Title: "Mortal Visions"

Author: ShadowFox (Shado-Fox)

Disclaimer: Not mine.

A special thanks to Garfieldlady for helping me to translate my fanfiction from French to English.

Chapter 1:

One can situate this story before the end of the season 1.

Sanctuary is pretty quiet for some days... rest is necessary for the team, except for Adam of course, who passes his time in his laboratory to look over and over again for a means to consolidate the mutations of his children. They already make days, no mission required their intervention and the inactivity begins to weigh them. They tried to take care of that, as much as possible, but since their entry within Mutant X, they were not used to remaining inactive.

A resonant signal sounds mightily through Sanctuary, a sort of alarm, indicating the arrival of an important communication. All members of Mutant X heads to the source of this signal, the computer of Adam. The first to arrive, in front of the computer, is Shalimar, who was in the dojo, training with the holograms that Adam had prepared for them. She is followed closely by Jesse and Brennan, who played together on the computers on the first floor. Adam and Emma arrive quickly, side by side. Emma decided to spend her free time to help Adam in his research. All faces are suddenly illuminated, to the perspective of a new mission.

While Adam strums on the keyboard to decrypt the message, the four young mutants prepare themselves behind him in order not to miss anything of the information, the curiosity devouring them. Adam needs some seconds to let the object of the alarm, a video, surely recorded in a cybercafé, showing a young woman and a child, appear. The first view doesn't allow Adam to understand what the young woman says, because the fear seems to distort her elocution. He must iron the strip several times, before all recording, but since the first second, he understood that a real danger watched these two people.

He turns around toward his troops, capable to see their enjoyable mood, in spite of the situation.

Adam: Good... I see that you didn't miss much of the message. I presume that you heard everything and that it is not necessary that I explain to you all... Very well. That will buy us some time. Her message was confused but there is a strong bet, that the people who are after her and her son, are the agents of Echkart... therefore caution is, as usual, appropriate. I think the GSA must be after the child, so there is a strong bet he is also a new mutant, as his mother.

Brennan: What makes you say she's a new mutant?

Adam: I am almost sure of it. I knew her a few years ago. It is an elementary type mutant, she can manipulate water.

Jesse: And you thinks that her son is also a new mutant... logical... but of what type? Do you have some information on the fact that she would have had a child?

Adam: No. And I wonder how Echkart is informed. From what she told us and what I succeeded to understand, the father would name himself Alan Ditch.

He strums some instants on his keyboard and the card of a new mutant of the name of Ditch Alan appears. He takes some seconds to browse this card.

Brennan: Here is the explanation! Ditch works or worked for the GSA! Echkart must keep his men under surveillance and won't have failed to learn that his muscleman had generated a new mutant...

Adam: You are probably right. Ditch is a mutant psionic. Two options are open up for the child then, he have inherited powers combined of his two parents, what would make him a powerful mutant, who the GSA could not fail to run, or he only have inherited the mutation of one of his parents, in this case, it could be elementary or psionic. In honesty, I would go for the first solution that would explain the mother's panic.

Emma: I already imagine why the GSA could make a mutant possessing two powers as powerful...

Adam: Unfortunately, me too. That is why; we are going to stop them getting their hands on Anna and his son.

Jesse: There is a way to get back to the source of this message; I am going to try to get it.

He rushes to his own console to make his research.

Brennan: I am going to prepare the double Helix for the departure.

He hurries to the garage.

Shalimar leaves, to change herself, to leave for the mission, her clothes of practice are sweaty and not suitable for the mission.

Ten minutes later, the team's five members are in the double Helix, ready to leave for the cyber café, where the young woman contacted them. They know that she must be of it more but it is their starting point to recover it. Some minutes of flight and Brennan puts the plane on the roof of a warehouse, close to an armhole of a coffee shop, after having taken care of making the plane invisible. Whereas they begin to come down from the roof, Shalimar discerns an emanation of blood and stops them in their speed. Her eyes take a golden colour and her pupils shrink to let a vertical crack only...

Shalimar: There is cold blood close to here. Very near.

She stretches her ear and discerns the suppressed screams as well as the noises of hurried steps, a lot of steps, and a lot of people.

