TO Where There's Five

Hey again people. I thought I'd have a go at a Ross/Rachel fic, as my last one was based on Monica and Chandler. Summary: It's set at roughly the time of the end of series 4/beginning of 5, only the London wedding hasn't been so disasterous. Slightly different format to the actual series. R/R (and some M/C and Joey and Phoebe will just fit in somewhere.) Please read and review.

Chapter One: What My Heart Wants to Say

Monica awoke suddenly, not completely sure where she was. Everything seemed so yellow-the curtains, the carpet, the bedspread. She yawned and turned, and gave a short scream. There was a man in bed with her, with his back to her. How drunk had she been last night?

London suddenly came to her mind. She was in London. Ross was getting married. That drunk man... he'd said she was Ross's mother. She'd got upset, and Chandler had comforted her. Chandler...

"" she whispered, as everything came back to her. Chandler? It couldn't be. They never would have risked their friendship. Or maybe part of her had wanted to? Were her true feelings coming out? Or was it some drunken mistake?

As she struggled with her memory, Chandler awoke behind her, turned, and stared at Monica. His mouth formed an O, and Monica couldn't help but smile.

"What the hell happened last night?" Chandler whispered, scared. "What did we do? Oh... god, was that you?"

"Apparently," Monica said, sitting up a little bit.

Chandler sat up again, and breathed out slightly, his hand on his head. Monica couldn't help but notice how good-looking he really was. She'd never let herself think about it before. They were best friends. You didn't think about your friends in that way-unless your name was Ross, of course.

"Well..." Chandler began, but they were interrupted by a noise at the door. Quickly, Monica dived under the covers, as Ross ran in excitedly, already dressed.

"I'm getting married today!" he yelled, not even really looking at Chandler. His face was aglow, and he looked happier than he'd looked in years.

"Morning Ross," Chandler said, grinning in spite of himself.

"Today! I'm getting married-today!" Ross repeated.

"Yeah y'are!" Chandler said, mimicking Ross's excitement.

"A-woo-hoo!" Ross finished, before retreating to go and scare some other people.

Monica resurfaced again, darting a look towards the door. "Do you think he knew I was here?" she asked a stunned Chandler. He looked at Monica, and started laughing hysterically. Monica looked a little confused, and he stopped as soon as he started, before shaking his head and looking away. She sat up again, straightening out her pyjamas.

"Well, I've never done that with you before," Chandler said, looking out the window as a pigeon of some description flew past.

"Nope," Monica agreed, feeling a little embarrassed and wanting to get out of the room as quickly as possible.

"So, how have you been? Good?" Chandler asked, as if they were having a perfectly normal conversation. Monica, trying hard not to laugh, decided to play along.

"Yes, yes, thanks you?"

she replied.

"Excellent. You?" Monica looked at him. "We did you," he said, not realising what he'd said until he said it. Monica couldn't help but laugh. It was all too funny. First she'd slept with Chandler-her best friend-and now they were trying to act as if nothing had happened whilst still in bed.

"Look Chandler, we need to talk about this," she said gently. "I don't think this was all some big drunken mistake.. I really think there must be feelings here, more than just friendship feelings."

Chandler looked relieved. "You think so too? I thought it was just me...this might not be the best place to discuss this," he said wisely, realising that he was at that moment naked. He preferred not to be so embarrassed when having serious discussions-especially ones which, he guessed, could change his life forever.

"You're right," Monica agreed, preparing to get out of bed. She turned, and kissed him on the forehead. "This might sound silly," she said, deliberating whether to finish her sentence or not. She decided to. "But I'm kind of glad this happened. I think we may both have had feelings for each other. Maybe this is our way of getting them out in the open-getting drunk and having sex," she said shrewdly. Chandler laughed, and stroked her arm.

"Maybe you're right," he mused. "I must say, it seems to work."

Monica hit him playfully before stepping out of bed and going back to her own room next door. Chandler stayed in bed, laying back, thinking about how his life had just completely changed-for the better.


"Oh my god Ross," Emily exclaimed, as she seemed to dance around the church. "It all looks so beautiful. And to think I was worried that it might all go wrong."

"See? Oh ye of little faith," Ross teased, hugging his wife-to-be. He couldn't believe how lucky he was. He had been with Emily all of twelve weeks and already they were getting married. People thought he was silly, but he knew differently. He knew he loved Emily with all his heart, and no one could tell him any different.

