The Twins and I found our way down from the roof and walked inside the warehouse just in time to see the last of the battle between the Smith clones and Neo and the rest. The Oracle was standing in one corner with Seraph standing guard in front of her. Ghost and Niobe threw down their guns, which were obviously empty of bullets, and Ice put down the chair she held. Smith clones were scattered all over, some being piled on top of the others. The air was quiet as everyone eased and rested from the fighting.

"I guess that's over with." Trinity sighed, walking up to Neo.

"Where is Smith?" Ice asked.

"He's in that room over there." I pointed toward where Smith had cornered the Twins and me. "He cornered us in that storage room so we had to escape out the skylight."

"We guess he's still in there." Two added.

Ice, Neo, and Ghost cautiously walked over to the room and forced the door open. A few minutes after, they came back to us.

"He's not in there." Said Neo.

"He must have followed us through the skylight." One glanced at me and Two.

"He's loose in Paris?!" I gasped.

"Not for long he isn't." The Oracle's voice came from behind us. "I think it's time for all of us to return to where we belong, including Smith, before something else happens."

"You mean…" Two couldn't finish his sentence.

"Yes, Two." The Oracle looked at Two with caring eyes. "Our time here is over. Angel and her world are safe and there's no reason for us to remain here."

"I have a reason." Two protested. "I have Angel!" he placed his arm around my shoulder.

"Sorry, but we must go back."

"Why?! Why can't I stay here?!" Two's voice rose. "I love her! I'll never let her go again!"

"Two…" One placed his hand around Two's arm and tried to drag him away from me.

"Two, everything will be alright." I tried calming him down. "You'll see."

Two's face showed confusion and sadness, but I tried my best to remain calm. There were two more questions that I needed to ask before everyone left. I thought this was a good time to ask them so I turned to Ice to ask my first one.

"It was a pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise, Angel." Ice replied.

"I've been curious about something. Why did you choose to come here this time?"

"I don't know, really." Ice began sadly. "I guess I wanted to see a real world again. Being down in Zion and fighting Sentinels kind of makes you sick after awhile. Makes you wish harder to see a real world as it was meant to be. I felt that I needed something different so I asked if I could come along, and here I am."

I found myself grinning after Ice had finished, and then I turned back to the Oracle.

"Oracle," I began. "Why is it that everyone is always after me?"

"What do you mean, Angel?"

"Smith always seems to be after me and the Merovingian wants me." I sighed.

"Well the Merovingian wanted you this time because he had a grudge against you. You helped in destroying his plans the last time we all saw each other. I guess he just never forgave you for that."

"He's a cold man." I breathed.

"That he is." The Oracle smiled.

"But why Smith?"

"He was hired by the Merovingian to guard you in this world so no one could come in and unplug you from the Matrix."

"It was protected by codes and wouldn't let anyone unhook me."

"Yes, that's true, but we succeeded in getting the codes from the Merovingian and unplugging you. I guess Smith wasn't aware of that and was only trying to do his job. He was going to get you back one way or another, whatever it took."

I sighed to myself after the Oracle had finished, and then turned to the Twins. Two had his head lowered in a solemn state. I slowly walked up to him and placed my hand on his face and lifted his head up to where he would be facing me. Carefully I reached and took off his sunglasses. His beautiful silver eyes blinked a few times before they focused on me. Two's dark lips curved into a loving smile.

"I'm gonna miss you." I whispered, holding back tears. "I hoped that I would never have to go through this moment again, but here we are."

Two placed his hand on my cheek.

"Someday we'll both be together forever." I looked into Two's eyes. "I can promise you that."

"That promise won't be broken will it?" Two whispered.

"I don't make promises unless I intend to keep them." I whispered back.

Two closed his eyes and leaned his head against mine.

"I love you, Angel." He softly whispered to me only.

"I love you too."

"I'm sorry to have to break this up, but we really must get going before Smith causes anymore trouble." The Oracle broke in.

Two slowly backed away from me, never once taking his eyes off me. I said a quick good bye to everyone before coming back to Two. I couldn't hold back any longer and ran to him, placing my lips to his. For a moment or two we held each other in a strong embrace, then Two finally backed away.

Before I knew it I was feeling lightheaded and losing consciousness, just like I had done before when everyone returned. It must have been the Oracle's doing, to make it easier on me and for me not to know how they all returned.

When I again woke, there was no trace of anyone in the warehouse except for myself. I got up from the floor and brushed the dirt off before making my way to the entrance where I stumbled out into the fresh morning air. I must have been out for awhile because the sun was starting to appear over the horizon. I continued to walk on until I was out in the parking lot. What was I to do now? Why had the Oracle left me here in Paris? As far as I knew I was stuck there with not much money, no way of understanding French and no passport to help me return to the states where I belonged.

