Title: "Mortal Visions"

Author: ShadowFox (Shado-Fox)

Disclaimer: Not mine.

A special thanks to Garfieldlady for helping me to translate my fanfiction from French to English.

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Chapter 13

The following morning, Brennan fell asleep again in the armchair and this time nothing disturbs his sleep. The first who comes back to the laboratory is Adam who came to verify Shalimar's state.

He hits on the shoulder of Brennan to wake him up and he approaches the young woman to check up on her. Brennan raises the head and blinks his eyes to dissipate the mists of the sleep.

Brennan: Adam? What time is it?

Adam: It's still early; you should be going to finish your night in your bed. I am going to change the bandaging of Shalimar.

Brennan: No, it's good I am awake. I am going to stay to help you.

He rises while rolling his aching shoulder by the uncomfortable position in which he fell asleep.

Adam bends over to Shalimar's face and examines the traces let by the small wounds that spangled it last night, they nearly disappeared… The bandaging to the head seems to have moved and it astonishes him a little, he takes the cover down and look at the one that girds on her chest and immobilize her arm, it seems also relaxed….

Adam: It's necessary that I redo her bandaging; you would say that she was agitated.

Brennan: Yes, I forgot to tell you. This night, I had dozed and I heard whining, when I woke up, she was agitated enough and some tears sank her lids… she calmed down quickly when I approached… I didn't want to wake you up.

Adam: The sedative doesn't help anymore; it's surely the pain that disrupted her. I am going to increase the doses of painkiller.

He unwinds the bandaging of the forehead and perceives that the wound bled again, it doesn't seem to absorb itself as quickly as the other, it's surely due to the fact that it is deep enough. While observing, his heart tightens itself while seeing the traces let by the tears of the young woman… he puts his hand tenderly in her hair, a gleam of compassion in the look. Just like last night, he takes off the used gauze and cleans the wound before redoing the bandaging. He verifies the pulse, steady and regular.

Adam: This injury will take more time that the rest to heal and will let some traces unfortunately… the rest disappears gradually.

Brennan: You did what you could do. She knows it.

He puts the hand on his mentor's shoulder to comfort him.

Adam: Now it's only a matter of time before she does wake up. I am going to try to analyse the sample that Jesse brought back from the Ditch.

He moves away towards his console and grabs the transparent bag containing the red powder sinks that Jesse took from the floor of the kitchen, the person's blood that entered by breaking in the house of the Ditch.

He opens the small bag and grabs a sort of flat spatula, takes a little powder and deposits it in the bottom of a tube to test; he adds a transparent liquid that dilutes then and hydrates the powder, creating a liquid colour blood. He starts to analyse. While doing the analyze, he calls Brennan.

Adam: Did you take care of the papers for Anna and her son?

Brennan: Yes, I took care of it yesterday; they should be ready in two or three days. I also made some arrangements for the father, when we find him. It will be necessary to get in contact with your friends to put them safe from the GSA with their new identity.

The deadened sounds arrive until in the mists of her brain… of the voices… she doesn't understand words but recognizes the stamps… Adam, Brennan… her head buzzes as if a swarm of bees had elected domicile in her skull… at the same time as the conscience, comes the pain… she doesn't manage to emerge and doesn't know where she is. The voices reach her as if her ears were filled of water. She wants to move but surrenders account that she doesn't get there, she is awake without indeed being. She wants to speak but no sound comes out of her mouth, she wants to open her eyes but she remains in the black, lost…

Adam and Brennan turn around all two suddenly while hearing a sort of grumbling mingled of moan. Brennan is the first to take the left hand of the young woman.

Brennan: Shal? Shal do you hear me?

She doesn't answer but he can feel the tension that crosses his hand. Behind her enclosed lids, her eyes speed up, rolling from right to the left, her dry lips half-open but there is only a net of breath that leaves from it, a moan that grinds the heart of Brennan…

Brennan: Shal, it's me Brennan, try it! Open your eyes…

Adam: Brennan, it's necessary to let her take the time to make surface, the painkillers that I injected to her are powerful and it will take some moments before emerging completely…

Brennan stays there, Shalimar's hand in his, the eyes nailed on her face, looking for a sign.

The sensation of heat in her hand… Brennan… she hears her voice and would like to answer to him but she misses the strength. She has the impression that the buzz in her head intensifies every time she concentrates to make surface. Does she try to shake her hand to make understand him than she is there… but why is she there? What happened… her memories are fuzzy and far away?

Brennan: I feel that she squeezes my hand. She hears me! Hey Shal!

He sees her lips moving and approach as near as possible to hear what she says. Her voice is only a whisper.

Shalimar: Bren…nan…

Brennan: Yes Shal! I am here! Come! Try to come back!

He caresses her one-handed face, still shaking her hand of the other.

Shalimar: My… head… It…hurts…

Adam: Shalimar, it's nothing… You are doing well…it's going to pass…

She tries to drive the pain that she is feeling, back in spite of the painkiller that Adam gave to her.

Brennan: Open your eyes Shal look at me,

The impatience pierces in Brennan's voice, seeing her like this is intolerable to him and he is not able to wait anymore to watch her come back. But the young woman still has her eyes closed, waiting for the nausea that threatens her calms itself, the effort that she must provide to speak is immense, her chest makes her suffer to every speech that she pronounces, she is out of breath.

Adam: Brennan!

Adam gives a look of warning to the young man to make him understand not to push her too quickly to make surface but he understands what he feels because he would also like to see her get back quickly.

Adam: Shalimar, I gave you some painkiller against the pain but I was not able to give you a lot because I need to know how you feel… do you understand?

Shalimar:I have… pain…

Adam: Yes I know Shal… Say me where it hurts. I need to know if you don't have any other aftermaths that those that I already took care of…

Shalimar hears but doesn't understand Adam says. She doesn't understand why she is in this state … suddenly like a flash; she remembers an explosion, the pain then the black…

Shalimar: The explosion…

Brennan: Yes shal, there was an explosion and you were very near, it is why you are here…

Shalimar tries to bring her hand to her head, to tempt to counter the buzzes but she cannot move her right arm, panic takes over her and she opens her eyes to see what holds her arm.

Adam sees panic enrolling on the features of her face and put his hand on her shoulder to reassure her.

Adam: It is nothing Shal, your shoulder has been dislocated and I needed to immobilize it.

He sees her blinking her eyes repeatedly, to direct her look towards him, to withdraw her left hand of the one of Brennan and bring it to her face…

Shalimar: Why… is…the…light…shutdown…?

Brennan and Adam look each other in the eyes, the fear and panic reading themselves at each of them…