that she turned around and smacked him over the head with her binder, which resulted in a trip to the office.

"Great, just great," She mumbled as she sat down. She stayed there for the remainder of the hour, until she got a verbal warning from the principal, stating if it happened again, she'd be in for a few detentions.

She left the office mumbling curses under her breath. 'Stupid Inuyasha. Who the hell does he think he is anyway!' she wondered. 'he's not king of the world.' Sango rushed up to her.

"Oh Kagome, are you alright? After you left, that guy, Inuyasha started making fun of you. I would have told him off but the teacher was pretty much done yelling with him anyway." Kagome gave a small laugh.

"Why do I get the feeling he's going to make our lives miserable?"

"Because I'm going to," Came a voice behind her.

She groaned and turned around. "What's your problem anyway?" She asked, angry at Inuyasha's very presence. He gave a small laugh.

"You moron. You're my problem. You get on my nerves, and therefore, I dislike you." With that he left. Kagome shot up her middle finger.

"Bastard," She spat.

"Calm down, Kagome, it'll be fine. He's just trying to get under your skin," Sango said, soothingly. 'And he's doing a pretty good job,' she thought.

The rest of the day passed quickly, seeing that Sango and Kagome were spared in having Inuyasha in any more of their classes. Well, that is until 6th hour.

"Oh god," Kagome said, smacking her head. The last thing she wanted was to have Inuyasha in her physical education class.

"What's wrong?" Sango asked. Kagome pointed.

"Oh." Was Sango's reply. Inuyasha stood with a few of his friends laughing and talking. One of them, a fairly tall boy with short black hair looked their way and winked.

"Who's that?" Sango asked. Kagome shrugged.

"Never seen him before."

"Me neither," Sango replied. He suddenly popped up behind them.

"Well that's a shame ladies. I'm surprised you don't know my name, after all, by tomorrow, every girl in this school is going to be saying it." He shot both of them a flashy grin. "My name's Miroku. Now, would you two gorgeous ladies do me the honor of beari-" He was interrupted when Inuyasha yelled,

"Hey Miroku, get your ass over here!" He looked discouraged, but then turned back to Kagome and Sango.

"I'll see you to beauties later," he smiled and walked back over to Inuyasha.

"Well...that was weird," Kagome said. Sango nodded, cheeks slightly pink.

"I've never had a guy hit on me quite like THAT before," She admitted. Kagome nodded.

"Ditto." The bell rang, and the teacher instructed them to change into their clothes. Kagome felt hesitant, but went into the locker room and changed. "I hate gym," She muttered, staring at her figure in the mirror. She looked so skinny and frail; which was one of the reasons she hated physical education to begin with.

They excited the locker room and sat down on the gym floor while the teacher gave instructions. The class period was basically testing their endurance running, along with their sprinting. First, they were to run 10 laps around the gym, giving them a time limit of 15 minutes.

"Ready, go!" The teacher called, blowing her whistle. The girls jogged, Sango a bit quicker than Kagome.

"C'mon Kag, keep up!" She called. Kagome sped a bit faster. Suddenly, a blur sped past them. "What was that?" Sango asked, whipping her head around.

"I don't know," Kagome answered, equally confused.

Inuyasha had just sped past them; after all, he was the fastest runner in middle school, why not high school as well? He'd always had a special knack for running, along with many other sports.

"I'm very impressed with you," the gym teacher said fondly after he had finished. He grinned: PE was so easy. It was enjoyable enough, besides the many groups of girls whispering, giggling and batting their eyelashes at him. Yet he seemed to drink it in and enjoy it. Kagome just shook her head. He was so egotistical.

After the unpleasant experience (in which Inuyasha had commented at least 15 times about how weak the girls were) Kagome and Sango headed of to their 7th hour class, English.

"Right at the end of day. What a great time to relax," Kagome said. English had always been her favorite class.

"I wonder if we'll do poetry," Sango said dreamily. Kagome laughed.

"You've always liked it, haven't you?"

Sango nodded. "Yup." The two girls entered the classroom, only to be discouraged with the site of both Inuyasha and Miroku.

"Oh no," Kagome groaned.

Miroku saw them and his eyes brightened. "Oh, ladies, I was hoping to see you again! Now where did we leave off," He said slyly, his hand reaching for Sango's lower back.

