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Chapter 14- Betrayals of the Heart

Inuyasha's day seemingly got better and better as they day went on. "That's one more for me," he said smugly, waving the bag of candies in front of Miroku.

He rolled his eyes. "Are you that desperate for attention?" He asked him simply. "I'm only two behind you. And that can be solved easily."

"Whatever," Inuyasha said with a confident smirk, "I'm going to win this bet, you watch."

"Hey there Inuyasha," a voice whispered in his ear. He frowned and turned around, knowing exactly who it was.

It was Kikyo looking as sultry as ever. He could swear, the girl could go back and forth between sex idol and innocence annoying as ever. "What do you want Kikyo?" He asked tersely, continuing to walk down the hallway.

"I wanted to give you this," She said, handing him not only a large box of chocolates, but a small stuffed animal, "and wish you a happy valentine's day." She latched onto his arm, bringing her body as close to his as possible. "What do you say we…I don't know…hook up?"

"No thanks Kikyo," he said, "I'm not interested."

"Aww," she pouted, her lips pursed, "I'm not good enough for you Inu?"

He glared at her. "No, Kikyo," he said heatedly, "you never were. After what you did, it's hard to think of you as a person."

He walked off, dragging the bewildered Miroku behind him.

Kikyo glared at his figure walking away down the hallway. So that's how she played it. She'd get back at him, she vowed, she's hurt him well.

Despite her attempts to make the best out of Valentine's day, Kagome ended up with a headache by the end of the day. It only seemed to get worse and worse as people kept asking her why in the world she wasn't giving out chocolate.

"You'll never get a boyfriend that way," a girl, Yuri, had told her.

"I'm telling you Sango, the next person that asks is going to get slapped," Kagome growled, "I'm sick of people telling me that I'm never going to get a boyfriend that way. I don't want a boyfriend!"

Sango nodded sympathetically. Once Kagome was close to tangent, there was no pulling her back. "At least your first kiss is still intact," She said glumly. "I don't even want to talk to Miroku."

"Maybe this will cheer you both up?" Rin suggested, handing both of them a small box of chocolate.

"Rin, you're crazy," Kagome said, smiling at the gift, "how in the world do you afford this?"

"Well technically, I work for Sesshoumaru-sama," she explained, "I do earn my keep there, so I get a salary. It's ridiculous how nice they are to me."

"No, you deserve it," Sango said as they entered the classroom. She groaned when she saw the room – it was completely decorated in red and pink- there were hearts and valentine's day decorations everywhere.

"I think I'm going to be sick," Kagome muttered as she put her things on her desk, "Has Aiosun sensei lost her mind?"

"Good afternoon class!" She said happily as she entered the room, dressed in red, a pink scarf tied around her neck.

The class was stunned – Ms. Aiosun was a strictly black and white person it seemed – where was this coming from?

"Happy Valentine's day to everyone! I'm sure you noticed the little bit of decoration I used for the room," she said cheerfully.

That was a major understatement.

"Now, I really don't feel like pushing you too hard, since it's Valentine's Day and all, so I decided to be nice and easy for a change. If anyone wants extra credit, they may read of the poems they've been writing recently."

Sango perked up to this. She would definitely enjoy reading the one she had written last night in a flourish. It was about the four seasons, with use of major personification. She was very proud of it and couldn't wait to hear what Ms. Aiosun had to say.

"And of course," Ms. Aiosun continued, "since it's Valentine's Day, I want you to read a poem you have about love or affection."

'Dammit!' Sango cursed inwardly. She had really been looking forward to hearing Ms. Aiosun's approval of her work – and now she would have no such opportunity. She had not written any poems about love. And now the entire class period (or some of it at least) would be spent with people reading soggy poetry dripping with sugar coated lies of love.

Oh how she despised it.

"So who wants to start?" Ms. Aiosun asked.

A plethora of girls began to squeal and raise their hands. One by one, they stood up and shakily read their angsty teenage confession of love (or what they thought it was), or odes to boys who would never notice them.

Both Sango and Kagome looked at each other, sickened expression on their faces.

"Anyone else?" Ms. Aiosun said almost tiredly as the last girl finished.

"I would like to read mine, Ms. Aiosun," Miroku said, raising his hand.

Sango turned to look at Miroku, surprised. She doubted her partner could have written anything of relative quality, seeing that every time they worked together he complained about how he could find a word to rhyme with "that".

"Alright Miroku," She said, "we're ready."

He cleared his throat and softly read,

"The summer's sweet scented wind caresses her hair, slowly waving, weightless.

I move in closer and smell her sweet perfume, the scent of roses on a calm summers day.

My hand reches her's and they embrace, clinging to that last glimps of hope, of the life that may be, could be, and should be.

I reach my hand for her face, smooth to the touch, soft and gentle, like the gentle fall of a leaf from its former perch towards the ground.

Her eyes slowly reach mine and the light within them, so bright at full of life, is lost to a cold sorrow

And she falls and fades away, tears fall from my eyes, a weep of sorrow is loosed from my lips as she passes from this existance,

And I am left alone and cold, in a hard rain, not letting me go with her, and freezing me to this world,

A world of pain and suffering, to live alone, and to die alone."

