Chapter 1

D'Alessandra Cage walked out of the college library as she was stuffing her medical anatomy book into her backpack and slipped her shade on and proceeded to walk out to her Bright Red Toyota RAV4...As she climbed in, she realized she still had 4 more days left until the weekend...

Oooo which meant it was Monday...She looked at her watch it was only 5...DAMN...4 hours until Monday Night Raw...WWE wrestling...some thing she never missed with her 2 room mates.

Wrestling was her only guilty pleasure, practically the only time she watched TV was on Monday nights. On the way home, she stopped at the hospital to pick up her weekend internship. Stopping to talk to a few nurses and co-workers...Then she went onto the 3 bedroom house, she called home.

I walked up the stairs instantly met by Micah, the only male living with 2 women in a house. He was sitting in the porch swing with his feet dangling over the side reading a book with his girlfriend. Micah said, "What are you doing home so early Sandra?" I whipped my head around and said, "Professor Landon cancelled his class for the day...something about being constipated."

Micah and his girlfriend Nonie cracked up laughing...Micah said, "Don't forget about wrestling tonight." I said, "Forget? Are you insane...The only wrestler worth watching is making his come back after his torn quad surgery...How could I miss the Game's return?"

Micah said, "You'll never change ya know've liked Paul Levesque since he started in WCW...and then followed his career into WWE." I said, "Who wouldn't follow that hottie around?" Nonie said, "I heard he was dating Stephanie McMahon..." I said, "Yea...well as long as they are happy...who cares."

I walked inside and sat at the kitchen table after cleaning it off and worked on my homework until Jennifer got home and handed over the Chinese take out she'd brought home for the four of us sat down to eat, Jen said, "So what exciting things have you dorks done today?"

I looked up from my Pork friends rice and said, "Exciting things happen in Madison, New Hampshire...DAMN...and no one told me...was there some kind of Memo sent out?" That threw the 3 other table occupants into fits of laughter...I said, "What...I was just asking a simple question."

We finished eating and cleaned up the kitchen and I finished up my home work.

When 8:55p.m rolled around...We started moving the big plush chairs around out 50 inch big screen T.V. We crowded into the living room and watched the entire 2 hours to Raw...When finally 'Time To Play The Game' Rang through the speakers of the TV...

I jumped up on my knees and watched as Triple H walked out in jeans so tight you could tell what religion he was, a Triple H t-shirt so tight you could've sworn the circulation was being cut off, his night dirty blonde hair pulled back into a low pony tail, his go-tee and mustache trimmed up nicely...and his black leather and Jean Triple H jacket on...he bounced around the ring and lit up the crowd and it was so great to see him there again.

He looked like he was really in his element. He'd been gone for months out with a quad tear in his upper and tons of physical therapy later he was finally back where he looked to be at home the middle of the ring.

As Raw went off the air I headed upstairs with visions of Paul Levesque...better know as Triple H sliding through my dreams.

Nonie and Micah watched as the credits for Raw were shown at the bottom of the screen, and suddenly a contest flashed across the screen of the TV a chance meeting of a lifetime for some luck Triple H fan to meet Triple H in person, have him take you on a real date and then escort him to was 2 months away...

Micah had a plan brewing in the back of his mind. As he jumped online and signed Sandra up for the contest...Nonie smiling over his shoulder.