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Power of Darkness

Chapter 1

"EXPELLIARMUS!" Harry shouted, pointing his wand at the middle aged witch in front of him, who promptly dodged out of the way of the beam of light, sending back a cruciatus.

Harry dodged the curse, trying to ignore the aches and pain in his arms and legs, and the sweat pouring down from his forehead, the result of about half an hour of duelling with Bellatrix Lestrange, the dark haired, middle aged witch who was currently trying to curse him into unconsciousness. Bellatrix had found him, being on Lord Voldemort's, her master and Harry's worst enemy, orders to capture him unharmed. Harry had been out walking around the woods just outside Little Whinging, and she had sent a curse his way, beginning a duel.

"Stupef-" Harry began to say, running sideways to avoid her latest curse, and stumbled on a rock. Whilst it wasn't much of a stumble to an inexperienced dueller, it was more than enough for Bellatrix. Before he knew it he saw a red light speeding towards him, and then he blacked out.

Bella smirked triumphantly down at her fallen, unmoving foe. She had done it! She had brought down the Potter brat, the one responsible for Master's downfall! She could barely contain her joy at thought of what rewards the Dark Lord would bestow upon her - he may even give her the honour of helping out with the torture of Ickle Baby Potter. Slowly her smirk was replaced with one of pure insane, sadistic glee.

The boy would suffer. She knew he would. Her master would not let the boy get away with everything he had done to delay the domination of the wizarding world. Oh yes, her master would be pleased with her for capturing the proverbial thorn in his side. He would be very pleased indeed, especially after her failure with the whole department of mysteries fiasco.

"Put your wand on the ground, your hands where we can see them and turn around slowly," a voice behind her snarled, cutting short of momentary ecstasy of fulfilling the Dark Lord's wishes. The smirk coming back to her face, she obeyed what they said... in part, and that part was the last part.

"I believe you were told to but your wand on the ground and your hands where we could see them," growled one of the aurors, looking her over with an expression of disgust on his face.

There was about a total of twenty aurors all told, each and everyone with their wands trained to her chest leaving her with the only opportunity of escape apparition, something which she had never been exactly proficient at. Oh well, it was a challenge to say the least.

Her lip curled into a sneer, seemingly far more confident outwardly that she felt. She raised her wand, preparing to curse the aurors into oblivion. Unfortunately, the Aurors seemed to catch onto her plan.

"Shi-!" she started to say, but was cut off as she was hit by the same red light that had rendered the Boy-Who-Live unconscious.

Harry groaned as he awoke on a cold stone floor inside a stone cell with four plain walls, one window and one door. He was in Azkaban.

'Great, just great! Could my life get any worse?' he thought, not really thinking about what he was, well, thinking. If he had been he would have realised he had jinxed himself.

"Well, well, well," said a voice behind him and he span around to come face-to-face with his new cellmate. "Fancy meeting you here Potter."

Harry snarled up at the older woman, cursing both cursing the ministry for placing him in Azkaban, and fate for placing him in the same cell as Bellatrix.

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