(A/N) OK, here's my new story starring the extremely hot Johnny Depp. I tried hard not to make this story a Mary Sue, so please no flames. But if people have compliments (hopefully) or suggestions, please reply. Thank you, luvs! Also, the main character Saviya is a gypsy and there is Romany sprinkled throughout her speech. Translations in the parentheses. Also, you pronounce her name Sa-vee-ya.

Chapter One : To Port Royal

Saviya stood at the railing of the Nighstorm, gazing not at the approaching land of Port Royal but out where the water stretched into the horizon. The ship sliced through the glistening water, never stopping but just moving tirelessly on, and she knew she would be happy to spend her days on a ship...always moving.

Barefoot, she walked lightly down the deck, trailing her fingers on the railing. She was not eager to see her father, Charles Duvonfloure, but it had been her mother's last wish that she go to see him. He mother, father and she had lived in southern England until Saviya had turned 14. It was then that Charles had received the news he was to be transferred from his naval position in England to serve in Port Royal.

At the same time, Rain's mother Jessenia had gotten word that her mother- Saviya's grandmother-, Louzsa, was ill. Louzsa was a gypsy, Jessenia the daughter of two gypsies. Louzsa had forgiven Jessenia for falling in love and marrying Charles, a gorgio (non gypsy). Jessenia went to aide Louzsa, who refused to get proper help and continued to travel with her gypsies. Saviya, who had taken off with Jessenia many times before to travel for a few months at a time with the gypsies as she grew up, went also.

Charles went to Port Royal while his wife and daughter lived among the gypsies for the next five years. Both were happy; Jessenia to be back with her people and Saviya to be where she felt she truly belonged. On the fourth year, Louzsa died and unintentionally passed the sickness to Jessenia, her main caregiver. Jessenia died seven months later under Saviya's care and comfort. On her deathbed, Jessenia had made Saviya promise to go see her father and send her love. And here she was.

Growing up, Charles had taught her the ways of the world while Jessenia had taught her gypsy ways. Saviya was born with the spirit and look of a gypsy. She had the sheen of black hair and bronzed skin of a gypsy and though her body size was petite, it was strong and curvy. She had her mother's eyes, dark brown eyes. They were confident eyes, observing everything and restless, yearning for more, piercing everything with their gaze.

When the Nighstorm was anchored to the dock, Saviya picked up her two bags and walked off the ship. One glance told her how drastically different Port Royal was. Men in stiff suit and wigs with blank placid faces above raised chins. Women were in large uncomfortable looking dresses, prim and polished with haughty looks in their eyes.

She shook her head at the silly dressed people. How she wished she was back with the gypsies. But she had made a promise and she had to keep it. So, Saviya continued walking to the town as everyone she passed gave her a double look and a slight sneer.