The Curse of Love and The Blessing of Sorrow

By Timberwolf220

DISCLAIMER: Don't own the characters, but I *do* own the plot and the way I've developed them. Something to be proud of, ne?

SUMMARY: Takao is a piano player lost in his own world. Kai is a murderer with a conscience. Max is an artist unable to love and Rei is a detective caught in the blaze of revenge. Strange circumstances push them together…and drive them apart…

PAIRINGS: Max + Takao x Kai, Rei + Kai x Takao, Max x Rei

Final Chapter

Blazing Glory

Rei placed his hand open the wall, feeling the touch of paint against his hand.

Damn you Hiwatari!

Maxwell hasn't been in good shape lately. Rei decided that it was after shock and it will wear off eventually.

But 'eventually' seems to be hiding and never showing up.

Takao. Why did you kill Takao Hiwatari?

Rei had asked Maxwell why he cried so much for a person who he had known for a few minutes. For Rei, who based his friendships on time and loyalty, couldn't understand the source of Maxwell's distress.

Maxwell had smiled at him and said, "Mune de sou kanjite iru." I feel that way in my heart.

Rei had found this puzzling, but let it be. Rei loved Maxwell and was willing to wait for a proper answer.

Damn you Hiwatari! Why do you do this?

I don't understand…

I wish I could understand…

Damn you Hiwatari!!

I'll see you make amends in blood!!!


"Doushite no?" Rei asked Mariah softly. The moonlight accented her magenta hair and Rei found himself running his hands through her tresses. Then the tresses vanished and her  scalp was crawling with worms. Rei screamed and tried to pull his hand away, but to no avail. Mariah's eyes sank into empty sockets.

"Rei-kun…why won't you look at me? Aishiteru Rei-kun." The corpse came closer.

Rei screamed, "Get away!!"

She smiled at him and she faded away. Rei let out a sigh of relief. Then he heard screaming.

Hands…they were everywhere! On the ground, groping at his feet. Rei ran, but the hands, those pale calloused hands!!




He stood there; his arms open to greet Rei. A pale silver robe covered his body and his eyes were bright with love. Rei ran into his arms and sobbed.

"Max…Max…" Rei chanted his name under his breath. Then he saw the stains spreading over Max's robe. The red stains that covered the robe. Max smiled at him as he fell lifelessly into Ray's arms.

"Max!!! O-negai!!!" Ray shook him again and again. His vision blurred as he cried out his lover's name.

A deep chuckle came from behind him and when Rei turned, he saw twin blue fins, mocking him.


"God!" Rei got up gasping. He ran a shaky hand through his raven locks and glanced at Max. The blonde was sleeping peacefully, unhindered by the noise. Rei allowed himself a small smile as he went to the bathroom.

The dream came back…this time with Max…

Rei's eyes hardened. This time, he'll protect Max.

He won't let that bastard destroy his life again…

"This ends soon Hiwatari."

Very soon.


He left Maxwell a letter though he knew Maxwell will still be upset.

But this time he had to end this…before Max gets hurt.

Rei will not allow that to happen under any circumstances!!

He sighed and opened his wallet. He touched his detective badge briefly, a sense of pride growing in his throat. And he saw a picture of Mariah in his wallet, smiling away to kingdom come.

Gods…forgive me…

Mariah said nothing, still smiling. Rei looked at the picture with a fondness he could not deny. Maxwell knew about Mariah as well and had given Rei comfort when he broke down at the story.

Another life…but what does that matter to you Hiwatari?

Nothing. It means nothing.

Another victim to Hiwatari's scythe.

He closed the wallet and pulled out his ticket. A certain informant of his had told him where Hiwatari was.

This time Hiwatari…


It was a secluded place, with one village nearby and a lot of mountains.

But Rei would find him.

He stuffed his hands into his trench coat pocket, feeling the weight of the pistol. Usually, he doesn't use guns, but this time he made an exception.

A low laugh called out to him, "Kon Rei. A little far away from home, aren't you?"

Rei's blood began to hum and he answered. "Show yourself!!"

Kai walked out of the shadows. Rei realized he had been there all this time. Rei scolded himself for not noticing this.

"Rei Kon."

"Kai Hiwatari," Rei said, his voice dead.

Kai leaned back, "So here to kill me at last. Took your time about it."

Rei's ears felt as if they had been blasted, "What?! You want to be killed?!"

Kai chuckled darkly and Rei saw shadows under his eyes, "Right. You don't have the guts to kill me. Even though there's a gun in your pocket."

Rei pulled the pistol out and pointed it at him, "Don't presume things with me!" His voice was shaking.

Kai looked at him with those blood eyes. Rei hated his eyes. Soaked in red.

Kai sighed and came closer. Rei's golden eyes widened.

Kai came so close that their noses were touching each other. Then Kai kissed him.

What the fuck? Rei tried to push him away. There was a coppery taste in his mouth. Kai pulled back smirking and wiped the blood off with his sleeve. Rei spat out the blood.

He glared at Kai and realized his hand was empty.

"Looking for this?" Kai said, playing with the pistol in his hand. Rei gritted his teeth.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!! How could he slip like this?!

Kai sighed, "Go away Kon. Leave me alone."

"NO! Not after what you did to Mariah and Takao!"

Kai's glance was stricken and he paled. Rei wondered at this show of emotion.

"Tell me," His voice rasped, "Tell me what happened to Takao."

Rei found himself obeying without thinking about it. Told him how they found Takao's body in the hall and Hillary, his attendant told them that Kai had come in and killed him.

Kai swore loudly, his voice cracking, "The evil bitch."

Rei swallowed thickly.

Kai hadn't killed Takao.

Kai sat down on the ground. The wind shuffled his hair.

"You know Takao," Rei said half-accusingly.

Kai gave him a mirthless grin and turned away from him, "Yes, I knew Takao. He was my lover."

Rei snorted, "You? Love?" He sounded skeptical.

"I am human," Kai said simply, "I can love as well, no matter what you think of me."

Rei said nothing.

He was supposed to hate Kai. Hate him for killing Mariah. Hate him…

But he can't.

He can't hate Kai.

A small tear trickled down his face.

Kai didn't notice and if he did, he ignored it, "I hated him at first. I still do. God, how could she?!" His throat burst in a sob.

Rei still hadn't said anything. The wind blew his hair back.

Kai tossed him his gun and Rei caught it. He turned to Kai, who still hasn't faced him.

The coppery taste of his blood was still in his mouth.

"Do it." It was a command.

Rei didn't move.


Rei raised the gun. Kai smiled at the sky, "I'm coming Takao."


Rei returned home. He opened the door and closed it with a sigh. Maxwell entered and wrapped his arms around Rei.

"You're home," Max said softly.

Rei closed his eyes, unable to forget to heart-felt crimson.

"Yes. I'm home. For good."

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