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"Now, let's try this again," Sawyer said to Skinner, as the invisible thief picked up a pistol. Ever since he'd had his dream about Allan and Jonathan, Sawyer had begun to train the League in a few extra combat skills just to make sure.

He'd managed to persuade Jekyll to create a few extra phials of his serum for Sawyer, Nemo, Hartdegen and Skinner; in the event of facing something even stronger than Hyde, whichever League member was the least helpful at present would drink the serum and release their own dark side. It was a risk, but Sawyer felt it would be worth it.

He was also seeing about training Jekyll, Skinner and Mina in the art of shooting if the need ever arose. At present, Mina was the best shot out of all of them; Jekyll was unable to hold the gun steady long enough to get a shot off, and Skinner just couldn't seem to hit his target at all.

"Skinner, you've got to remember the three parts of the lesson, OK?" Sawyer said, standing behind Skinner as the self-styled gentleman thief levelled his pistol at the target. Currently it had on it the picture of a Martian; a fairly complex thing to add, but Terry had managed to make an expert sketch of it. His photographic memory made him a highly accomplished artist, and the lessons that Hartdegen and Sawyer had given him had only improved his natural talent (If such a term could be applied to a machine).

"Remind me what they were again?" Skinner asked, as he stared at the target. At least, Sawyer assumed he was staring at the target; even with his cream on, it was still impossible to see what Skinner's eyes were focusing on no matter what.

"One; aim," Sawyer said. He briefly found himself remembering his one and only shooting lesson from Quartermain, all those long months ago. "Two; allow for wind target movement. Three; feel the shot."

He stood back, and watched as Skinner stared down the pistol at the Martian picture. He knew that Skinner was finding it easy to obey the first two parts of his lessons, but when it came down to feeling the shot, he just couldn't do it.

A few seconds passed, and Skinner fired.

The bullet lodged itself in the leg of the Martian ship.

"Oops?" Skinner said sheepishly, glancing over at Sawyer as he spoke.

Sawyer groaned, and snatched his pistol out of Skinner's hands before turning around and walking out of the room, the invisible man hot on his heels. "Look, Skinner, if you don't slow down a bit, we're never going to get anywhere with this, OK?" he said, as they turned a corner and began to walk aimlessly through the ship's corridors. "I'm not asking you to be capable of replacing me in shooting, OK? I'm just asking you to be a bit better than you are now."

Which isn't too difficult, Sawyer thought to himself. Skinner may have been good at hand-to-hand, but stick a gun in his hands and you were lucky if he didn't shoot his own foot.

Just as that thought passed through his mind, he turned a corner and almost bumped right into Hartdegen.

"Oh, sorry about that," he said, stopping to talk to his friend.

"No need, it was me really," Hartdegen replied assuringly. "Anyway, I was asked by Nemo to find you; we're getting a call from America for you."

"Really?" Sawyer said, smiling slightly. It was only a small smile, because he didn't feel like breaking into a full one yet; America still held too many bad memories for him. Ever since the Fantom- Moriarty, Sawyer reminded himself. Not the Fantom, his name was James Moriarty- had shot Huckleberry Finn...

Sawyer broke off that train of thought. There was no point in dwelling on the past, he chided himself. You had to look to tomorrow. What had he once told Mina? 'Tomorrow's where I live and breathe'?

He couldn't start going against his own advice. Besides, he should go back to America soon; he'd been avoiding the place for too long. Even when they'd been dropping off the radio with the Government, he hadn't gone himself; he'd asked Hartdegen and Jekyll to do it.

"Where should I go?" he asked Hartdegen.

"The control room," Hartdegen replied.

"Right," Sawyer said, glancing back at Skinner. "Just drop the pistol off in the weapons locker, and then do what you want. I'll call you if I need you."

Then he tore off down the corridor, heading for the stairs that led to the main control room.

Skinner glanced over at Hartdegen and shrugged.

"The strain of leadership, eh?" he said to Hartdegen.

"It isn't much of a strain for him," Hartdegen said, looking at the rapidly shrinking form of Sawyer at the end of the corridor. "In fact, I sometimes think that he was born to lead us."

"Yeah, maybe," Skinner said, shrugging. "Me, I sometimes wonder if I'm doing what I'm meant to do in my life."

"You've saved many people, Skinner," Hartdegen said, looking over at the invisible man as they began to walk towards the weapons storage. "I think you're using your powers the way they should be used."

"But is it what I was meant to do?" Skinner asked. "I dunno, sometimes I feel like I'm just tagging along because there's nowhere else I fit in but with you guys."

Hartdegen couldn't answer that. He just kept on walking with Skinner towards the weapons room.


After a few minutes of walking through the corridors of the Nautilus, Sawyer finally reached the ship's control room. It was completely deserted except for Nemo, who was standing at the wheel staring at the vast ocean in front of him.

He glanced back as he heard Sawyer enter the room. "Ah, you're here," he said, nodding at the young American whom he was already starting to respect as an equal, if not a superior.

"Yeah, well, you never call me unless it's important," Sawyer replied. "So, what gives?"

"A few moments ago, we received a call from an agent of the American Secret Service," Nemo explained, as he turned back to the main wheel while Tom listened beside him. "He called himself Jim, and claimed to be an old friend of yours." He looked over at Sawyer inquiringly.

"Yeah, he's a friend of mine," Sawyer replied. "He used to be a slave, but me and my friend Huckleberry Finn managed to arrange to get him free and work with us. What was his message?"

"There are some unusual goings-on in your old home town of Missouri, apparently," Nemo explained, as he continued to navigate the Nautilus through the massive ocean. "Various minor crimes are being committed; thefts, assaults..." He paused briefly before continuing. "Rape."

Sawyer barely managed to stifle an outburst; that wouldn't achieve anything right now. He then asked the one question he needed to know the answer to. "Anyone hurt that I know personally?"

"No," Nemo replied. "Mr Jim included that information in his message. Your aunt -her name is Polly, I believe-, and Becky Thatcher are both unharmed. However, they are concerned about a recent event that occurred to them both."

"Which is?" Sawyer asked.

"Miss Thatcher was visiting your aunt's house, to see how she was coping by herself," Nemo explained, as he picked up a nearby sheet of paper and briefly ran his eyes over it. "As Miss Thatcher was leaving, one of the gang members broke into your house through the window and forced them to get down on the ground while wielding a gun. He told them to, and Jim is quoting exactly, 'Inform Thomas Sawyer that he who was betrayed has returned, and wishes to face him. Once he comes, he must fight the Piranhas, and the Shark. If he can.'" Nemo put the paper back down on the shelf beside him. "Once that had been said, the man fired his pistol at the two women, but his bullets missed them by only a few inches, and is believed to have been done as an intimidation tactic. He then left the room by the window, leaving the two of them very shaken, but otherwise unharmed. Miss Thatcher then proceeded to contact Mr Jim, who contacted us." He looked over at Sawyer, waiting for his reaction.

Sawyer nodded grimly. "Nemo, get us going to Missouri. We have a crime gang to take down."

Nemo nodded. He turned back to the Nautilus's wheel and began to turn it.

As the massive submarine began to make its way towards America, Sawyer stared at the piece of paper lying on the shelf.

"Something wrong, Tom?" a voice said from behind him. Turning around, Sawyer saw Mina standing behind him, looking as radiant as ever.

"Nothing much, Mina," he replied, sighing. He stared down at his right hand and flexed his fingers. "It might even be good for me to see them again..."

He looked up at her, and gave her a small smile. "We're going to Missouri."