The class sat in utter silence drinking in what they had just heard. Miroku wasn't exactly a person who displayed himself as such a deep, intelligent person.

A small clap began, staggered, but soon the whole class was hoping and hollering. Even Sango had to clap at the unexpected display of great talent.

"And where did that come from?" Ms. Aiosun asked unexpectedly, "and why didn't we know you were so talented?"

"Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration," Miroku said with a shrug. He glanced at Sango, and when he met her eyes, quickly looked away. Sango could feel her cheeks tinge slightly when she realized it was her he was talking about.

Suddenly she felt as if her spectrum on things had changed. Just when she had thought she had seen exactly the person Miroku was, he had become someone completely different. She now understood how Kagome's conscious conflicted over Inuyasha's complex personality, and somehow, she couldn't hate Miroku as much as she had five minutes earlier.

After that point Ms. Aiosun lost all focus on work and decided to call her husband to ensure that they would go out for dinner that evening. The rest of the hour was spent talking.

"113 bags, Miroku. What've you got?" Inuyasha said proudly.

"I have 113 as well," Miroku said confidently, with a smirk.

"You lie!" Inuyasha said, narrowing his eyes, running his eyes over Miroku's bags, sorted into groups of tens as directed. "You only have 112."

"Not anymore," Sango said carelessly, throwing a bag in Miroku's pile. She had begun eating what Rin had given her, only to discover the majority of the pieces had nuts, which Sango was unfortunately allergic to. So having eaten all the nut-less pieces, she figured helping Miroku out wouldn't be too awful.

His face lit up as he said happily, "we're even, we're even!" Then he turned to Sango and said very seriously, "Sango, I appreciate this great gift." Then he smiled largely, "I didn't know you cared! A beautiful girl loves me! Hoorah!"

Sango blushed and immediately countered, "no, no! It's not anything like that…I just don't like nuts is all. I didn't mean that-"

She was fortunately saved by the bell, and the class began to file out of the room. Kagome shrugged at her and they made their way out the classroom.

Kagome groaned when she saw who it was that was waiting outside the doors for her.

"What are you doing here?" Inuyasha spat rudely before Kagome could even open her mouth.

Kouga glared at him and then said defiantly, "I'm here to thank Kagome."

"For what?" Both Inuyasha and Kagome said simultaneously.

"The small bag of candy I found in my locker today," he said, holding it up. It clearly was written "To Kouga, From Kagome" in nicely written handwriting. But a handwriting that was certainly not Kagome's.

"You liar!" She shrieked. "I did no such thing! How could you even say something like that? Nearly everyone in this school knows how much I hate Valentine's day!" She turned to Inuyasha, "even you believe me…don't you?"

He said nothing, but looked at her with a face she could only describe as disgust. And for some reason, she couldn't bear it. The proud Kagome Higurashi was torn to pieces by this one look, and she could not say why it was that Inuyasha Taisho effected her so much. "Inuyasha, please believe me!" She could not pinpoint why it mattered so much – but she could not bear to see him look at her that way.

He just shook his head as he pushed past her, a confused Miroku running after him in an attempt to calm his friend down.

"You are awful!" Kagome cried, running past Kouga, who looked at her in confusion.

"That was really shallow," Sango said quietly, "I understand that you like Kagome and all…but that was too far."

"But I didn't-" he began. Sango wasn't listening, instead she was too busy chasing Kagome down the crowded hallway, yelling for her to wait up.

Kagome slipped through the hallway, leaving Sango's calls behind her. She didn't want to talk to anyone right now – she just wanted to think. She pushed her way through oppositely moving traffic up the stairs to the second level. She walked the empty hallway all the way to the bathroom. Perhaps in there she could think without being disturbed.

But when she got there, she wasn't alone. She met the gaze to a face very similar to hers. At first, she thought she was looking at her own reflection come to life.

"You must me Kagome Higurashi," she drawled lazily, going back to her eyeliner in the mirror.

"Hi…I'm sorry, but I don't believe we've met before," Kagome said politely. The girl stopped putting on eyeliner (she had far too much on already) and put the cover back on.

"My name is Kikyo Kokame. You'll do well to remember that," She said, rather coldly.

Kagome could see now why she had hurt Inuyasha so much. If she had changed as much as he said, she was probably a much nicer person in a much earlier time. Kikyo neared her, almost too close for Kagome's personal comfort.

"You'll also do well to remember to stay away from Inuyasha Taisho," she said in a dangerously threatening tone, "you'll have to deal with situations much worse than the one with Kouga today if you don't." She then smiled, "Do I make myself clear?"

Kagome could not bring herself to speak, only nod meekly.

Kikyo surveyed her slightly and said, "I can see why they say you look so much like what I used to. It makes sense that Inuyasha feels so strongly about you."

"What are you talking about?" Kagome cried out, nearly laughing, "Inuyasha and I hate each other! Unless the strong feelings you're talking about are of hate, you have the wrong person."