Joey was by the door, talking with one of the bridesmaids about America. She was fascinated by New York, and told Joey she planned to visit one day. Joey was just about to reply when he was stopped by a flurry of red-blonde hair running past him. Rachel? Wasn't she in New York?"

"Stay here a minute Felicity," Joey said to the bridesmaid, and ran after Rachel. "Hey! Rache!" he called.

Rachel turned around, and Joey was stunned to see tears in her eyes. "Hey hey, whats wrong?" Joey asked, concerned. "I thought you were staying in New York to look after Phoebe!"

"I was," Rachel sniffed. "But then I realised... I realised that I can't let Ross... marry her!" she spat.

Joey was shocked, and hugged Rachel tightly. He didn't realise Rachel still had feelings for Ross. Everyone else had suspected, but it would have taken a lot for Joey to realise in the past couple of weeks. He had been so excited about the prospect of going to London, nothing else mattered to him.

"Rache... you can't stop their wedding," Joey reasoned with her. "It's not fair. Ross loves Emily."

"But I love Ross!" Rachel cried, hugging Joey back. "If he marries Emily, he'll be even less accessible.. to me.." As she said the words, she realised how desperate she sounded, but that only made her more determined to tell Ross the truth. She struggled free from Joey and fled into the chapel.

The sight that greeted her eyes was not pretty, from Rachel's point of view. Emily and Ross seemed to be in an embrace, and Rachel took the time to regard the flowers, candles and general set up for the wedding in a few hours. Emily smiled at Ross, before leaving to get ready, Rachel presumed.


Ross turned sharply, and saw Rachel. His face lit up, and he ran over to hug Rachel. "Rache! I thought you couldn't come because of work?" he said, smiling at her.

"Well I..."

"This is brilliant! All my friends are with me, I'm marrying the woman I love, and I-"

"The woman you love?" Rachel asked, pulling away from Ross. She'd never heard him say it before-he sounded so definite.

Ross laughed, thinking she was joking. "Well yeah, that's why I'm marrying her," he explained sarcastically. "Hey, Rache... what's wrong?"

Rachel had begun to walk away, feeling tears well up in her eyes. She brushed them away, and turned back to Ross. "Nothing.. Ross. I just came to say... congratulations..."

Ross looked confused. "Come on Rache, I know you better than that. What's wrong? Seriously, you can tell me anything."

Rachel looked at him. Memories of years gone by came flooding back suddenly...


3 years previously

"You had no right to tell me you had any feelings for me!" Ross said angrily. "I was doing fine with Julie before you came along!"

"Yeah well, you know what Ross, I was doing fine before you came along too. Do you think I wanted to develop feelings for you? Do you think I wanted Chandler to come out with all that about how you'd fallen in love with me, just like Carol?" Rachel practically screamed at him.

Ross paused. "Look... look, Rache, I'm sorry, but I'm... I'm getting a cat for gods sakes, with Julie, my girlfriend... No, Rache, this ship has sailed."

"Fine, you know what Ross, just go, will you?" Rachel pushed Ross out of the coffee house, tears flooding her face. All these months of built-up feelings for Ross, all torn away by what she saw as a small problem. So he had Julie. If he loved Rachel, he could leave Julie and be with her.

"Fine!" Ross retorted, leaving the building and walking away.

"I DON'T NEED YOUR SHIP!" she yelled after him, before slamming the door shut and sitting on the couch, crying and crying. Ross had let her down. She thought he would understand. And he had loved her for so long, and never told her. Why couldn't he tell her? Why did he have to leave it? If he'd told her himself, perhaps she could have realised then that she loved him...

She looked up. Ross was standing at the door, looking sorrowfully through. She stood up, went and unlocked the door as the rain started to pour down. It seemed apt somehow. As she opened the door, Ross pulled her into a loving embrace...



"What's wrong?" Ross repeated.

Well, it worked last time, Rachel thought to herself. And he had a girlfriend then. He seemed serious about Julie. But Emily was more than a girlfriend. She was a fianceƩ. And Rachel realised, no matter how much she loved Ross, she couldn't ruin his life for a second time.

"Nothing," she said again, smiling radiantly at Ross. "I'm so happy for you guys."

Sorry if that got confusing at times (I'm good at being confusing I guess.) If you like, I will continue. But please read and review! Make a tired girl happy. Lilian xXx.