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~Parent's Day~

Chapter 1: Punishment

"TYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed a female voice from the hotel bathroom. "I'M GONNA KILL YOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" A crash, then a thud, and finally a bone cracking sound were heard near the bathroom.

"You perverted, disgusting, bastard! Are you trying to make a porn video or something?!?!?!" Hilary yelled and only pulled harder on Tyson's arm while keeping him down with her foot.

"Yow! I was NOT trying to make a porn video or whatever! I don't even know how that camera got in there-oops."

"So you DO know something? BETTER TELL ME THE TRUTH AND GIVE ME THE FUCKIN' TAPE OR ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"What's going on here?" asked Ray, Max, and Kenny as they rushed inside. They had heard Hilary's very LOUD scream and Tyson's yelp in agony.

Once they got to the bathroom they all gasped, "Omigawd X_X" Kenny dropped down on the floor unconscious at the sight.

"Ooooooooooooooooookaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay... 0.0" Max and Ray stared.

"What the fuckin' hell is-oh shit!" Kai slammed Max and Ray head first against the nearby wall and turned away himself, "Uh Hilary, you dropped your friggin' towel." (A/N: Even in surprise he can still go on a swearing streak can't he?)

Hilary didn't have time to blush as she let go of Tyson freeing him of his agony and wrapping her towel around herself again. "Once I finish changing, you're gonna be sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry you ever even THOUGHT of putting that video camera in the bathroom!"

She went back into the bathroom and slammed the door. After five seconds she opened it a crack and threw a broken camera at Tyson. "Owww..."

Max and Ray groaned as they turned around from the two dents they made in the wall. "That sight." Max said. Ray nodded in agreement with him.

Tyson stood up and rubbed the back of his neck. "Aw man! I paid two hundred dollars for this camera you know Hilary!"

"So what?! It's not MY fault if YOU decide to use it for UNECESSARY uses!" she screamed back at him from inside the bathroom.

Kenny came to, "Where's Hilary?" he asked fearfully.

"Back in the bathroom, don't worry Chief." Ray answered. "So uh Tyson, would you mind telling us what you were doing that got Hilary so...crazy?" he continued.

The four Bladebreakerz surrounded Tyson as he gulped, "Well you see, Hilary called me an idiot earlier in practice today, so I used my Beyblade to spray some mud on her, then she whacked me on the head and said she was going to go take a shower so I..." he laughed nervously.

"So for some perverted reason you decided to put a WATERPROOF CAMERA in the shower so you can VIDEOTAPE her NAKED?!?!?!?!" Dizzi shouted as Kenny turned her on again.

Tyson nodded.

"WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?!! YOU KNOW THAT IT'S ILLEGAL!!!" Kai grabbed him by the collar and pushed him up against the wall.

"Chill out! It's not like I was going to put it up on the Internet or something! I just wanted to um... ^o^'''"


"You have a sick mind Tyson." Max sighed.

"At least I didn't grope her!"

Kenny, Kai, Max, and Ray sweatdropped and fell over anime style.


At the dinner table that Ray had prepared for everyone there was an awkward silence. Hilary sat beside Kai to his right who was beside Tyson, who was beside Max, who was beside Ray, who was beside Kenny, who was beside Hilary.

Hilary's eyes kept twitching angrily and she kept on sending evil glares at Tyson causing him to shudder and slump down on his seat.

Kenny couldn't stand it anymore; he cleared his throat causing everyone to stare at him. Even Hilary but she STILL kept one eye on Tyson. "M-Max, c-c- c-could you p-p-pass me the m-mashed p-p-p-potatoes?" he asked nervously.

Max quickly did so. Everyone gradually went back to eating. "Well! Time for dessert then I guess!"


"How can you pig head possibly think of dessert after what you just DID?!"

"Come on! I thought that we were passed that point of this argument! I just want to eat peacefully!"

"Look who's talking?"


"No need to be violent! I'm gonna get a concussion if you keep this up!"


"@_@ Ugh..." Tyson moaned as he fell down on the ground.

"O_O" Everyone else looked on in amazement at the huge multi-humped object that used to be the World Champion Beyblader.

Hilary towered over him like a lioness ready or already finished prancing on her prey. "THAT'S WHAT YOU GET PERVERT!!!" She stood up from the table and headed towards the kitchen dumping her half finished plate in the dishwasher. "I'm going to bed!"

"Maybe we should?"

"Yep, we should." Max and Kenny both hurriedly carried a terribly injured Tyson back into his room. "Too bad he'll have to miss dessert!"

"Don't worry Max I'm sure he'll understand."

"I hope that's the end of their fighting. That was definitely the last straw for both of them." Ray sighed.

"It WAS Hilary who started it."

"Ooh! Getting defensive aren't you Kai?"

"Shut up Ray!" Kai blushed.

"Come on! You never take-"


"That's better."

"Phew! Now that both of them are safely in bed, let's finish dessert before Tyson wakes up again." Kenny pointed out and took the strawberry ice cream from the refrigerator. Since they were visiting France for the summer under Mr. Dickenson's instruction for the European Beyblade Tournament, Oliver decided to send them one of his special ice creams as a hospitality gift since they were staying in Paris, France for the time being.

"What happened to Ray Kai?" Max asked.

Ray rubbed his head and sat back up, "Forget it Max... @.@" Kai smiled triumphantly.

After they all finished eating the ice cream, they all went up to bed. It's a good thing this hotel room had mini rooms. Hilary shared one with Kenny, Kai shared one with Ray, and Tyson shared one with Max. But they were still in one big room. It was like an apartment.

