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A/N: This is set before 'Chris-crossed', as in when they were all living together.

'Piper, watch out!' Paige shouted as a knife went hurtling towards her sister's back. The brunette spun around just in time to freeze it and the three warlocks who had suddenly descended on their conservatory.

'Oka-ay,' Piper stared quizzically at her sister. 'Where'd these guys come from?'

'Just kinda blinked their way in,' Paige replied with a little shrug. 'Can't you just blow 'em up?'

'Yeah, I could,' Piper agreed. 'But I don't like it when things attack us.'

'Does anybody?' Paige quipped.

'They've usually got a plan,' Piper explained. 'And backup.'

Paige looked to the ceiling. 'Chris?'

There were a sparkle of white lights as the young man orbed in. 'What?'

Piper pointed towards the frozen warlocks. 'Them.'

'Warlocks?' Chris frowned. 'Just vanquish them.'

'I'm thinking they might be part of a faction.' Piper said.

Chris nodded. 'Yeah, unfreeze a head and ask him.'

Piper complied, unfreezing the head of the warlock who was standing with his arms thrown forward, the guy who had thrown the knife.

'What you done to me, witch?' he shouted looking down at his frozen body.

'Forget it,' Piper waved the question away. 'What do you want?'

'To kill you, what else?' he smirked.

Paige saw her sister's lips twitch, it wasn't a good idea to wind up the eldest Halliwell sister.

As expected, Piper threw up her hands and blew up the second warlock. Warlock number one tried to twist round but he couldn't manage it.

'So,' Piper said casually. 'Is it just you or can we expect more?'

'I'll never tell you anything.' he answered, though Paige noted, with some satisfaction, that he looked terrified.

'Hmm,' Piper blew up the third warlock. 'See, I think you will.'

'Alright, alright!' he screamed. 'The Underworld's being reformed, there's a price of leadership on your heads.'

'Don't they ever get tired of trying to kill us?' Paige asked.

'Apparently not.' Piper said raising her hands again.'

'Wait!' the warlock shouted. 'I told you what you wanted to know!'

'What's your point?' Piper asked.

'I thought you wouldn't kill me.' he whimpered.

'I don't remember making that agreement,' she turned to Paige. 'Do you remember making that agreement?'

Paige shook her head. 'Nope.'

'That's that then.' Piper flicked her hands, sending the final warlock into oblivion.

'What now?' Paige asked.

Chris took charge in his usual manner before Piper managed to open her mouth. 'Okay, Paige, go call Phoebe, I'll talk to the Elders.'

He orbed out immediately, leaving Paige and Piper exchanging worried glances.

'Does that guy ever slow down?' Paige complained.

'For all we know, this could be the demon that attacks Wyatt.' Piper told her.

'Okay,' Paige grimaced. 'Now you're starting to sound like him.'

'I know.' Piper smiled. 'Weird, isn't it?'

'Very.' Paige agreed.

'Still,' Piper moved towards the kitchen. 'The taskmaster has spoken.'


Half an hour later, Paige heard the front door bang shut, recognising the stomps as the sound of a Phoebe who was missing an important date with Jason. It was unlucky for Phoebe that her beau was in town on the one day the Underworld was being reformed.

Paige had already had to cancel her date with Richard, it wasn't like Phoebe was the only one suffering but an Underworld threat was an Underworld threat.

She bounced down the stairs meeting Phoebe in the entrance hall.

'This better be an emergency.' Phoebe said sternly.

Oh, it is.' Piper joined them with Wyatt in her arms.

'Hi!' Phoebe tickled her nephew's chin. 'Okay,' she looked at Piper. 'What is it?'

'Demons, warlocks joining forces to take over the Underworld.' Piper explained quickly.

'That's not new,' Phoebe complained. 'That happens every week.'

'When they start throwing knives at ya,' Paige butted in. 'You know you've got a problem.'

'Oh.' Phoebe said.

'Yeah,' Piper replied. 'Chris has gone to check with the Elders, it's no use checking the book until we know more.'

'Could I still make my lunch date with Jason?' Phoebe asked hopefully then, as she received a piercing glare from Piper, she amended quickly; 'Okay, sorry.'

Suddenly Chris orbed back in, a serious frown on his face. 'This is bad.'

'How bad?' Paige asked with a well-practised sense of dread.

'The Elders have called a meeting of all whitelighters.' he told them. 'Paige, they want you there.'

'Me?!' Paige repeated. 'I'm a witch.'

'Half-whitelighter,' Chris corrected. 'They want you to represent the Charmed Ones.'

'Why is it always me?' Paige complained.

'Just do it, Paige.' Chris insisted before orbing out.

Paige looked from Piper to Phoebe, letting her gaze settle on Wyatt. She had to do this for him. 'See you later.' she smiled before concentrating deeply and feeling the familiar sensation of orbing washing over her.