"Ana it's okay...everything is going to be all right."

"No.It wont."

Those were the hopeless words that Ana was able to choke out as she spoke to Michael who was still standing on the dock looking into her eyes.

Michael raised his hand and touched the side of her cheek, the feeling of his warmth and his smooth palm made Ana raise her own shaken hand and cover his.

Both starred into each other's eyes for what seemed like a lifetime, His sad dark gray eyes and her tear filling wide blue ones, seemed to melt together and know what they were thinking right at that moment.

After all that they had gone though he had to stay behind and die...Hadn't she lost enough people...Was God's plan to see how much loss and pain she could take before she lost her own mind?

She didn't know why such a good and kind man like Michael had to die like this, Alone and in pain, He had done so much for them to make sure they were safe and here she was about to leave him.

The truth was she had fallen head over heels in love with him in those past ten days they spent together in the mall, Ana didn't know if she was a bad person for doing this given the fact that her husband had died only days before hand.

But none really knew what her life with Luis was like, sure they loved each other and tried to make their life as smooth and calm as anyone's could be, but their work kept them apart and their marriage was slowly breaking down. Deep down inside Ana knew their was another woman, But the fact of being left alone in this world made her blind to that reason.

After he had died she didn't talk about him or even really take the time to cry over it, She couldn't be weak, She had to show the others she was strong, Just like Michael and move on with her life.

At first she had seen the fact he was a calm and smart person, The way he stood up to Bart and CJ when they pointed the gun in her face that day on the roof. The way he used to smile at her and try and make her look at the bright side of things, everyone else saw him as just a salesman that seemed to have a good head on his shoulders, But Ana saw him as a handsome kind and loving person that tried his best to make good for the group.

The time they spent together in the mall was short, But in her mind it was a lifetime, They used to laugh and joke together, Even after the worst of things could happen he could touch her hand and look at her with those dark eyes at him and tell her the same words he was telling her now...Everything was going to be all right.

The one secret they shared was back two days ago when Kenneth wanted to call a meeting about Andy who was stuck on the other side of the street. Ana went looking for Michael who was downstairs working on one of the buses, She walked in on him as he showed her how to work one of the chainsaws, Both seemed to breakdown a little when he said he was trying...She touched his hand and then slowly he bent his head and kissed her.

That's when both broke down, there was nothing to stop them, they started to kiss like madman and they both fell to the floor in each other's arms.

After they had made love they laid together on the bus floor with her arms around each other, Michael brushed back some of her hair that had fallen in her eyes and kissed her forehead. Ana then placed her head on his chest and wished they could stay that way forever...Because the truth was she loved him now, more then anything.

Now here he was ready to leave her and die.

He then used his other arm and pushed the boat away from the dock, it make a small jerk and Nicole and Terry both held each other watching them.

As the boat started to pull away, Michael brought her hand and kissed it, they clasped hands as tight as they could but the boat pulled ahead and make them lose their grip.

"You sure you want to do this?"

Kenneth asked, Michael smiled at Ana as she tried to hold back the tears watching him.

"Yeah...I think I'll stay here for a while...Watch the sunrise."

The boat then started up and they slowly started to pull away, Further and further away from the dock.

Ana watched from the back of the boat, tears making the vision of him starting to blur.

He looked at his arm and then slowly took out the handgun that was in the back of his shirt and started to raise it to his head, His eyes still strong watching her.

Ana started to shake knowing that he would be the last man she would ever love. What was this all worth if mankind was over, What was her life worth staying on the boat and watching him die...and then waiting to die herself on that island, It was a waste, They were all dead in her mind and if she was going to die she wanted to die with him?

He then pointed the gun to his head and was about to pull the trigger when Ana shot up and screamed at the top of her lungs...


Before the others could scream her name she dove head first into the clear blue water, the shock of the cold felt like a thousand knife stabbing her all at the same time.

She was still underwater but she tried to kick her legs as much as she could, the weight of her jacket didn't help so much but she needed to get to the dock before it was to late.

She kicked and swam as hard as she could before she felt two strong arms wrap around her waist and pull her to the surface,

She gasped for air as oxygen rushed into her lungs, She coughed and then she felt light headed and then everything turned to darkness.

"Ana...Open your eyes..."

Those were the soft spoken words that made her eye lids slowly flutter open, At first the rays of the sun made her shut them again, But she then opened them again slowly and she saw the one person her heart leaped for.

It was Michael looking down at her, soaked from head to toe, His T-shirt clung to him like a second skin, His dark blond hair was matted and in his eyes. His eyes looked scared to death...He looked like he had been crying.

Was she in heaven? She thought?

Michael touched her cheek again and she saw tears starting to fall from his eyes, this was the first time ever she had seen him cry. He choked on the words as he stroked his wet damp skin with his fingers.

"I thought I lost you..."

Ana didn't say anything...She saw that the sky was moving above them and from the hum under her body she knew they were safe and on the boat.

He kept looking down at her, She wanted to say so much...But her throat hurt and words seemed to be far away from her right now.

"Your so dumb."

He said as he made another weak smile looking down at her, His tears started to thin out.

Ana then slowly rose her body and she locked eyes with him, She never wanted to leave him ever again in her life...even in death.

She then pressed her head on his chest and started to shake.

"Please don't kill yourself...Please..."

Michael put his arms around her cold shaking body and then looked up at the others...He knew what was going to happen within days or even hours...But the way she was right now he couldn't leave her.

He held her tighter and looked at Kenneth.

"No.I won't, when it happens Kenneth will take care of me...Right?"

Kenneth then nodded his head; He understood what Michael meant by this.

"Yeah Man.whatever you want."

Michael only shook his head in a way of thanking Kenneth, Then looked around at the bright blue sky...This was his biggest fear of all, Falling in love.

The end.