Author's Note: 'Welcome to the real World II: The Choice' was not written to be a part of the original Matrix story line. It is only a Matrix fanfic that doesn't really fit in with the actual story. Around this time last year, I published a story that I never thought would capture so many readers' hearts and cause reviewers to beg for a sequel. Yet it happened and I have, since then, had so many requests for a sequel to 'Welcome to the Real World' that I couldn't help but answer. So here it is everyone! I hope you all enjoy it and I hope it turns out to be a classic like the first one! So sorry that it's taken me so long to get it out, but I've been busy thinking up a story that would match up to the original. And I thought it only fair that I publish it around the time that I published the original one last year.

Disclaimer: I am only a fan and do not own anything of the Matrix! All characters, names and anything else pertaining to the Matrix are owned and copyrighted by their rightful owners (the Wachowski brothers and Warner Brothers). The only thing I own is the fanfic itself and any fan-made characters that were created by me exclusively for the story. This fanfic and any of my other fanfics may not be copied, altered, edited or posted elsewhere without my permission. For those of you who may speak another language please feel free to translate my story into your native language for better understanding and your personal enjoyment ONLY, or to show to a friend that may not speak English.

Rated PG – mild violence and action

Angel woke with a start and looked around the dark room. She yawned and fumbled around on her night table for a few minutes before finally finding the digital clock. Pushing a button, the clock's screen illuminated in a soft blue glow revealing a huge 4:00. With a moan she turned back over and stared through the darkness at the ceiling. Something had awakened her. As she lay in bed trying not to drift off to sleep again, Angel sifted through her thoughts trying to remember her dreams. Nope, she didn't wake from a nightmare. What could it have been? She didn't usually wake up at this hour of the morning.

Moving to a sitting position she rubbed her eyes then reached for the lamp on the bedside table and flipped it on. Angel squinted for a minute under the brightness of the light then proceeded to scan the bedroom. Everything looked normal, or was it? Hopping out of bed, she grabbed her robe lying across the foot of the bed and threw it on as she walked toward the door and out into the hallway. A little ways down the hallway, she stopped and looked over the banister. Everything looked ok from what she could make out in the darkness, which was lit only by the soft glow of a computer monitor. She proceeded to go down the carpeted stairs and towards the kitchen, stopping once to look over the lighted screen of her computer. A picture collage screensaver threw random pictures of Matrix movie scenes onto the monitor's screen. Angel rubbed her sleep filled eyes, yawned, then continued toward the kitchen. Flipping on the bright light above, she made her way over to one of the cabinets for a glass.

After getting a glass of milk, Angel slowly walked through the house, turning on lights and searching the place to make sure everything was ok before she returned to bed. Everything was fine. A car zoomed past outside on the road, making a weird loud roaring sound that disappeared into the night.

'That car is in serious need of a new muffler', Angel thought to herself while turning off the last light in the living room. A couple more cars screeched and zoomed past making even louder noises, their headlights lighting up the picture window's drawn drapes for a few seconds before disappearing down the road.

"Anyone in their right mind would be home in bed at this hour of the morning instead of out dragracing." Angel breathed while shaking her head at the racket outside.

Walking to the living room door, Angel stopped and slowly turned her head toward the entertainment center on her far left. Stepping closer she noticed that the DVD player was turned on.

"Must have left it on." She said aloud to herself while pressing the power button. The word 'Off' scrolled across the small digital space on the front before it shut down.

"Strange." Angel mumbled aloud. "I thought for sure I turned it off earlier." She shrugged, took another quick look around the room then again made her way to the living room door. Stepping into the next room she reached for the light switch and flipped off the light before making her way to the stairs. She stopped and looked in front of her. Something was there, or so she thought. She felt a presence in the room with her, but she couldn't understand what kind of presence it was. It suddenly got cold, so cold in fact that she could almost see her breath. Not normal at all. Angel started to shiver with the coldness that surrounded her. She continued to stare through the half darkness in front of her, lit by the monitor, and saw something fuzzy move away from her. Her heart leaped into her throat and she about forgot her coldness for a second. Slowly Angel reached out and felt in front of her expecting to feel something solid, but nothing was there. She again saw something fuzzy and transparent go by. Or was it two fuzzy things? She looked to her left toward the utility room door then looked again to her right toward the computer and kitchen door, then looked behind her where the living room door was. Nothing! Angel breathed hard while looking forward up the stairs. Step by step she slowly made her way up, then turned another glance below. Whatever it was, was gone now and so was the coldness. Weird, she thought while walking toward the bedroom.

