The Curse of Love and the Blessing of Sorrow

By Timberwolf220

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SUMMARY: Takao is a piano player lost in his own world. Kai is a murderer with a conscience. Max is an artist unable to love and Rei is a detective caught in the blaze of revenge. Strange circumstances push them together…and drive them apart…

PAIRINGS: Max + Takao x Kai, Rei + Kai x Takao

His hands drifted over the keys. The melody was almost unbearable to hear for it gave birth to forbidden emotions.







Always so lost

He didn't look at the keys, the notes engraved in his mind. Time and time again, he pressed a certain key and the tears would come on his cheek.

Many marveled at his sorrow, thinking it beautiful to behold. Many people reached out to touch the sorrow streaked cheek, beholding it for what it was.




Always so lost

"Why does he always play that tune?"

"…Such a lovely song…"

"What is it called?"

"…Such a sad tune…"

"Why is he crying…?"

"It hurts…"

"He always cries…"

"So lonely…"



Always so lost

Her fingers skimmed over the white keys, circling them like vultures. His hands twitched from memory as the tears come down again.

A girl waited by the piano. When his brow was feverish, she wiped the sweat off. When his throat was parched, she fetched him water. When he was sad, she hugged him.

Yet, for all their years together in companionship, he still doesn't know her name, submerged in the depths of his misery.

She didn't mind. She waited on him for so long.

She wouldn't abandon him now.

Wouldn't abandon him to the shadow and Hell like the other one.


It had been seven long years since he walked down this path. Seven long tiring years, since he last saw the world for what it was. Seven long years in the dark, with no candle to show him his life.

Prison could do that to you.

He let the rain soak up the skin, the feeling washing away whatever that was left to be washed away.

He hated him for that. For washing away the shell.

But eventually, shells are shed.

I always hated you.

That's why I loved you.

This was the place. This was the place Takao ran to after all that time.

It was bright and alluring to people who wish to drown their sorrows in the plays of the piano. He looked at the entrance, contemplating whether to go in or not.

Whether it is worth it all.

But it is always been worth it.

He sat down with the nameless and faceless people around him, his eyes centered on one person and one person only.

Takao was playing that tune again. The one that made the Devil weep waterfalls.

Does he know his power? The way the audience stares at him with admiration and lust.

But never love.

He couldn't be loved.

He didn't want to be loved.

He would play, they said, he would play for us for the rest of tomorrow. 

He is ours.

The man clenched his fist tightly. They would destroy the thing they wish to protect. They had signed his will.

Will you not open your eyes Takao? He asked silently in a prayer. Will you not see them for who they are?

Wake up Takao.


He felt a new presence in the hall. It was the kind of aura that would scratch your head and pull out unknown memories. He ignored it, submerging himself in what he thought was safe.


The Backbone of his life now.

Without it, he would lose his way… again.

And the piano keys drifted into the air, lulling the audience into a sense of utter despair.

Taking them into his despair. His damnation, his curse.

His loss of self.

'Wake up Takao'

He wanted to open his eyes. He really did. He had forgotten the way the Sun would brighten the sky and how clouds floated by.

The Audience is leering at him. They can taste the sorrow, the mere twanging of it like the smell of carrion in the forest.

And who are better scavengers than humans themselves? They would tear his being apart and roast it. Then they would mourn false tears that defiled the Earth.

He understood.

And he opened his eyes.


 He cheered when the two pools of starlight shot right to him.

Takao was awake.

Takao lifted his hands off the piano and ran. The audience let out cries of dismay, but he just smiled.

And silently got up from his seat.

He knew where Takao had gone to.


It was their special place.

But only he came here now.

Takao watched the trees shudder from the chill of the wind. He hugged himself tightly, not wanting him to feel cold again.

Two arms wrapped around him tightly.

"I didn't do it for you," Takao whispered.

"But I did it for you," Kai whispered in his ear.

"Why did you come?"

"I came to save you."

"You damned me."

"True and knowing that, I had damned myself as well."

There was a pause of silence. The rain came down on them, washing away the tears. Takao brushed his wet bangs back from his face. Kai still hadn't let go of him.

"I can't love you anymore."

"I know."

There was another pause.

"Are you going back to that place?" Kai asked tentatively.

Takao gave him a brief nod.

"It will kill you. That audience will tear you to shreds with their compassion," Kai sneered.

"Better to die with them then to die with you," Takao whispered.

Kai stepped back, taking in a sharp intake of breath. Then he reasserted himself.

"I won't beg you forever Takao. I have laid my pride as the first step," Kai said coldly.

"No Kai," Takao said gently, "You never let go of pride. It's still there, eating you away. I can't save you."

"Then come into Hell with me," Kai pleaded.


"Please Takao!"

"I can't," Takao's hands started trembling, "I can't do this anymore. It's hard enough to have you stand in front of me than it was when you left me. Let me be."

"To your music? To that tune which has consumed you with self-pity?" Kai mocked him, tried to provoke him, "To that audience that scorns you behind your back?"

"You never did think much of others," Takao smiled as the rain drowned in his eyes, making his unearthly "There are good people who care."

Kai's eyes were dark and foreboding. Then, the darkness winked out and Kai's shoulders sagged.

"I thought you would be happy with me," Kai whispered as his head upturned to the clouds that spread across the horizon; "I thought that you might still love me."

"I haven't stopped loving you Kai. You just assumed I did," Takao gazed into those blood-coated eyes that showed him the world untarnished, "I was happy with you. But I have a new place."

"I'm happy for you."

"No you're not."

Kai got up and pulled on his cloak, "I must go. Your 'fans' are awaiting your return."

Takao smiled and pressed his lips onto Kai's. They melded together in the rain as sweet bliss poured though their eyes.

"I'm glad you came," Takao whispered as he walked back that lonely path with Kai's eyes watching him all the way.


His hands drifted over the keys. The melody was almost unbearable to hear for it gave birth to forbidden emotions. Her fingers skimmed over the white keys, circling them like vultures. His hands twitched from memory as the tears come down again. The same girl still watched over him.

But when he came to that special key, he smiled and passed it by.

There was hope for even the damned.

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