A/N: Just realised there was another loose end that I had to tie up, alright, I didn't have to tie it up but, seeing as this story was about both of them, I think it's only right. Thanks again for everyone who read, reviewed and generally brightened up my day, love ya!

Paige was just putting Wyatt down for his nap when she felt an orb behind her. Assuming, because it was Piper's room, that it would be Leo, she whispered; 'I've just put him down, Leo.'

'It's not Leo.' Andy said quietly.

Paige turned towards the doorway where Andy stood, feeling anger building up inside hre. 'Can we do this outside?' she hissed indicated her slumbering nephew.

Andy backed out of the room, Paige followed, clicking the door quietly shut behind her.

'What do you want?' she asked forcefully.

He flashed her a winning smile. 'To apologise.'

'Mmm-hmm.' Paige said, completely ignoring the smile that had attracted her to him in the first place. 'I see they gave you your wings back.'

'I persuaded them I could be trusted.'

'It's lucky for you I persuaded Phoebe I could be trusted.' Paige pointed out.

'I was in the wrong, a hundred apologies.' he smiled and held out his hand. 'Can't we be friends?'

Paige didn't take the hand. 'What you said to Richard was unforgivable.'

'This might sound stupid,' Andy replied. 'But I was trying to bring out your evil side.'

'I have an evil past.' Paige admitted with a small smile. 'Evil Enchantress in a past life.'

'Evil Enchantress, huh?' Andy grinned sensing Paige's anger fading rapidly. 'I always seem to get 'em.'

'How did you end up with an Evil Enchantress, if you don't mind me asking?'

Andy sighed. 'I wasn't too keen on the whole Whitelighter gig, I didn't want a magical life, that's why I always told Prue we couldn't be together. This... woman... she made me believe in love again but I was just under one of her spells. Nice, huh?'

'My past life did that to a guy, sorry.' Paige said sheepishly.

'Don't worry about it.' Andy smiled. 'The past is the past, right?'

'Yeah,' Paige said. 'Yeah, it is.'


'So where are you headed now?' Paige asked him.

'Nowhere,' he answered. 'I've been assigned to you and Marie.'

Huh? That was new. 'We've got Chris.'

'The latest strike made them realise that Wyatt may be in more danger than they first thought and they think Marie needs protection too,' he explained. 'So it looks like you're stuck with me.'

Great, Paige thought. Just great. Actually, maybe it wasn't all that bad.