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Chapter thirty-one

Harry woke up several minutes later to see Bella and Sirius staring at him in surprise.

"I had the weirdest dream," he said, feeling some how detached from reality. "Bella told me she was pregnant and doxies started sprinkling glitter everywhere."

"Harry, it wasn't a dream," Bella said, then paused. "Okay, the doxy bit was, but I am pregnant."

"Oh, okay. Now please excuse while I faint again."

And he did. Bella and Sirius looked at each other for a moment in silence. Then Sirius decided to speak.

"I would have thought Moony would have been the one to faint at the news, personally."

"Why?" asked Bella. "He wasn't involved in anyway."

"I don't know, he just seems the kind of person who would faint at hearing his dead friend's son knocked up the former servant of the person who killed said friend and wife, and servant of said person happened to be responsible for seemingly killing off the Godfather of said dead friend's son's Godfather, even though said dead friend's son's Godfather was actually transported to Italy."

"Shut up."

"You asked."

"So? No need to tell me. Besides, Harry's coming round now."

It was true. Harry was waking up again, and he at seeing their faces again, he blinked.

"You know, I just dreamt that Bella told me I was pregnant, doxies were sprinkling glitter everywhere, Bella telling me that it wasn't a dream, except for the doxy bit, then more doxies and Sirius saying something about Italy," he said, then caught sight of their faces and groaned. "It's true, isn't it? You are pregnant, aren't you Bella?" At their affirmatives Harry thought of something. "Who's the father then?"

Sirius burst into out right laughter then, unable to contain it at all. Harry stared at him in shock and Bella in amusement.

"You faint twice in as many minutes after hearing that Bella's pregnant, and only now you think to ask who the father is?"

"Yeah," Harry scowled. "So who is it?"



Harry fainted for the third time in ten minutes. Sirius and Bella groaned. If this was how Harry was reacting, then who knew how everyone else would?

News always travels at an unbelievable speed. Why it travels at such a speed is a mystery, but it is fact that news travels far faster than practically anything else, as Harry, Bella and everyone else who had known about Bella's pregnancy soon found out.

You see, the day after Bella announced to Harry that she was pregnant news, like it always does, leaked out to the press about it, and, as you can imagine, it was a big story. It made the front page, like every other story concerning the Boy-Who-Lived did. However, this one was slightly larger, as it brought to the public's attention the fact that their saviour had, for lack of a better and equally eye-opening phrase, had knocked up an ex-Death Eater. Whilst hiding from both the Ministry and Voldemort no less.

Now, as you can probably imagine without too much strain, this caused widespread shock amongst most of the female population of the wizarding world, as well as a small portion of the male. Many howlers were received by Bella from outraged Potter-fans across the world, several in languages she had no hope of understanding.

However, don't be mistaken into thinking that Bella was the only one who received howlers. Harry, too, received his fair share, all from outraged fans who were demanding to know what he saw in Bella (the slut, whore, bitch, trash and countless other insult witches and wizards could come up with within a short stretch of time) and forgetting to leave an address to reply with.

Yet, as bad as these things were, nothing was as bad as Remus's reaction. He even went to Grimmauld Place in order to deliver it in person. But, after several minutes of yelling (at Harry, Bella and Sirius too, mind), he finally calmed down enough to listen to reason. After a couple of minutes of reasoning he finally got over his anger at finding that Harry had gotten Bella pregnant enough to congratulate them.

Compared to Remus' reaction, everyone else's' were really mild, and were dealt with in no time at all. All in all things started to look really good. It had been decided that Harry should go back to Hogwarts in December, as a sixth year. He wouldn't live in the Gryffindor tower though. He would live in separate rooms with Bella, who would be going to regular check ups at St Mungo's to make sure the child was okay. Things were going great for them.

Eight Months Later

Harry paced up and down the waiting room on the 22nd of September, as nervous as he could possibly be, cursing the stupid rule that stated that no one who wasn't giving birth or was a healer who was required to be present was not permitted into the birthing theatre whilst someone was giving birth.

Pacing up and down, he could not believe Bella was already giving birth, that he was about to be a father. He wasn't too sure he was glad about it though. He was just seventeen. It was a lot of responsibility, a family, and he wasn't too sure he could handle. But he had to try for the kid's sake, and for Bella's.

"Mr Potter?" The twin doors outside the birthing theatre swung open and a healer walked out. "You can go in to see your-"

Harry did not wait for the healer to finish. He rushed passed her into the theatre and over to Bella. He smiled when he reached her side, and saw her holding twins, two beautiful babies, his babies.

"Do you want to hold one of them?" Bella whispered, so as not to wake the children. Harry nodded. Bella passed one of them to him and he looked down at the child in his arms. "Your holding our son," Bella whispered again, amused by his awe. "This is our daughter."

Harry looked at Bella, a smile huge on his face. Over the past eight months or so since Bella had told him that she was pregnant he had had doubts over whether he would make a good father or not. Now all those doubts vanished as he looked down at his twin son and daughter, both yet to be named. Oh yes, he was sure he would make a good father.

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