She didn't seem to notice, until Kagome hissed, "Don't you dare." He shot her a 'don't blow my cover' look, but by the blush on Sango's face, it was already well known. He blushed as well, scowled slightly and zipped back over to Inuyasha. "What a Hentai," Kagome muttered. "Sango?" Her blush had not yet faded.

"He almost grabbed my ass," She said in disbelief.

"Everyone please find a seat, you may sit where ever you'd like," The teacher said. Kagome and Sango grinned. This would be better. The two sat near the middle, making sure they were nowhere near Inuyasha nor Miroku. "Welcome to 10th grade English. I'm your teacher Ms. Aiosun." (A/N: Sound familiar? Inside Joke) "Please stay quiet until I'm finished with attendance." She was done in a flash, then said, "In this class, you will deal with Literature as well as Writing. As far as literature goes, we will read novels from Classics to Modern. You will endure many different styles of writing. Editorials, Journalism, Biographies and Autobiographies, Debate, Story Writing, and," She looked directly at an eager Sango. "Poetry." Sango smiled in relief. Kagome almost laughed.

The class period went on, in which time they did basic formwork, basic information about them, and then introduced them to the class. Kagome first days like that; the got off so easily. "I can tell I'm gonna like this class," She whispered to Sango. Sango nodded in agreement.

"We're doing poetry," She giggled.

"What is it with you and poetry?" Kagome shook her head. Sango shrugged.

"I dunno, I just like it a lot. It suits me, you know?" Kagome nodded in reply.

"Girls, you shouldn't talk in class," Ms. Aiosun said sternly. The girls gulped. She smiled. "But, since you're conversation is about this class, and it's many subjects, I'm not going to think anything of it." She squeezed Sango's shoulder, than Kagome's. They could both tell they were really going to like this class. Inuyasha on the other hand, wasn't so certain. 'I hate English. All of it. Reading, Writing, blah. Although Debate might be fun. There's nothing wrong with yelling at people...'.

The bell rang, and the students eagerly packed up to go home. "The day went fast," Kagome said. Sango nodded in agreement.

"I noticed. Well, most of it did anyway."

"Yea, except when Inuyasha was in our classes. And...what's his name. Miroku or whatever."

Sango scowled. "I don't even want to hear his name. How dare he try to touch me."

"Well, he's a lech if you haven't noticed," Kagome said.

"How could I not notice? I'll be glad every moment he isn't in my presence." She said. The two girls walked out of the building and into the sunshine happily. It felt good on their faces, seeing that barely any of the teachers opened the window for the sunlight to come in. All part of the 'high school hell' effect. Kagome waved goodbye to Sango as she got to her house.

"I'll see you tomorrow!" She called as she walked away.

Her mind wandered back to Inuyasha. What was his problem anyway? "I swear, if I have to put up with Inuyasha's annoying behavior the next few years, I'll die," She said aloud.

"Then die."

She felt a pit in her stomach, and turned around. "I'd rather not," She spat, getting annoyed at his very presence.

"Oh, what's wrong Kagome? Can't take my personality. Deal with it." He walked past her. She was confused. Inuyasha didn't live in her neighborhood.

"What are you doing over here anyway? I thought you lived over by where the old Shinikwa district was. After all, you went there before," She said, pestering him. He looked back at her, peeved.

"Can't a guy take a walk?"

She scowled. "Well than go take a walk someplace else. I wanna walk home in peace."

"Then walk home in peace. Nobody's stopping you." He said curtly. She walked faster ahead of him and made a dash for her house, slamming the door. 'So that's where you live. I'll remember that,' he thought to himself, smirking. If there was ever a night when he and Miroku were bored (which is hard to believe) they'd know who's house to toilet paper.

Kagome's mother smiled. "How was your day?" She shrugged.

"Same old same old. Just like the old high school," She lied.

Her mother sighed. "Well, that's nice to hear. Souta should be home from school shortly. I have to stop by the grocery store, will you make sure he gets right on his homework?" She nodded. Her mother smiled. "I can always count on you," She said as she kissed her daughter's forehead.

Kagome went into her bedroom and collapsed on her bed. She stared at the ceiling, where she had a poster of her favorite band. "I wanna get out of this high school. It'd be so much easier to have a tutor." She said, thinking about how fame would lighten, or eliminate the weight of getting into a good college. "I'd be worth it," she sighed. She closed her eyes and dazed into a nap, releasing her childish hopes and wishes into dream.

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