Luckily, each mini room had their own showers. So it took a while until everyone went back to bed.

However, outside of their hotel room, a woman chuckled. "Well! Time for dessert!" she heard a boy say.

She rubbed her hands together gleefully, with the upcoming tournament; this was the perfect revenge against the Bladebreakerz after getting her fired. "Now all I have to do is waiting for the formula to work its magic!"

=+=+=+The Next Day+=+=+=

Kai woke up that morning feeling VERY tired. If it wasn't for the fact that the European tournament was coming up really soon, he'd have gone right back to bed, but this was odd. He barely slept yet he was never really tired. He got out of bed but froze when he realized that his feet didn't touch the ground. He shrugged it off and JUMPED down. He found himself landing face first on the carpet. "What the hell?" he cried.

Wait a minute, he sounded like a little boy that he met at the Eiffel Tower. "Look! I can see EVRYTHING from up here!" he laughed. Kai snorted at the little boy.

That was exactly how he sounded. He looked up and gasped, how did the bed suddenly get up to his head? He also found his clothes extremely loose, not to mention very LONG. He walked over to the bathroom but discovered that he couldn't reach the doorknob. Even when he held his hand up to it's highest he still only touched the bottom part of the knob. He put his hands on his hips and sat down pouting. What the heck was happening?

He heard a groan from someone as he looked around the gaped when he saw a little boy. With really long black hair, yes with fangs of a cat, and yes with golden cat eyes. "R-Ray?" he squeaked.

"Huh? Yeah? What is it Kai?" Ray froze as well. They both stared at each other for a minute. Luckily there was a mirror beside them. They turned around slowly to look in the mirror...


"Ah! What's going on? I did not put another camera in the bathroom! Honest!" cried Tyson as he fell down on the floor from the bed. "Owww...Now I'm REALLY going to get a concussion if I keep this up!" he stood up and ran for the door, dismissing the fact that Max wasn't in his bed, or was he?

"Wha is it?" asked a brunette as he stepped into the room. Luckily the door opened inside the room so you could just push the door and walk right in without turning the knob. Ray and Kai turned around and stared at Kenny, their jaws were practically on the floor. "Wha is sere someting on my face?" he asked. They both shook their heads.

"Hey! Wet go of meeee!" he screamed. "AAAAAH!" Kenny screamed. He stared into the mirror.

"What's up-omigawd!" Hilary observed the three little boys standing on the ground whom reached up to her knees. "Oh my!" she gasped.



"Listen Hil-"


The three sweatdropped. "Hey! Let me go! I can't breathe!"

"Wow! You look like a miniature version of Kai! He's really hot but you're so cute!" Hilary sang, "That's a good wittle baby now." she cooed.

"Ooh! Kai and Hiwary sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N- AH!"

"Shut up!" One minute Kai was trapped in Hilary's tight squeeze, the next minute he was on top of Kenny beating him up.

"Stop it! Boys shouldn't do that! Especially to such innocent chibis as you are!" Hilary squealed and once again picked up Kai, Kenny, and Ray and held them in her arms.


"Hilary, I think that you should let go of those babies."

Hilary stuck her tongue out at him, "Shut up! It's not like YOU would know anything about taking care of little kids!" she yelled back defensively. Yes, she was still mad at him for the 'incident'.

"Why don't I hold them and show you how it's done?"

"You're gonna kill them!"

"And you're not?!" Hilary glanced down in surprise hearing that from a little black haired chibi. The three squirmed out of her arms and even Kai took a chance in taking safety in Tyson. They both held on to his pants. They had enough of Hilary's torture alright.

Tyson picked Kai up since he was clutching onto his pants REALLY tight. Obviously HE wanted nothing more to do with the petite girl. He cradled Kai gently in his arms causing him to blush a little bit.

"You're so cute aren't you?" he coaxed while holding onto Kai. Kai blushed even more until his whole face was covered in a very bright shade of pink. Strangely enough he didn't try to wiggle out of his grasp; instead he looked more like he wanted to stay in it.

Hilary stared in surprise. How much did Tyson seriously know about taking care of kids?!

Kai for once in his lifetime truly felt like he was in heaven. Maybe the whole being turned into a two feet tall little kid wasn't so bad after all. But his happiness was ruined when Tyson held him in one arm and carried Ray and Kenny in the other. Kai shot his famous glare at the two of them causing them to gulp and snuggle closer to Tyson making Kai even angrier.

"See Hil? That's how you do it! Now come on! Let's find the others and tell them about our little visitors." He looked around for once noticing his surroundings. Wait a minute; they were in Kai and Ray's room. Where were they? And couldn't they have found out about the chibis earlier?

He stared at the empty beds and for once noticed the chibis' clothes. They were just like what Ray, Kai, and Kenny would wear, only super big on them. That was when Tyson's mind for some mysterious reason brought him back to Max safely tucked away in his room.

He dashed out the door with the three babies in his arms. Hilary followed after him still confused about what was really happening. Tyson flung open the door to his room and trudged over to the bed where Max slept. There was a tiny hump in the sheet. He uncovered the hump slowly and gasped. "AW! Another chibi! But wait, if this chibi is here, where's Max?" Hilary asked nervously.

The two stared down at the chibis and back to the blonde haired chibi. A chibi with blue triangles painted on his face? A chibi with glasses and bangs that covered his eyes? A chibi with long black hair up to his ankles and with golden cat eyes not to mention fangs? And finally a chibi with wild blonde hair?



~Parent's Day~

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