Well I decided to post up one new chapter with just thank-you's to everyone who finished my story. Here they are…

long and winding road- Hey! I can't say enough how happy you make me when I read your reviews. No matter what, you have always been so kind and said such wonderful things. I know I said it all the time, but reviewers like you are the ones that make me really love writing. I am so happy that you finished my story and wasn't to disappointed with the ending. I know it wasn't exactly a happy one, but who knows what I have planned for the future… I hope that you keep reading my stories (when I get a new one posted) and enjoy them as much as you liked this one. Lol And I am glad you decided to read it again. Although now that I read over it myself, I see SO many mistakes that I will have to correct in the future. But I will get around to that later. Thank you again!

Swimade333- Aww, I am sorry that I made you cry with the ending to this story. I know that its supposedly a good thing, but I hate to make people cry. That's why I don't understand why I tend to write sad stories. Oh well! Anyway, thank you so much for continuing to read my story. You have stuck with me for awhile and I cant tell you how happy that made me. You gave me good advice when I needed it and helped me to write a better story. I hope that you will enjoy my future stories, but I don't know if I can compete with this one. I hope that I will only get better. I just wanted to say thanks again, your kind comments have helped me to finally finish this story!

Elyse- HI! I am so happy when I get new reviewers. You are so nice and I really appreciate all of your compliments. I am so happy that you liked my story. To tell you the truth I am extremely shocked that so many people loved it as much as they did. Because now that I read over it, I have found so many stupid mistakes, mainly in the beginning chapters, that I don't know how so many people actually wanted to continue reading it. But I have always been really critical of my work. So I will just try and listen to other peoples opinions. Well, I am really happy that you liked the ending. I know it was sad but if you read any of my other newsie things. I tend to write sad stories for some reason. I don't know why because I am a really happy person. But I guess that's just what I'm good at. Yeah I did enjoy the relationship that Racetrack and Doll shared and I debating a lot on whether or not I should make them get together. But I decided that it would be more interesting and dramatic with Spot. Actually I have always been thinking about whether I would be making a sequel or not. Yet if I do, it wont be for a little. I was kind of relieved when this story was over because I could finally work on other things. Well thanks again for all of your wonderful compliments.

splashey- Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I can't seem to say it enough. Not matter how horrible I though a chapter was, you would always be there to say something nice and make me feel less sad about how bad I had been slacking off. You have been one of my oldest reviewers and never once have you said anything bad. I don't know what I would do without you guys there to keep me motivated. When I first started this story I really doubted that I would actually finish it. Because I had started a few other stories before that and they didn't turn out the best. I hope that now, this will give me motivation to actually start and finish another story. I have been writing short stories in my spare time and people seem to enjoy them a lot. So that helps me to. I don't know when I will be coming out with another chapter, newsie fic. But I have a good idea in my head and I will probably start writing it soon. I remember back when I only had one chapter posted and only a few reviews. I never thought that I would actually make it of to 260 reviews. That is crazy to me. Thank you so much your reviews meant a lot!

CandyMoon- Hey, I am so happy that you decided to read my story. I know if was a sad ending but I tend to write sad stories. Not every tale has a happy ending even though we want them to. Don't worry though, I may actually write a sequel but I don't know when it will come out. I have been thinking about it ever since I started getting towards the end of my story. Well thank you for taking the time to read it and I hope that you will enjoy my future stories to come.

Hopscotch and Link- Hey! Thank you so much! Your wonderful comments and compliments mean the world to me. You have helped me continue writing through a lot of tough times when I thought that I would stop. Don't worry, I don't care that you asked me to read your story. I love it and think you are wonderful writers. I know that I don't give great advice on how to improve things. I never was giving good help, I think I am better at taking advice, than giving it. I really do enjoy you story so much and I know that I haven't reviewed but that was because my computer was being stupid for awhile. I have continued reading it though and I really enjoy it a lot. I can't seem to understand why you don't get any reviews. I promise that I will try harder to think of ways to get more people to read you story and I will let you know soon. Thanks again, you guys are great!

koodles4you- You are such a sweet person and no matter what you have always said such nice things. I am very good at taking constructive criticism, but just like anyone, nice comments like yours really helped me to want to continue writing. There were a few people who just stuck by me and you guys were the reasons that I updated every week that I could. Because I hated to make you wait and I was afraid that if I took a break that I would loose faith and stop writing. I tended to do that with my other stores. I am extremely pleased that my readers didn't take the sad ending as bad as I thought you guys would. Actually a lot of people have told me that it was a good ending. I am one of those people that don't believe every story should end with a 'Happily Ever After' not matter how much I want it to. But I will give you some good news, I am debating on whether or not to write a sequel. If I do, it wont be for a little while. Because I want to get a few more things finished before I start another story. Thank you again for being such a wonderful reviewer and sticking with my story.

trucalifornian- I love how you are always so positive and enthusiastic. I wish everybody would be more like you when they review. I am so glad that you like the ending. I say this to everyone, but I was really, really worried that my readers wouldn't like it and get made at me. Because I always do tend to write sad stories. I will try and not make the next story I write, depressing. But I think the reason that I made Doll leave at the end was because I like to do things that people don't expect and with most fan fictions, they always end happy. So I decided to have her leave at the end. Because that's just how real life is, not everything ends happy. But I am so glad that you like it and I just had to make another page dedicated to saying that you to everyone who has stuck by me. I hope that you will continue reading my stories.

The Good Girl- Thank you, your last review meant a lot to me. I love writing and I have always been so hard on myself when it came to complimenting my own work. Everyone tells me that I am such a good writer but I never seem to see it, until someone points it out. Even then its really difficult. Because I see all of the mistakes that I make. But I am also an extreme perfectionist, so unless it truly perfect, I will think there's something wrong. But I think that it is something that I need to get over, I mean I am only in 11th grade in high school. Nothing that I write will be perfect. I am horrible at spelling and I tend to write what's going on in my head, whether it makes sense or not. But you are so nice and I am really, really happy that you liked the ending to my story. I hope that you will continue to read my stories in the future and give me advice on how to improve my work. Your wonderful comments meant so much to me and I am happy that I finished the story. I think I did it more for my readers, than for myself.

Dimonah Tralon- No matter what, you have stuck by my story for so long. I loved knowing that I had such wonderful readers who not matter what would read my story every week. Your opinions are what kept me writing. I don't think this story ever would have gotten finished if it wasn't for reviewers like you. I am so incredibly happy that you liked the ending and thanks for all of the advice that you gave me during the beginning. I really do hope that you continue reading my work and please let me know what you think. Thanks again!

C.M. Higgins- I put you last on purpose. Because I knew that yours would be the longest. Out of all my reviewers you have been the one person who really kept me writing this story. I am so happy when we finally became friends and I am truly grateful for your help. You sit there all the time and help me out with so many things that are going on in my life and not matter what, you never say anything bad. I really do cherish your help and I don't know what I would do without you. You are always there to talk when nobody else is. I know that we don't know each other personally (we live like a state apart) but I really consider you one of my really great friends. I thought it was funny how I would always have you read my chapters first and tell me what you thought. Just getting your reaction was worth writing it. No matter what, you were always one of the first people to review every chapter and give me confidence that other people would like it as well. I also think that you are such a wonderful writer yourself and I can't wait to see what you have in store. No matter what I know that it will be great! Well I will talk to you soon! I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate everything!