Back in bed, Angel thought over all the events that had just happened while sipping the milk she had brought from the kitchen. What had happened anyway? She was the only person that lived there, or was she? A shiver ran down her at that thought. She thought some more and thought about seeing the fuzzy or rather hazy distortion in front of her. It was a weird sort of translucent distortion that fuzzed her sight for a second or two before disappearing. And was there two of them? Could have been just the dark, she shrugged before taking another swig of milk. The darkness sometimes makes things look weird, especially after tracing about the house at four in the morning. But then there was the cold wind that engulfed her when the two fuzzy things had been there, one of the commonly known effects when ghosts are present. Angel knew there were no such things as ghosts though and pushed the thought aside. It had to have been the darkness playing tricks on her eyes.

A crash from downstairs brought Angel to attention. That wasn't the darkness that time and she knew it. Darkness doesn't knock things over. There was definitely something or someone in the house. She quickly set her empty glass on the night table and slowly got up, throwing her robe back on. Bumping up against the night table, she knocked something off which made a thud on the carpet next to her foot. Turning she saw the pearl handled razor that Twin Two had given her last year before he had to return into the DVD that now stood on her DVD shelf downstairs in the living room. She picked it up and stared at it for a minute. She missed her friend deeply. Angel shook her head. Now wasn't the time to reminisce. She clutched the razor in her hand and darted slowly and carefully out into the hall and peered down over the banister. If a burglar were in the house she'd have to be careful not to let herself be known until she could catch whoever it was in the act.

Slowly, carefully, Angel descended down the stairs sideways, her back to the wall so no one could sneak up on her if they happened to be hiding in another room upstairs. Finally reaching the bottom of the stairs, Angel quickly looked around her. All was quiet except for the roar of the computer's fan and the hum of the refrigerator in the kitchen. Making her way over in front of the computer, she felt something behind her. The computer's monitor suddenly turned itself off, shrouding the area in complete blackness. Quickly turning, a sharp blow from behind knocked the breath out of her for a few seconds. Angel, in defense, swung her arms around and hit something, sending it sprawling onto the floor. Immediately after, someone else from behind came up and grabbed onto her, its powerful arm around her neck, slowly choking the life out of her. She gasped and gagged before kicking whoever it was in the shin, causing her captor to let go quickly. She turned and slapped it upside the face, sending it sprawling onto the floor. Huffing and trying to catch her breath, Angel leaped to the light switch and turned on the bright light overhead, her hands shaking from fear. She turned but nothing was lying on the carpet except for the razor she had dropped during the scuffle. Surely she wasn't going crazy. Chest heaving, Angel brushed back a lock of her long brown hair from her face and scanned the room for any signs of an intruder. There wasn't any.

"Angel." A faint voice called out from somewhere. Angel's face went pale. Who was calling her? She turned her head this way and that trying to make out where the voice had come from.

"Angeeeel." The voice again said, this time lower and more menacing and teasing.

"Who are you? What is it that you want?" Angel shouted in fear and frustration, glancing around.

"Doesn't matter." The voice replied. "Run!"


"Run, Angel. He's watching you." The voice quickly said, still sounding as if it were far away. "Run upstairs, now!"

"And lock the door behind you!" a second voice suddenly came out of nowhere.

Confused and frightened, Angel turned to quickly run up the stairs, but someone grabbed her from behind and jerked her around nearly causing her to fall to the floor. She grasped the banister to steady herself then looked up into the face of the being that had touched her.

"Smith!" she faintly got out.

The last thing Angel remembered from that point on was seeing two grotesque creatures coming out of the wall to grab hold of Agent Smith, something hitting her, and everything going black.