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Sometimes there are things in life that not even the most well educated scholars of our time would be able to decipher. Like why murder's roam free on the streets of every city and every town, killing at will and yet there still remains no retribution for there actions. But every second innocent children will die of disease or be left alone to survive in the harsh world that we created for them. Where is the compassion that we once had, where is the sympathy and guilt?

It has been buried beneath the cruel harshness of reality. Beaten down to nothing more than a tiny spot in the back of our hearts that hold onto everything good that had once been there. I don't know about you. But in the world I live in, as quickly as you learn to speak, you learn to take in what happiness you can and shield your eyes from everything that you do not wish to see.

Those who are born privileged, are lucky. They live in large extravagant houses and wear expensive clothing. There children will never know the disappointment of being denied anything. But nor will they ever have the satisfaction of earning a living for themselves. It is people like that, that make life worse for the majority of the underprivileged society that is New York City.

I cannot tell you why society is the way that it is. For I do not rightly know myself. In my eyes everything happens for a reason. You just live your life from day to day, waiting to see what fate has in store for you. As far as I am concerned my life is like a story book, once a chapter is over I flip the page and begin anew.

Every new day there awaits new challenges and new experiences. Some are good and others, well not so good. But I take them as they come. I hold on to nothing because there is nothing worth losing my faith. It is all that I have to keep me moving on.

Because you see, the story of my life may be just a tad bit different than your average tale. For I have had the chance to see the world like very few people have had the chance to. I have felt the joy and the hardships that come from both sides of society. I have walked the path of the average women and I am all the better for it. But I have also had to face the brutal truth of reality and the loneliness that comes from being stuck in the middle of war that will never end.

I do not deny that my life was hard, sometimes harder than most. There were times when I just wanted to throw my hands in the air and succumb to my grief. For I had been so battered and broken that I couldn't even recognize the person that I had once been. But if I had the chance to go back in time and do everything differently…I wouldn't change a thing.

The main part of my story began just as any other…

I had grown up in a rather large house in the outskirts of Manhattan. My father was a well renowned judge at the courthouse in town and made a respectable amount of money. So for sixteen years of my life I had been given nothing but the best. In the minds of everyone who spoke of my name, I was nothing but a spoiled, selfish young women who took savior in my fathers money. But what they didn't know was that money was the farthest thing from my savior. They were rather steel bars that trapped me in the cage that was my life. All I wanted was to break free from the insufferable chains that society had placed upon my wrists.

When I was seventeen my mother thought it best to send me to a finishing school in the heart of town, where they took young girls and turned them into women. In my heart I knew that I was every bit of a woman that my mother was not. But in her eyes I needed polishing, the icing to top the cake that she had been shaping for years. All I wanted was someone to look at me and appreciate everything I gave to there world. Not to tell me that I wasn't good enough.

Up until that day I had never literally lifted a finger for anything that I needed. But somehow I felt as if I had been working my entire existence, fighting a battle that I would never win. So in a desperate attempt to gain my mothers approval I did not decline the offer to attend this finishing school. Where I would be polished into the perfect women, wife and daughter that they had always wanted me to be. In return, it would throw me head first into a rush of emotions that I wasn't sure I was ready to face just yet.

A new chapter of my life was beginning and it would start a downfall of events that would change my world forever. It would beat on the blockade that I had placed around my very soul, shielding my vulnerable heart from the pain of reality. But nothing would have prepared me for what was about to occur.

My father had always told me to never let the heat of the flame get to close or it would burn me. So I promised my heart that I would refrain from getting emotionally attached to anything or anyone. But little did I know that I would find the fire in the heart of a young man who was the farthest thing from normal and the biggest challenge I would have to overcome in order to finally, truly be finished.