After the defeat of Voldemort, Harry can't get over the fact that almost all his friends have died... And that it was Dumbledore's faith in Severus Snape that caused it. The death of his girlfriend, Ginny, makes him feign his own death to the Magical World and work as a bus driver – but then something unexpected happens...

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Harry stared at the letter, so familiar to him with its emerald green ink. It wasn't that he hadn't thought about the possibility that his children would be magical over the years, but he hadn't thought about it recently, and now the letter came as a total surprise.

What should he do? He pondered the idea of destroying the letter, as Uncle Vernon once had with his own, but almost immediately dismissed the thought. He could never deprive his own child of the choice of entering the Magical World... No, he would have to give John the letter. He looked at it once again. It said, 'To Mr John Evans; Room at the Top; 4, Church Lane; Spiffing Amberton, Cambridgeshire.'

The memories evoked by this letter were still painful, Harry noticed. It made him think of things he had avoided for years, and, obviously, never come to terms with. The worst bit was thinking of Hermione and Ron, and, of course, Ginny, who had become his girlfriend only shortly before. Their deaths had been among the most meaningless of all, having occurred after the fall of Voldemort, at the hand of some of his Death Eaters who had still been at large.

That was what had ultimately led to Harry abandoning the Magical World. With none of his best friends left, and many of his dearest teachers, such as Dumbledore and McGonagall, gone too, he had felt that it was a relief to talk to people who knew nothing of this. And he could only do that in the Muggle World.

It had been his intention to take a short break only from the Magical World, but then his life as a muggle had become routine; he had put away all his magical things in the attic and even fallen in love (or thought he had) with a muggle woman, Cordelia Jones. They had married, and the thought of re-entering the Magical World had become even remoter than before. He was happy, in a way, and his two children were a source of immense joy to him. He had changed his surname to Evans, which had been his mother's maiden name, when he first entered the Muggle World, and he had kept it in order to make himself more difficult to find for those from the Magical World who might want to do so.

But then Cordelia had left him, when the children were seven and nine years old, to go to her e-mail lover in Peru. For all Harry knew, she might have been murdered on the Macchu Pichu trail, because he had never heard from her since. Luckily, she had left the children with him.

And now John had got his letter. He wasn't home right now, he was at a friend's house, but Harry would give it to him as soon as he came back. He didn't know whether to be happy that John wasn't a squib, or sad that he would now, once again, have to come in contact with the Magical World.

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