I stood in the middle of the warehouse parking lot and stared toward the building. One thing was for sure, my world was free of the Merovingian's grasp once again. But I felt lost, empty, wanting something more. It wasn't a secret anymore, I was in love and everyone knew it, but I couldn't have the one I loved. Tears stung my eyes as I thought about Two's face when he had to go back. I wanted my beloved Two, I wanted to be with him again. I hated seeing him for awhile then having to say good bye over and over. I wanted him to stay…forever. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

I turned to go. Where I would go, I had no clue. I was stuck in Paris for the time being. I was stuck in a foreign country where I felt like I was the only one in a world where everyone else spoke a language I couldn't understand or speak. As I stopped to look at the sun rising in the sky, a few more tears ran down my cheek. I stood and stared out across the city while wondering if there was anything left out there for me. I knew I could never live the same now. I couldn't live knowing that there was someone I loved and wanted to be near, but couldn't have.

I prepared myself to walk on, but as I did I suddenly heard footsteps behind me. I just supposed it was someone coming to open the warehouse up. I sighed and decided to move on before whoever it was saw me and tried to ask what I was doing there. I hadn't taken but a couple of steps when I heard someone call my name. It wasn't a French voice, but an English voice. It was a voice I had heard before and knew well.

"Angel!" the voice again shouted.

My head perked and I quickly turned toward the warehouse; curious as to whom it was that could possibly know my name here in Paris. My mouth dropped open and eventually formed a huge grin. Before my eyes I saw Two running toward me! Then as I looked closer, I saw One running close behind him.

"Angel!!" Two shouted again, skidding to a stop in front of me and grabbing hold of me, nearly lifting me up and off the pavement.

"Two!!" I said, my voice muffled in Two's coat. I pulled away and grabbed Two's face in my hands and rubbed his cheeks the best I could while trying to keep my hands from shaking with excitement. "You rascal! What are you doing here?"

"The Oracle said we could stay this time!" Two grinned.

"For good?" I gasped, not believing my ears.

"Yes, for good!"

Two stopped and looked deep into my eyes.

"She said that it was done and that it would be cruel to keep us apart any longer." Two whispered.

At this moment, One skidded to a stop behind Two. I pushed my way past Two and wrapped my arms around One.

"This is great!" I said, pulling away from One.

"Oh! I think you forgot this." Two pulled a DVD out of his coat pocket and handed it to me. "The Oracle told me to give it to you."

"My DVD." I breathed. "Thank you."

"The Oracle allowed me to stay as well." One smiled. "She said that you can't have one without the other."

"You mean I can't have Two without One!" I grinned and nearly laughed.

One grinned in return.

After the greetings, the Twins and I stood in silence and watched as the sun rose in the sky. It was beautiful, and what's more I was happy inside and out. Two gently squeezed my shoulder as we stood by each other. I was glad that the Oracle understood our feelings and had allowed Two to return to me.

"Angel," Two began, breaking the long silence.


"What's that hanging around your neck?" Two pointed to the silver string that glittered in the rising sun's light.

I looked down and smiled. Lifting my hands to my neck, I unclasped and pulled off a silver necklace that had a silver cross pendant that was dotted with sky blue gems. I fastened it again and placed it in Two's hand.

"Just a little something I decided to bring along." I smiled.

Two grinned as he juggled the necklace in his hands.

"Vampueslome was awful curious about it." I chuckled. "He decided not to pull out from under my shirt though."

Both Twins laughed.

For the rest of that day, the Twins and I spent time looking over the sights of Paris and enjoyed hanging out together. That night was filled with slow dances and other spectacular surprises of which I'll never forget. But all too soon the wonderful vacation came to an end.

When we were about to leave Paris, the Twins and I let our baggage go through the X-ray while we went through the security scanners. I cleared them with no problem, but when the Twins went through…

"What on earth?" Two mumbled out loud as loud buzzing and beeping sounded around us. I quickly turned my head toward the two to see what was going on. One looked down at his and Two's coats then looked at Two.

"Our razors!" he gasped. Two's hand immediately went to his pocket where he kept his razor. Several security guards came running up to us. As I was pushed aside and not noticed, a couple of the guards grabbed the Twins' arms and tried to frisk them. Two threw his hands up in immediate surrender.

"Don't do that!" One whispered as he grabbed Two's hands and forced them down. "You want to draw more attention to us?"

"Hey! Don't touch me there!" I heard Two say angrily to one of the guards. I stood and stared at the whole situation while trying to fight back a laugh. All I could do was shake my head in an amused way.

After the guards found and pulled the razors out of the Twins' pockets, they grabbed the Twins and pulled them over to the side and away from the other tourists and people. I slowly walked over to them.

"It's a big mistake, honest!" One grinned at the guard holding him. "We forgot we even had them in our pockets. Isn't that right, Two?"

"Yes!" Two squirmed to get loose. "Hey! No touchy!" Two grumbled at the guard that dragged him along. "I don't like being touched by just anyone!"

"I need to see some ID." One of the guards sighed.

"Why didn't you say so in the first place?" One griped while pulling out his passport and flipping it open. Two did the same thing.

It took some heavy convincing and explaining, but the guards soon allowed the Twins to take their razors onboard the plane with them. And it pleases me to say, if this were a fairy tale, that Two and I lived happily ever after. As for One, well he soon found a girlfriend too when we returned to the states, and Two and I enjoyed double dating with him. But that's another story of which I'll save for another time!

The End