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~~~~~~~~******~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 1 – First day

Harry Potter sighed a little nervously as he pulled the strap of his bag up further onto his shoulder. Students bustled around him as they spoke in loud happy groups, moving from lecture to lecture.

He lifted his gaze up further as he scaled the tall building with his eyes. A sign in a very medieval style of writing read "Hengehill University Of Witchcraft and Wizardry.' He had recently both graduated from Hogwarts and he had finally recovered from one of the greatest Wars known to Wizard kind, and now he found himself standing at the next step in his life.

Voldermort was dead, Harry was sure of it seeing as he had put himself into a two week coma to kill the Dark Lord. Apparently both Mrs Weasley and Remus Lupin had been at their wits ends when after 5 days He had still not woken. Ron and Hermione hadn't moved from his side as he lay unmoving and his heart flooded with warmth at the thought of their loyalty.

Which is also why this was so difficult. They were a Trio, always have and will be but now they faced different challenges apart. He himself was training to become an Auror and had three years of extra education ahead of him. Hermione was taking Ecological subjects in the same University but obviously she was taking different courses and Ron was taking a year out for now, not quite sure where he wanted to take his future studies.

Harry sighed once more and began walking towards the looming doorway.


Harry rested his chin in his palm as he softly tapped his Eagle Quill against his desk. The Lecturer was going over basic defence shields as it was an easy subject to introduce a new class and students to. He however had already covered most Auror training in preparation for the Second War. Harry found himself missing Ron even more as he thought about the childish sword fights or talks they would have in such a situation.

He ignored the continuous looks and whispers from fellow students as they realised that the young man in the third row from the front and five chairs in was the one who vanquished the Dark Lord. He let out a silent frustrated breath and slid his hands down his face in fatigue before turning his head back to the teacher.

His mind began to wonder and he turned to his left to look out the window, out to the brilliant reds and gold's of the autumn leaves in the courtyard when something else caught his eye.

A dark blonde-haired young man was alternatively looking between the Lecturer and scribbling down furious notes. This boy was, like Harry, sat alone. He looked a little closer and noted the other teenager's form and structure. Amber eyes read and re-read the notes in front of him as he thoughtfully chewed on the end of his quill. The hair hung in bangs that caused some of his face to be obstructed from view and Harry got the impression of someone hiding.

"Mr Potter, Whilst I understand that you do know a lot of this already I would appreciate it if you didn't stare at Mr Faolan."

Harry jerked suddenly at being caught and stared at the kindly man, Professor Mirna, who stood before the class and Harry gave him an apologetic grin.

"Sorry sir, I like watching the leaves fall." Some people chuckled and he wondered why because what he had said wasn't even that funny.

"Yes, well as I was saying, whilst Protego might be..." Harry found himself drifting again and he quickly caught a glance out of the corner of his eye at the boy. The one that Mirna had called Faolan was blushing lightly but he could very distinctly see a small smile from behind the curtain of hair.


Harry was beginning to feel incredibly lonely as he walked out into the brisk sunny day after his class. A bell rang in the distance and students were laughing and hanging out with friends all around him. He felt a little rejected as he walked, alone, down the gravely path and was about to cross the huge campus to go to Hermione's area of the building when he spotted someone sitting alone at one of the picnic benches...the boy from his class earlier!

The blonde was sat alone reading a book and Harry noted that no one seemed to try to make contact with him. Scratching his previous idea he hoisted his shoulder bag up further and made his way over to the boy. They were both alone anyway and it seemed a little daft for them both to be loners in the same class.

"Hey." He said and the boy, something Faolan, jerked suddenly and looked up at him startled. He then relaxed but Harry could see the traces of a blush rising to the pale cheeks.

"Hello." He answered and the black-haired man found himself smiling at the soft-spoken tone. It reminded him very much of how Remus and Dumbledore spoke, a kindly lilt to it but not patronising.

"You looked a little lonely over here so I came over to say hi as I don't really know anyone around here." Harry said and the blonde looked both startled and...hopeful? at these words. He held out his hand and the blonde looked at it, a little confused.

"My names Harry, Harry James Potter." He said pleasantly and his smile grew when the other teenager took his hand, his skin pink with a blush.

