Remus' Story

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Remus Lupin was born to wizards Tony and Cassandra Lupin, and given the name Remus since his father liked wolves. He was an only child, quiet and a loner, but very happy. Sometimes though, he was especially bubbly and talked to his parents a lot. His parents loved him dearly, and a more contented boy could not have been found. Of course, even though he was good, he also got into trouble, like any boy. But all of this changed the day he became a werewolf.

It started out as a perfectly normal day for the four year old Remus. He and his parents were taking a holiday. They decided to go to see in the country. Remus was fascinated.

"Daddy, how do fish swim?" he had asked.

"They swim by moving their fins, Remus," replied his father, laughing at his happy son. Cassandra too, was laughing. She loved these kind of holidays, where she, her husband and son took time out and visited Muggle places, even if the stayed at Wizarding inns.

"Dad, can I swim as well?" asked Remus.

"Yes you can Remus," said Tony, laughing again. "I'll teach you sometime soon."

"Great," said the happy Remus. He moved away from the lake and under the tree where his mother was sitting. Her brown eyes sparkled, and she stretched out her arms towards her small son. He ran into her arms, and gave her a big hug. Then he sat down on the grass and chattered about everything: about the pretty fish he had seen, and how Daddy was going to teach him to swim and

"Do you think I can swim as well as the fish can? I hope so, then I can chase them and maybe catch one, I can't catch them now, they're too fast!"

"Yes I think so Remus," she said, tousling his light brown hair.

Tony came and sat next to them both. "Is he telling you about his plans to catch the fish?"

"Yes, Tony," said Cassandra, smiling. He put his arm around her and they listened to their happy son.

When they got back to the inn, The Blue Boar, they went inside, had lunch as usual, and went out some more to see other things. They were walking back home that night when Remus stopped to tie his shoelace. They waited on him patiently, and then behind them, in the bush, they heard a snarling, crashing noise. Tony turned to face it, while Cassandra picked up Remus and prepared to run.

A huge wolf jumped out of the bush at them, and the parents both knew that it had to be a werewolf: there were no wolves around here. Cassandra turned to run, and Tony tried to stun it, but it dodged the spells.

"Cassandra!! Run on the path, get Remus away, I'll try to hold it off!! Hurry now!"

She turned and began to run, but the wolf cut across her trail. She stopped shaking: there was no way out. Remus was crying: he didn't understand why his mother had grabbed him so suddenly and he was scared of the huge wolf. With almost evil cunning, the thing circled, then it sprung. She screamed, held Remus, but felt the monster grab hold of his ankle with its teeth, felt him slipping from her arms, as it tried to drag her small son away from her and blood pouring down her hands. There was a shot.

The huge werewolf rolled over dead. Its eyes still had a hungry red light, and it still jerked now and then. White faced, Cassandra looked up and saw Tony, his wand smoking. She figured that he had sent a silver bullet through its heart, but that didn't matter what mattered was her crying son Remus.

He was sobbing uncontrollably, and there was blood all over his feet. With a shock Cassandra realized whose blood. It was her son's. Remus had been bitten.

He was now a not a small boy, but a fearsome monster.


They had left the place and went to their own home, as quickly as possible.

In the weeks before Remus' first transformation, Cassandra had battled with her heart. He was not a monster; he was just her small son, who could not understand. But he is a monster, her head would whisper. He will kill you, and Tony, and everything. No he is not, she would shriek. He is my SON!! Aaah, he is now. But wait till he grows older . . . NO!! HE IS MY SON!! And with this she often used to cry her heart out at night.

They had to keep the bite bandaged: they took him to the hospital, called St. Mungo's. Poor Remus did not understand why the healers poked him with their wands, and fed him strange potions. And at night, he did not understand why his mother and father were not there. He sobbed bitterly for them, and he missed his bedtime stories and his parents' goodnight hugs. It made the Healers hearts' wrench to hear him. And at night, he had nightmares, of the wolf and the bite. Perhaps this is why, in two days Cassandra and Tony were able to have him back.

The joy on his face when he saw them was pitiful to see, as was the shriek.

"Mummy! Daddy!" he yelled, his face smiling and his light brown eyes dancing and sparkling in his face. Already he was beginning to look tired and thin, but he was happy.

They had hugged him, and kissed him, and took him home.

On the night before that first transformation, Cassandra had sat down with him, and tried to explain everything to him.

"Remus, tomorrow night, you will . . .change."

He had been puzzled of course. "Change?"

"You will turn into a very dangerous creature, called a werewolf."


The next night, he did not understand why his parents left him or why he had been tied up. Then he shuddered as the moon rose, and began to change. It hurt, it hurt, it hurt worse than when he had fallen and skinned his knee, or accidentally stepped on a nail. He yelled, except it wasn't his voice he heard, it was a strange snarling. Why wasn't mummy there? Or daddy? Surely they would come when they heard him. He was all alone, and he cried, but it wasn't tears, but howls he heard. It wasn't his skin, but fur. He wasn't himself, and didn't understand.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ After a while, Remus understood. He knew why he changed every month, but he hated it. He hated the pain. He hated everything about it. His mother and father searched constantly for a cure, a cure to stop the danger and pain every month. There was none available.

His father and mother spent more time with him, letting him know that they cared. He appreciated it, and yes he learned to swim, and to catch fish.

As he grew older, he became more of a loner. He knew that no one would be friends with a monster. He started to fear the moon, and the transformations caused. When he was little it had been his dream to go to Hogwarts School, like his parents. Now, he knew that this was impossible. It depressed him.

And then, on his eleventh birthday, his Hogwarts letter came.

Hope filled his heart.


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