[Hal's A/N: This poem is called: Dead Silence- Clara Barton Looking at Andersonville Prison. It is based off of Ann Rinaldi's Numbering All the Bones. I do not own anything but my poem, and my other fanfics, etc. I do not get paid, which REALLY sucks. This was made for my LA class, but I decided to put it here. Reviews very welcome. Enjoy!]

Dead Silence.

Headstones sticking out of the dirt

Spirits of the dead resting

13000 stones

How could there be so much death in one place?

Dead silence.

Names and dates carved in stone

Bodies lay below the earth

Why did there have to be war?

Dead silence.

Shebangs like little communities in their clusters

A musty smell in the air

The wind slightly blowing; the trees swaying

Dead silence.

Little bits of sunshine through the darkness

Clouds hanging over in dread

These people didn't deserve this bitter end.


The Negroes doing their work and having fun

We've done our job

The best we could do.

We will leave this place to be

And deadly silent it will remain.