Hi Everyone I'm Suzaku's Rose though my reviewer name is Hopeless Romantic
which some of you know. This is my first poetry fan fic so please read and
I am so happy with all of the wonderful reviews I got from the first fic I
decided to write another one thanks again to everyone who reviewed!
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Teen Titan characters and all of the
other characters are my friends who I got permission to put in my fic.
Love can be thought
Can be heard
Can be everything you want it to be
But u don't understand it
Has to be felt
Love is the one thing u can't hide form
Love is the one thing u want so badly
But u can't hear it or see it
Or grasp it with your hand
Cause love is a feeling only felt
And I have felt it
I may have seen it
I may have heard it
I may have dreamt it
But I never would've of imagined it felt like this
It's so real so wonderful
Love, it is a feeling only felt