Shalimar: I hear the world below us, they run in all directions and I also hear suppressed screams.

Adam: Ok, you could say that someone found exactly what they were looking for

Brennan: Let's go there! It is necessary to act quickly, when they are there and also the agents of the GSA, it can happen that they already put their hands on the woman and her son!

Adam: Yes, we should go there. Brennan you go in front of them, Shalimar you supervise the position of the agents in relation to ours, to warn in case of ambush. Emma, try to see if you manage to locate the woman, she must give out quite a lot of waves of fear...Jesse it is going to be necessary that you open a entry for us.

The team jumps in the direction indicated by Shalimar. Jesse glues himself at the wall before them that leads to the upper floor of the building. After a long inhalation, the wall himself dematerialize and Brennan followed by Shalimar, then Adam and finally Emma pass through, Jesse passes on his turn and loosen his breathing while removing his hand from the wall. This one "closes again" itself. Brennan is ready in case of attack, some sparks crackle at the end of his fingers. Shalimar had an orange gleam and the concentration is shown on her face while she advances to the steps of a wolf. Emma seems preoccupied; she discerns the confused waves coming from various places in the building.

Emma: It is strange but I don't manage to surround the source of what I feel... it is as if someone tried to scramble the tracks.

Adam: I think that it is the child... and in this case, he must, without the knowledge to possess big powers to succeed in being played of you.

Emma: Probably you are right. Unfortunately I can't help you then.

They spoke in a low voice but Shalimar knew that someone heard them... She discerns whispers down below.

Shalimar: Hush! Say nothing! No more noise! No more movement!

She holds her head to one side, to the look-out, some seconds.

Shalimar: They noticed us! Two men arrive before us...

She listens to even some seconds

Shalimar: And three men are behind us!

She didn't finish her sentence because a sheaf of spark collapses to their feet quickly.

Agent1: Well, well, well... look who's here?

A carnivorous smile is now shown on the agent's face that knows that he has business.

Adam makes a sign to Jesse to prepare their pulling back, while getting them through the wall to come out again, but another agent appears then on their right, then another to their left. They are surrounded.

Agent1: I believe that we are going to collect a beautiful reward for the boys! Not only are we bringing back the woman and the child but as a bonus the team of Mutant X as well! And to crown it all, Adam Kane in person, made us the honour of his presence.

He waives to his men, equipped with tasers, advances slowly but surely in circle around Adam's team. Brennan is the first to react; he creates a ball of electricity in a hand and sends it toward the nearest agent, sending him some meters further away. Then all accelerates to a dizzy speed, the four mutants remain grouped a time, around Adam to protect him, but their difference in number obliges them to move, to separate to fight efficiently. Shalimar jumps over her adversaries and these meet, sandwiched, between her and the rest of the team members.

Jesse remains owing Adam even some instant to stop the attacks of a new mutant, before hitting it toughly by his solidified fist, also sending it him for the account.

Shalimar passes to the attack, pushing her adversaries to move back to Brennan puts one of it to the ground while electrocuting him.

As for Emma, she is in charge of the agent that wanted to be zealous, attacking them on the forehead... She sends him a powerful psychic discharge that makes him lose touch in the reality. The agents fell down one after the other under the physical, psychic and electric strokes of the team of Mutant X.

Shalimar oversees the situation turns into good hands, change over the rail and lands to the lower floor where she discovers the agents of the GSA that detain Anna and her son.

She perceives that the young woman is wounded and recognizes the blood that she felt earlier. The child curled up all against her; she can read the fright, which is written on his innocent face. The anger boils up in her while seeing and feeling the fear and the pain of this mutant and her son. Her eyes take their orange colour whereas she approaches of them like a cat of its prey. Absorbed by her objective, she doesn't see the 6 men of Echkart who go in the building, to reinforce the troop. She is near of the one that detains Anna and unhook him by surprise with a kick in the jaw. This one doesn't have the time to use his weapon nor even his power and meet the ground, cashing a rain of stroke of the feline that doesn't control her anger anymore. She meets suddenly in air, a grasp of iron enclosing her by the throat. A hostile agent surprised her and now held nearly over her 1 m to the soil, stopping her from breathing. She meets his face very close, feels his disgusting breath to slip on her skin.


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