[A new dodecal challenge (#8):

Lex invites Clark to go with him to a night club in Metropolis. Jonathan tells Clark he can't go. What does Clark do?]

Jonathan couldn't miss the way Clark's face brightened when he saw Lex waiting for him.

"Did you ask?"

"I was just about to. Mr. Kent, now that Clark's allowed to go out again, I wondered if I could take him into Metropolis to a club I know. Next Friday's Halloween; they'll be having a Teen Night. No alcohol, just music and dancing. I thought we...."


"Mr. Kent, I assure you...."


Clark was looking at the ground again.

Much to Jonathan's own surprise, he said, "Here's what you can do instead. Movies. Grandville. Home by eleven."

Jonathan remembered something Mrs. Potter used to shout from the porch when he'd come to pick up Nell.

"Don't anybody get pregnant!" he called.

Martha's eyes went wide; Clark blushed beet-red and hauled Lex away to the car; even Lex's ears got pink.

Heh heh heh.