Note: There's a thing on "livejournal" called "svdodecals." Smallville challenges are posted from time to time, and people write little 144-word stories answering the challenges. Remember last summer, when Clark had run off to Metropolis with the Red Kryptonite ring, and Lex's plane was crashing, and Chloe had signed on to be Lionel Luthor's spy? I wrote twenty dodecals, matching the first twenty challenges they posed there. Put together in the right order, they made a story.

[Challenge #12 (possible spoilers for "Exodus")

Clark discovers that Lex is in peril. Describe his reaction and, if you like, subsequent reaction.]

Riding a motorcycle sure made your ass feel weird. Heh. Ass.

Bo (for Bovine - heh) would be pissed when he found the hog missing. Clark left it and took a walk.

Metropolitans looked, and he looked back. They sure do grow 'em pretty in the city. He saw a newsstand. "Luthor Heir Lost at Sea: New Widow Devastated"

That skank.


"Hey, Helen. Where's Lex?"

"Clark. Oh, my God."

"That's right. Where's Lex?"

"I'm so sorry. He didn't...."

"Saw this on TV once." Funny little pop when a finger dislocates. Funny little scream. "Where's Lex?"

"Please, Clark, oh my God..."

"We covered that." Pop. Scream. Heh. "Where's Lex?"


Even a warm ocean was too damn cold after sixteen hours.

Suddenly a big wet farmboy hauled up onto the wreckage, shedding water like a Labrador.

"Clark. Oh, my God."

Brilliant smile. "That's right."