Genesis of a Legend

Disclaimer:  I don't own these characters.  Marvel does.

Part One

**Author's note…this is going to be a short fic….I swear!  But it did turn into a two part story**



I remember the first time I met Scott Summers.  I had been living at the Institute with the Professor for two years now, seeing as my parents seemed incapable of dealing with my mutation.  I had just returned from my first day of exams, nearing the end of my second year of college.  The Professor had been away all week, evaluating and retrieving this boy.  I knew little about him, just that he was around my own age.  I bounded into the house, excited to see the Professor's Mercedes back in the drive.

"I'm home!"

**We are in the den** the Professor sent.

I skipped through the parlor.  My first exam had been much easier than I expected, and it was a bright, sunny, warm day.  I was in a great mood.  As I made my way through the house, I wondered what this new boy would be like.  I didn't even know what his mutation was.  Or his name for that matter. 

I slid through the partially opened door, into the den.  The Professor sat by the large, comfy chair.  From the back, I could see he had deep brown hair that was a little too long, like not long purposely, but just grown out. 

"Good afternoon, Jean.  How did you exam go?"

"Very well."

I eyed the boy curiously.  He had a blindfold over his eyes, and it was partially held down with duct tape.  He looked very depressed, sitting slumped in the chair, his shoulders drawn up.  I found it funny that I could tell so much about his mood without seeing his eyes. 

"Jean, this is Scott Summers.  Scott will be living here now."

"Hi!"  I extended my hand, then realizing he couldn't see it grabbed his hand to shake.  He was startled at first, and his hand lay limp in mine, but then he figured out what was going on and shook my hand, then quickly pulled his away.    I sat on the arm of the chair, and he inched away. 

"Now, I've already told Scott a bit about you, so let me tell you a little about him.  Scott is from California, he's your age.  His mutation manifested 2 years ago.  Scott has a strong optic beam, that he cannot control due to an accident that occurred when he was younger.  My friend Dr. Hank McCoy has run a battery of tests and should have a prototype of a pair of glasses to inhibit the beam very soon.  Am I forgetting anything, Scott?"

The boy shook his head.  The Professor smiled.

"I have some telephone calls to make now.  I'll leave the two of you to get to know each other."  **Try to make him feel more comfortable.  He's had a tough time for a long time.  Very shy.**

**Sure, I'll give it my best shot**

The Professor rolled out of the room, and Scott and I were left sitting in silence.  I looked intently at him.  He was strangely attractive, despite his sour disposition. 

"I've lived here for two years now.  I really like it.  It's much more accepting than my parents' house was."

He didn't react. 

"Have you seen…been to your room yet?"

Shit, I hadn't meant start like that.  He turned to face me and nodded.  He still didn't say anything. 

"Did you like it?"

Fuck, I was batting 0 for 2.

"It seemed nice."

He said something!  And he didn't seem mad at my second faux pas.

"I haven't had an actual room to sleep in…in a while."


"No." He looked back down at his lap.

So much for communication.

"Hey, its really nice out today.  Wanna go outside to talk?"

He looked up at me again, finally nodding.  We stood up.

"Ummm…" I began. 

He offered out his hand.  "We go slow, so I can get my bearings, and you tell me exactly what we're passing through, got it?"

I nodded, then cursed myself and answered, "Yup."

I grabbed his hand and led him through the den. 

"Did the Professor tell you the basics about the house?"

"Yeah.  General overview and such."

"Good.  We're going into the hallway now."

We walked in silence.  His face was expressionless.

"Now, we've gotten to the back door.  It's on the right."

He nodded.  We stepped outside. 

"We're going to go down to the dock.  That's my favorite spot on the grounds."

Scott nodded.  "How far?"

"Umm…I don't know exactly how far.  Not very."


We walked the rest of the way without talking.

"We're on the dock now?"

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"Different surface."


"You learn all sorts of little tricks when you've been doing it long enough."

I led him out to the very end of the dock.  "How long have you been…uh, blind?"

"One year, eleven months and twenty-five days."

"Oh, wow.  And you haven't been able to see at all?"

I sat down, and gently tugged on his hand, pulling him with me.  I didn't release it.  He didn't either.

"There were periods during the first six months where it would come and go, but it was unpredictable.  I didn't like to chance it.  So I've been blindfolding myself for awhile now."

He lay back on the dock.  I still had his hand.

"The Professor's friend Dr. McCoy, is a genius.  He'll find something for you right away."

"I've learned to stop hoping."

"Don't you consider yourself better off now?"

Scott shrugged.  Once again, we sat in silence.  The sun beat down on us.  Scott sat up a bit, and slid off his sweatshirt.  He was wearing a T-shirt that showed off his well defined arm muscles.  The more I looked, the more attractive I found him. 

"Like the sun?"

"I'm from California."

I laughed.  Scott sighed.  Contentedly?  I could swear there was a grin forming on his mouth.  It was weird staring at him like this.  I would have never done this if he could see me doing it.  But I liked it. 

"This weather is gorgeous," he admitted. 

"It's been raining all week."

"Is that typical?"

"Yeah." I frowned. 

We basked in the sun a bit more. 

"So what do you do?"

"I'm a college student.  Finishing my second year.  But I'm a senior.  I've taken extra classes, and worked through the summer.  I'll graduate in December."

"Wow.  Accelerated track.  What's your major?"

"Pre-med. I'll be doing a medical school track with Dr. McCoy once I graduate."

"What specialty?"

"Well, I'm going to work here at the Institute, I think.  It's the Professor's goal to begin to branch out, and enroll more students."

"What field do you really like though."


"Appropriate.  Very, very appropriate.  So you're a telekinetic?"


"You can move things with your mind, right? That is what that means?"

"Yeah."  I was getting better at not just nodding like an idiot.  I hesitated. "I'm also a telepath." I sat back and watched for his reaction.

"Like the Professor?"

"Sort of.  That "gift" is a little harder for me to control than the teke.  But don't worry, I can do it well enough that I'm not flooded with unwanted thoughs. And, I would never go in uninvited.  Has the Professor taught you shields yet?"

Scott grinned.  It was a nice sight. "The Professor says I have the strongest natural shields he's ever seen."  He laughed a little.  "I tried my damndest to keep him out at first."

I smiled.  "Don't worry about me."

"I won't," he turned to face me.  "I trust you."