"Cara, m-my names Cara Adonis Faolan." He said quietly and again Harry got the feeling of someone either hiding or not used to being spoken to a lot.

"Nice name." Harry said with a kind smile and Cara returned a small one and looked down into his lap, as the smile grew a little. Harry found it all endearing as this boy seemed so shy and yet so happy someone was talking to him.

A second warning bell sounded in the distance and Cara looked up suddenly with a slightly panicked look and hurriedly started packing away.

"I-I missed the first bell, I'm going to be late." He said and stood, passing a confused Harry but then stopped and turned.

"It was n-nice meeting you." He stuttered and then he ran off again leaving Harry standing there with an amused smile on his face.


Harry threw his bag down onto the bed of his single dorm and swiftly followed with a theatrical groan. The room darkened from a red sunset to a light blue as he lay unmoving on top of the throw rug on his bed.

"Lumos," he whispered and the candles dotted around the room flickered to life casting a sea of oranges and reds across the walls. He surveyed his own room with weary eyes.

Books were stacked on shelves, propped up by various nit-bits and photo frames. A poster of a lunar chart was on one wall and was surrounded by different photographs. He smiled as he looked at one that was of himself, Hermione and Ron in a large hug and they were toppling over in hysterics.

Other photos were ones like a huge family portrait of himself and the Weasleys, Himself in Graduation robes with a proud Remus stood beside him with an arm slung over his shoulder and many of his class and dorm mates from Hogwarts.

His feeling of loneliness intensified and he sighed. Suddenly he sat up as he remembered the mobile phones he and Hermione had. Sometime during the summer they realised they may not see one another as much and so bought some muggle mobile phones and modified them so that they worked off magick rather then batteries.

He quickly pulled it out from his draw of the bedside cabinet and speed dialled his best friend. It rang a few times until finally....

("Hello?") Came Hermione's voice and Harry grinned widely.

"Hello trouble, what you doing?"

("Oh My God Harry, Hi!") Hermione's voice instantly picked up and he laughed.

"Hi you daft sod. How was your first day?"

("Ugh, boring as hell without you guys, I miss you both.") She moaned.

"Tell me about it, no one there to stop me from staring out of the window." He chuckled and she gave a mock disapproving gasp.

("Harry Potter, really, concentrate.") She tutted and he found himself laughing again.

"Yeah well, you were sorely missed too."

("Aww thank you, aren't you lovely.") She cooed. He chuckled again and shook his head amused.

"So did you make any friends?"

("Oh yeah I made a friend and study buddy. Her names Regan and she is really nice, a little excitable but it's contagious.") She laughed and Harry joined in. ("Plus she joined S.P.E.W")

"Ah a match made in heaven." He laughed again when he heard a muffled 'oh be quiet'.

("What about you? Any friends for the infamous hero?")

"Don't call me that Hermione," He moaned and she laughed evilly, "I don't know, I think I made a friend."

("...You think you made a friend. How does that work?")

"Well there was this guy who was like really quite and seemed a little on his own like me so I went over and said hi which he returned and everything, but he had to run off. I don't know, it was weird but he was really nice...a little shy but..."

("Hmm, well talk to him again. You said he seemed shy but maybe he's just not used being addressed a lot.")

"True true. So you still up for Saturday, you me and Ron?" He said and bounced a little excitedly on his bed.

("Hell yeah, I ain't missing out on a day of the Golden Trio...Golden Trio? Who even came up with that?") She laughed and Harry shook his head again amusedly.

"I blame the messed up Malfoy, he was sad enough to sit in his room and invent 'Weasley is our king' so I wouldn't put this past him."

Hermione laughed and then stopped. Harry could hear a muffled voice and then Hermione's away from the phone before it came back again.

("I'm sorry Harry but I've got to go, apparently I'm late for a study group. Speak to you later?")

"'Course Hermione, Catch you later, Losers say what?"

("What...Oh Harry, you suck!") They both laughed loudly.

"Bye, love you little bit."

"Love you too big brother, bye." The phone clicked dead and Harry pulled his away from his ear and clicked it off. He felt better know he had heard a friendly voice but now he was alone again and so he settled for reading over some of the text books he'd received from his classes today.