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James: True...

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Chapter one: The first meeting


It has always been known that the Potters and Blacks didn't get along. It was just history. The Blacks were a pure blood class that despised muggle borns, half bloods, or anything or the sort. They were not equal, how could they be?

To the Potters they were all equal. They can all do magic, so everything works out perfectly fine.

Both families grew up despising each other. Both families taught their children to the same.

And their children listened. Well most of them.

Two of the children didn't listen, or vaguely did so. One child was from the Potter family, one was from the Black family. Both didn't believe their parents on the matter of the other family being terrible. Both knew better. Sad thing they didn't know each other.

But both were raised in two different ways. One was raised the ways of good, growing up to be put in Gryffindor.

The other...the other rose on false things and believed to be put in the Nobel house of Slytherin.

But both were raised to hate each other.

And yet, we don't always listen to what are parents tell us to do. We may do small things, like have a cookie before dinner or copy a friends homework instead of doing it ourselves, but these two...these two did something so terrible, so inhuman, so unexpected that the wizarding world talked about it for months!

They talked to each other.

Not only that but forged a strong friendship. So strong, well, I'll leave you to figure that out. But you wouldn't have guessed they would be friends, the first time they met.

No, the first time they met...you would be surprised. You wouldn't believe how their friendship started off.

But I guess I can tell you, if you really want to know. How, you may ask, do I know this when no one else knows this? How do I know, when no one else knows the Potters and Blacks were friends? They haven't even gone to Hogwarts yet!

Well, I shouldn't tell you, as it may get me in trouble. But I'll tell you the tale. Let us begin, the first time they even saw each other. At the beginning. Yes, that's a good starting point.

It was a beautiful day in Diagon alley. A day when fate would begin. A young boy stood in the empty Leaky Caldron. He was a small boy, with jet- black hair that wouldn't seem to lay straight. He wore a pair of glasses. He was sitting at a table bored. His parents had told him to stay here, saying Diagon Alley was "No place for a seven year old boy to be." He was to sit there and stay out of trouble.

James sighed. He wasn't trouble! He was just wondering if the shopkeeper of Flourish and Blotts would have enjoyed more costumers. His plan had been great. Setting free that strange mad cat had brought interested people. Was it his fault if the cat had been jinxed to destroy and had created havoc?

He heard the door open and looked up to see a boy his age standing framed in the door. He had shoulder length black hair and seemed out of breath. James could hear a woman's angry voice coming from the distance. The boy quickly closed the door and pressed himself into the shadows as not to be seen.

The young boy knew he was caught. He had enjoyed watching the cat, and decided it would be more fun to let another jinxed cat loose. The problem with that was that the other cat had attacked his mother's robes and they had been new.

The boy held his breath as the door opened and his mother came banging in. She stared straight at James and asked in a menacing voice, "Where did that little boy go." It wasn't a question, but a statement.

James pointed toward the other door. By this time he had stood up, and was looking at the woman defiantly.

"He went into the muggle world?" The woman quickly walked toward the door and shoved James out of the way as she did so. The door of the Leaky Caldron slammed shut behind her.

James glared at the door a few seconds before standing up from the ground. He ignored the stinging pain in his shoulder from where he had hit the ground and looked into the shadows.

The boy in the shadows walked out. "Thanks."


They looked at each other a few minutes before James extended his hand to the boy. "James Potter."

The other boy looked at him a moment before extending his hand also. "Sirius Black."

The boys smiled. "So what are you doing in here?" Sirius asked as he looked around.

"Nothing. My parents wouldn't let me go with them because I sent this experimental cat loose or something. What was with you?"

"Oh me? I let loose another one, and it kind of...destroyed my mums new robes. My mums never been the most friendly type."

"What about your dad?" James asked curiously.

"He always agrees with what my mum says, and is sometimes even worse!" Sirius looked at the door. "Well, you saved me from trouble for a little while."

"No problem mate."

Sirius looked away from the door. "A potter eh? I'm committing a great crime! At least that's what my family would say."

"Same here." James looked away for a moment. "Maybe we'll meet up at Hogwarts? What house do you think you'll be in?"

"Slytherin." Sirius makes an offended face. "My whole family has been in there. Except one of my family members was in Ravenclaw, her name-"

He never got to finish, because at that moment the door opened and Mr. And Mrs. Potter walked in with James older sister Janel.

The Potters stared a moment, before quickly pulling James away from Sirius. Sirius watched them lead James away a moment, and watched him mouth, "See you at Hogwarts."

Sirius nodded. The door closed behind James, and darkness crept around him for a moment, before the opposite door opened and Sirius's mother came stalking in.

She grabbed him roughly by the wrist and dragged him to the fireplace. Her sharp nails dug into his skin, and Sirius could feel a small steam of blood running down his wrist from the tight grasp. He whimpered in pain but his mother just tightened her grip making more blood spill out.

After they left, everything was silent. There was no proof to show that a Potter and Black had been in the same room. If you had looked closely though, you could see a small droplet of blood on the floor by the fireplace, and a small smudge of blood not far away from that, where James had been pushed and his shoulder had scraped against a stray nail.

James blood ran downward, for the floor curved downward a bit, and into the blood Sirius had lost due to his mothers hold. They intertwined, and by fate they would remember each other four years from then.


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