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Chapter 22 – Epilogue; Autumn Leaves

"And you're sure you're ok?" Harry said as he hugged Remus again at the door.

"Yes, I'm the adult let me worry about you." The tawny-haired man laughed as he turned to hug a sniggering Cara.

"Call us anytime, Harry showed you how to use the phone right?"

"Yes, I think I've got the jist of it, thank you both again." The older man walked them both to the car as they gave him one final hug before climbing in.

"Well be back for the next moon." The animagi said as he stuck his head out the window to speak to Remus. Resting a hand on top of the Corsa roof the aged werewolf nodded and smiled at them both.

"See you soon, have a safe journey." He tapped the roof once as they started the engine, waving as they pulled away. He waved a few times before the car turned the corner and out of sight. Crossing his arms over his chest he smiled for a few more minutes wistfully then turned to open his gate and make his way back into his house.


Cara had opened the window and was currently smiling with his eyes closed as the wind whipped his blonde hair around his face. Harry would smile over at him every now and again as a little laugh would escape the werewolf's lips at regular intervals.

"You're like a big kid sometimes." The animagi chuckled as Cara looked over at him with a twinkle in his eye.

"I'm in a good place in my life, that's all." Winking he looked back out the window as a little girl in a car opposite waved. He waved back and the two began pulling faces at one another making Harry laugh uproariously.

"Definitely a big kid."

Cara winked at him as he turned back to the open window. He watched the cars zip by when suddenly something fluttered into the car. It landed on Harry's arm and the werewolf picked it off to examine it. It was a small yellow maple leaf that had touches of red and brown dotted about on its face. Twirling the stem a little between his thumb and index finger he stuck his hand out of the window where he realised it to fly in the wind again.


Harry was returning the car to the rental company as Cara threw his bag into the corner of his room before collapsing onto his bed with a happy moan.

He lay, arms spread, staring up at the ceiling with a serene smile gracing his lips. So much had happened in the past 3 months that he lay silently as he pawed through all his recent memories.

When he had first come to Hengehill he had come to prove a point, although he had a feeling it would fail due to his lack of social contact and shyness. He'd wanted to show the world that a werewolf could make it in this New World, even if he was only allowed a desk job.

Then Harry had come into his life. He'd walked over to him with a kind smile on his face and a hand held out in friendship, so kind that Cara couldn't bring himself to shy away like before. This was the boy who had been staring at him curiously in their first lesson and for once the blonde had felt mildly attractive.

Slowly building a friendship with the raven-haired man he'd caught himself falling in love and he felt like bursting with happiness when Harry, despite knowing Cara's condition, had reciprocated his feelings, admitting himself that he too had been falling in love.

A whirlwind had happened then after 18 years of being alone. He'd been invited into his falling angel's family, shown love of all kinds. Platonic, motherly and that of a soul mates.

He'd been shown the gentlest form of love physically and the lengths Harry was willing to go to prove his own for the werewolf.

The door rattled as the animagi opened it causing Cara to bounce up off his bed. Smiling he hugged his momentarily shocked boyfriend until it was returned with a small laugh.

"And what's that for?" The darker male chuckled as he kissed the blonde's forehead.

"For being you."


The two teenage men hurriedly straightened their shirts as they made their way over to the table where Hermione and Ron were sat.

"Glad you two decided to join us...45 minutes late." Hermione arched an eyebrow unimpressed. The two blushed much to Ron's amusement.

"Sorry Cara's insatiable." Harry chuckled as he recalled the strenuous activities. The werewolf slapped his arm as he gave a gasp.


"What! You are!" The two laughed as the blonde picked up a nearby breadstick and started a sword-fight with his lover, Ron laughing harder.

"You two, behave! We're in a public place." Hermione reached over and snapped both their breadsticks resulting in Ron practically falling off his chair in fits of laughter.

"Sorry Hermione." Cara mumbled as he looked into his lap, trying to hide his smirk.

"Yeah, sorry Herm's." Harry muttered as his boyfriend attempted to cover his laugh up with a cough.

"Oh stop it, I feel like McGonagoll." She said as Ron and Harry both coughed suspiciously.

"Look like her too." The red head coughed at which point he was severely knocked around the head by another breadstick.

"Seriously you boys are impossible." The girl said as the other laughed.

"Really, we're sorry Hermione." Cara said as he wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes.

"Well that's alright. How was your weekend away?"

The two lovers turned to look at one another thoughtfully. Taking the black- haired boy's hand the werewolf gave it a brief squeeze. The night had been so beautifully emotional, a family coming together and a pack was formed. To describe it out loud almost seemed to taint it.

"It was...enlightening." The blonde said wistfully as Harry gave his hand a light squeeze back.

"I think we've really giving Remus a new start in life." He said as a waitress dropped off some drinks Ron had ordered. Picking up his drink, Ron raised it.

"To new beginnings." He said happily. Smiling the other three raised their glasses.

"To new beginnings." They chorused as they clinked the glasses together and sipped then in honour of the pledge, Harry catching the amber eye's of Cara with a smile.


The candles burned lower painting the room in flickers of red and oranges. Clothes made a trail to the bed where the sheets lay tangled around the two resting forms as they recovered from the adrenaline and ecstasy still running throughout their bodies.

Lying with his head on Harry's chest Cara breathed erratically as he calmed his shaking limbs. Lifting his head a little he found his mate with his eyes closed, inhaling and exhaling slowly to relax himself.

"Harry?" The werewolf whispered causing the animagi to open his eyes and smile at him blearily.


Biting his lip lightly the blonde splayed out his fingers as he rested it on the rising and falling chest, observing the two tones of their bodies. Olive and murky cream.

"When...when you saw that lonely quiet boy in your class a few months ago...what were you thinking?"

Looking back up to his mate's face Cara found the raven-haired man looking at him thoughtfully as he trailed gentle fingers through the gold hair of his boyfriend.

"I...I thought of autumn... Autumn is silent; autumn is the forgotten season. It is the most enchanting with leaves dancing in a downfall of gold and red like a sea of fire. It is a passionate fire and yet it does not burn those brave enough to dance in its harmless flames of auburn. Autumn never cares when people wish for winter or summer, simply politely shrugs off the insults from the people that are to impatient for Christmas."

Cara sat up slowly as he continued to watch Harry, the wolf animagi smiling as he stroked the pale cheek.

"Autumn, when looked at in the right way, is beautiful. If you stop and stand amongst the twirling leaves you will feel an embrace of such love that it consumes your soul...but you don't care because you trust autumn, just like it trusts you. Autumn carries a sad secret of pain and death but still it glows, untainted by the darkness and instead it embraces all the colours..."

Leaning forward Harry placed his face to rest within an inch of Cara's.

"...When I saw that lonely boy in my class I thought of autumn...And I thought about how much you reminded me of it."

Amber met Green, then two sets of lips met in a searing kiss driven by love.


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