The Dark Prince Returns

Chapter One: Evil Finds A Way

::It's so cold::

His mind awoke after years of being at rest.

For years he rotted, but only inside. He was hurt by the words of his beloved. He had died for her, and only then did she realize his true feelings he had had for her. She had cried for him then and there, and that was good enough for him.

His eyes began to open, but only to see the brightness of the sun, blaring down at him. Everything was so blurry, and he couldn't even move. He tried to stand, but only to find his body go limp and hit the hard ground.

::I don't remember...::

He lay under the sun, which felt so warm to him now. He decided to lie there until he could find strength to stand up.

He thought for a moment, trying to remember anything, anything at all about what happened to him; why he was not dead.

"Serena...I lied...I really do love you..." The words haunted him. The past all began to seep into his mind and scream.

"Your tears fell upon my face, Serenity. They had saved me." He said to himself.

Diamond had remembered everything. When he died in Serenity's arms that day, she cried. Her tears fell upon his fragile, pale face and soaked into his soft skin. They then became a part of him, and everything that she did and thought, Diamond could hear, feel, and see in his dreams. Her tears froze him and imprisoned him in a coffin of crystal. He slept fro years until one da he could have her. His body healed over time, yes, but he wanted to wait until all was calm...until all was too perfect.

Diamond opened his eyes to the light. A newborn world surrounded him with beauty. The trees were alive and as green as could be. The birds sang their harmonies and the wind whispered secrets of eternities. This was truly not the world he once knew.

He thought once more about his queen. He could not be delayed.

"Serenity..." He whispered to himself, as if expecting her to answer him. "I will make you mine. And this time, no one will get in my way; no one will interfere."

"Derian, It's been almost two years since Galexia was defeated." Serena said to her love as he embraced her in his arms.

They stood out in the open in front of the pier. It truly was a beautiful day in Tokyo. The Cherry Blossom Trees shed their petals. They flowed in the wind and over the two. They came to the pier almost every day in the summer. Derian had finished college and was now in business. Serena, however, had just begun in college. She had a dorm with Rei in Tokyo University.

"Yes, it has been. It's nice to be in peace for once."

"And to only think that soon we'll to be married." Serena would talk about nothing but their wedding. They could not afford it at the time, but they would still spend endless hours discussing the dress she would get and where the wedding would take place.

Derian looked at his watch, releasing his grip on Serena. "I'm sorry, Serena."

"I know, I know. You have to go to work, right?" She giggled. "What a business man you have become."

Derian leaned over to kiss his lover, and then he walked away from the pier. Serena watched him.

She, too, left the pier. She was going home to her dorm with Rei tonight. Rei was cooking and Serena couldn't pass this opportunity. Rei's cooking was great! It may not have been as good as Lita's or her mother's but it was all she lived off and it was fine for her.

The road was awfully quiet tonight. There were barely any cars on the road. It scared her. Chills passed through her spine to even think that something was wrong.

::What are you thinking, Serena?! Just because you don't see any traffic doesn't mean anything!:: Serena thought to herself, shaking her head.

She finally came to the Dorm A on Tokyo University Campus. That was where her room was. She walked in and went to the front desk for any mail.

"Yes, Miss Tsukino. Miss Hino said that she would not be back until late." The woman said.

Serena nodded "thanks" and walked down the hall to the elevators. The entered the elevator and stepped in. The "Floor 3" button glowed as Serena pressed her finger upon it. The elevator opened and she walked out and to room 315. She reached for the key around her neck and unlocked the door.

She was exhausted. She and Derian took the longest walk today at the pier and had been up studying all week. She barely got any slept anymore. She wanted to do well in college. She would give anything to be like her friends. All of them had a talent of something that they loved to do. Rei loved to spend time in her temple meditating; Ami was smart and would surely succeed in becoming a doctor; Lita was a talented cook and a great fighter; and Mina was a beautiful girl that would be a super model with no problem.

Serena knew her future, as being the Queen of Tokyo, but she still wanted to be the very best she could be. She wanted to be able to cook, be able to defend herself, be able to study and learn, to be able to be.....anything but who she was.

She laid down on her bed in her room and opened a book. She springy bed was not very comfortable on her stomach, but she lived with it. The book was called The Mocking Bird. Serena had just borrowed it from the library yesterday. It looked fascinating to her.

She sat there for about an hour, reading page after page. Every word fascinated her, drew her in. She couldn't believe what she was missing all these years! This was amazing!

A hand fell upon her shoulder and a large, strong body was now on top of hers. Serena froze. Lips fell upon her neck, trailing kisses up her neck and to her face.

"Hello, love." Serena said, turning her head to see Derian. She turned her body around and laid her head on the pillow. Derian swung one leg over her and pressed his upper boy on Serena's small one. He gently pressed his lips against hers. She welcomed it. She didn't expect Derian to be back this early from work at all. It didn't matter.

Derian slipped his tongue into her mouth. Her's trailed along his. His tongue was warm and sweet. She only loved him. There was no one else. He slipped his hand up Serena's shirt and held her breast in his hand. Serena moaned underneath him.

In the mean time, outside the window, a shadow lingered in the trees. Cold Violet eyes watched. It sickened him to see this. Rage built with in the Dark Prince. He hated Tuxedo Mask more than ANYONE. He would kill him first, then Serenity would be his. It discussed him to see that Earth boy touch his queen like this. She was his and his alone!

"In time, Serenity. In time." He said as he drew back into the shadows and vanished into the night.

The Temple was always so quiet at night. It was the perfect time to meditate. There were no disturbances and no more wining Serena. At this time, the flames were always stronger, giving her a better connection with the Celestial Fire.

::I sense evil.....:: Rei thought to herself.

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew the doors open and the Celestial Fire dimmed.

"This is bad! This is VERY bad!" She said.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Serena. I don't want to be here when Rei gets home." Derian laughed.

"Are you sure you don't want to stay for more cookies?" Serena wined.

"As much as I love your home made chocolate chip cookies, Serena, I have to get home."

Derian reached down for her soft silk lips. She leaned up to reach him. Their eyes closed to cherish the moment; as long as it lasted. Derian pulled away and smiled at the beautiful Princess.

"Goodbye." He whispered to her.

Serena smiled back at him. It was like staring at an ageless portrait. Her smiles never grew old. They were always sweet and always full of love. That's what he loved about her. He loved her sincerity and loving personality.

"Goodbye, Derian." She said softly.

It was about 9:00 now and Rei was still not back. Serena was beginning to get worried about her. She never came home this late. She was always home before 8:00, unless it was really important.

The phone rang. The irritating sound brought a sudden chill to her. She wasn't sure why, but it did. She ran over to answer it. The picked up the cordless black phone and clicked the on button.

"Hello?" Serena said.

"Serena! Something's wrong! I can sense it!" Rei yelled. There was a distant sound in the background of the phone.

"What is it, Rei?! What happened?!" Serena was frightened. She knew something was wrong! She should have gone to the temple a long time ago to see what was up!

"I'm not sure, but it's BIG!" Rei paused for a minute, then she took a deep breath to prepare herself. "It's a Dark Spirit. It searches for revenge." She said calmly.

The lights went out in the apartment. It was pitch dark and Serena couldn't see anything.

"He- hello?" Serena stuttered.

No one answered. The phone was dead.

"Hello, Serenity."


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