Kikyo gave another cruel smile. Kagome felt like a toy when she did that. It was not a comfortable feeling. "Oh, I'm very sure of myself. Have a nice day Ms. Higurashi…and heed my warning."

With that, she left the bathroom, leaving Kagome shaking nervously.

A Knock.

"Come in," Sesshoumaru said lazily as he sat at his desk. The sooner he finished his Chemistry homework the better. Today had exhausted him, which was very unusual. For once he felt like sleeping.

Rin peeked her head through the door. "Good evening."

"Rin, you can come in the room," he said, still concentrating on naming the current aqueous solution on his assignment.

"I wanted to wish you a happy valentine's day," She said quite cheerfully, clad in polka-dotted pajamas. She placed a large box of chocolates on the desk next to him.

"Thank you Rin," He said, not looking at her, "they're very nice."

"Sesshoumaru-san, have you ever had a girlfriend?" She asked before she could stop herself. She immediately covered her mouth, upon saying it.

"That's none of your business," he said coldly, still concentrating on the problem in the page. The more he looked at it, the less he had to look at her.

"Sorry," she mumbled, "that just came out. I didn't mean to say it outloud. I'm going now."

She turned to leave and Sesshoumaru was rushed with sudden impulse. Instead of acting on it immediately, he calmly asked, "Why is it you want to know?" This was why she amused him so.

She shrugged. "I dunno…you just don't really seem like the, you know, dating type."

"And you are correct," he said tersely, "anything else?"

She shook her head. "No. I just figured…well, it wouldn't hurt to get out there once in awhile. To meet or date people. It's not a bad thing you know."

She could feel his cold, calculating eyes looking at her in deep thought. She was incredibly curious to know what it was she was thinking.

Finally he said, "Goodnight Rin," and turned back to his homework.

She sighed and replied, "goodnight," and left.

She let out a deep sigh as she closed the door and stood motionless in the hallway.

"Don't bother with pep talks," Tadako said amusingly, coming around the corner, "you won't a word in with him. The boy's like a block of ice."

"I noticed," Rin said glumly.

"Come on, lets go back to your room and have a chat," Tadako said. Rin sat on her bed eager to hear what Tadako had to say.

"What I'm about to tell you is very serious and very secret," Tadako said quietly, "this doesn't leave this room, ok?"

Rin nodded.

Tadako sighed and began, "I've been working here for a long time. Fifteen years in fact, in this very same house. I knew one of Mr. Taisho's cooks and ended up getting a job as maid at age 20. Haven't left since. Through those 15 years, I've seen a lot of drama. First off, the relationship between Master Taisho and his first wife was not a pleasant one. It was an arranged marriage between his father and his greatest business partner, to ensure that money stayed between the to families. In any case, they certainly didn't love each other. Their first son Sesshoumaru was born before I got here- he was only two when I began working here. As there marriage deteriorated, it seemed Sesshoumaru suffered because of it. He was often neglected to the point of raising himself, and at a very young age. I looked after him myself at times."

Rumors began to spread around, that my friend and mentor Izayoi, the cook, was having some sort of torrid affair with Master Taisho – I refused to believe them. After all, she was one of my closest friends, surely she'd tell me? Over time, it was clear that the rumors were true – and Sayuki, Sesshoumaru's mother, simply wouldn't stand for it. The marriage was annulled and she left. Didn't even say goodbye to her son, just simply left. She gave all rights of parenthood to Master Taisho and disappeared. I think this more than anything affected Sesshoumaru…he refused to trust anyone throughout childhood and beyond. Still today, he has problems relying on anyone but himself. That cold exterior you see doesn't mean he doesn't like you – it's his way of ensuring himself that you like him enough to stay away from him. The less relationships, the better."

"And what happened to Izayoi?" Rin asked.

Tadako smiled. "Izayoi," she said, "Is Inuyasha's mother."

Rin nodded in understanding, slowly calculating things. "This probably has something to do with Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha's rivalry?"

"Naturally," Tadako replied, "Sesshoumaru was threatened by Inuyasha. Now that his mother was gone and a new baby was in the house, he was even more desperate for attention. And as much as Izayoi tried to get to know him, he pushed her away. Poor child was so vulnerable."

Rin sighed, "I wish there was something I could do."

"you've done quite a bit," Tadako said, "you've helped him more than you know."

"how so?" she asked curiously.

"Sesshoumaru has problems he doesn't exactly like to admit. Everyone but his father knows about the little night walks he takes."

"night walks?" Rin asked.

"He's a bit of an insomniac…the staff has seen him take walks around the block at ridiculous hours. Naturally, that's when he found you. But he's been taking them less and less since you've been living here."

"Maybe he doesn't want to find any other girls in need of help passed out someplace," Rin suggested with a laugh.

"Don't sell yourself short kid," Tadako said, standing, "you've done him more good than you think. Just keep working at it. Who knows. He'll break through his shell sometime."

Tadako turned off the light ask Rin climbed into bed. She went to sleep that night feeling as if, for once in her life, she had made a difference. And that was a very good feeling.

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