Yes we have made it to 100 it even shocks me that I could actually do this. As I write before you now I can barely speak knowing I have gotten this far. There are so many people I would like to thank for helping me but I am afraid they would take too long to type (darn I sound like some type of winner of something) So as my last poem in this collection (Yes I have decided I will be starting a new collection of poems I am not sure what it will be called yet but please expect a new collection from me, hopefully with as many reviewes as this one! I do really appreciate all the wonderful feedback!) I will also try to edit and make my spelling better in this next one so I will try to "hire" a Beta if anyone is interested please notify me at would like to dedicate this one to a special friend of mine. She has stuck by me since the beginning of my writing and has kept me going up to this point. She is one of my closest friends and I really do cherish her. So please give her a round of applause ladies and gentlemen for…..NAVYNBABYBLUESUEDESHOES!

The shadows of my soul
Keep coming back to haunt me
Ripping at my heart
Tearing all the seams

I lie wide-awake
As I feel it going on
Holding fast onto my sheets
When will they be gone?

They scream inside my brain
Tell of tales of me dying
Showing every wrong I did
Thoughts of murder tells of lying

I can't explain this feeling
My show of colors black
I feel my soul is leaving me
And I don't really want it back