Title: Survival Author: balletdancer51 Rating: PG-13 Archive: You guys can put it where you want, just let me know where so I can get feedback. Synopsis: On a new case, the whole Jump Street team discovers things about themselves and each other when they must work together to escape with their lives. Standard Disclaimer: 21 Jump Street and its characters are the property

of Stephen J. Cannell, et al. I don't own them, and I'm not using them

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Hanson crouched down behind the Oldsmobile, listening carefully for sounds of footsteps or breathing. He wiped away the sweat that was dripping into is eyes, and moved farther down the aisle of parked cars.
"Hey Hanson!" a gruff voice yelled out, and he looked toward where he thought it was coming from. There was no way he was going to answer. He knew they were trying to goad him into giving up his position. He shuffled a little farther, then stopped and changed direction as another voice yelled, "We know you're a rotten narc!"
Took you long enough to figure it out, Hanson thought to himself. He had been sure his cover had been blown multiple times during this case, but the drug pushers had never suspected a thing. Morons.
Pursuing footsteps an aisle over in a crouched run, Hanson dodged and weaved through cars, escaping ricocheting bullets. Coming out from his hiding place, he tackled the kid he had heard trying to sneak up on him. Quickly subduing the teen, Hanson called out to his friends, who had ceased fire the moment their friend hit the pavement.
"Everybody out now, or I blow his brains out!" Three pairs of hands raised into the air, followed by the rest of the compatriots of the scum on the ground. They looked on dubiously, but they threw their guns on the ground nonetheless.
Come on, Doug. He looked over his shoulder for the flash of lights he was hoping for. His backup was late, as per usual lately, and he didn't want the criminals to figure out that a cop, unorthodox as he was, could not kill a perp in cold blood.
The guy under his arms started to squirm, and he put a little more weight on the elbow in the kid's back. The others were shifting from foot to foot, and he saw one starting to move toward his gun. In a flash, Hanson had the 9mm trained on him.
"Don't even think about it kid." His voice was cool, belying how nervous he was about the fact that he was sorely outnumbered. "You're in enough trouble as it is."
"What would you know about it cop?" The kid with blue hair sneered. "Whether we go to jail, or not, we're already dead." The others nodded their heads, but Tom felt no sympathy. They were trying to play on his emotions, but it was not going to work.
"Tell me who's the leader, and maybe I can get you a deal." Hanson doubted it, considering one kid had already died from using the heroin being supplied at the school, but it was worth a shot.
"Not a chance man," the kid in orange trembled. "Jail can't even keep us safe from him."
"Well, you're about to find out whether that's true or not," Hanson said as sirens rescinded in the distance. The three punks' faces became frightened masks of who they really were. Hanson realized that they were truly afraid of the retribution their boss would exact upon them. He tried one more time.
"Look, we can protect you a lot more than you think, especially if you give us a name." One of the kids opened his mouth, then closed it just as quickly. The matter was taken out of Hanson's hands as three officers apprehended the three. Tom felt a tap on his shoulder and looked up through guarded eyes.
"Could you use some of these?" Doug held out a pair of handcuffs and Hanson took them quickly. Once the fourth guy was safely in a cop car, Tom looked at Penhall through narrowed eyes.
"Where the hell were you?" The anger and apprehension from the day seeped into the question, and it didn't escape his partner.
"Didn't want to break your cover before the right moment," answered Doug as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. This only angered Hanson more, and tired as he was he could not bite back a quick retort.
"Well they were about to break me Doug." Hanson walked away haggardly, leaving Penhall wondering what in the world he had said wrong.

Just Part 1 guys, I'm setting up the story