Chapter Eight: Captain Jaminson

Saviya looked with distast at the sight before her. Whores with painted faces shouted to passing drunk men and raised their skirts to them. Amidst the lewd remarks the men made in return and their drunken stumble as they desperately held their bottles in one hand and weapon in another, the air was stale and reeked of cheap perfume, sweat and alcohol. The large bear of a man on her left, Charles, stepped off the dock and onto the ground with a huge smile on his face. "Ah, Pirate's Paradise." With one hand on his sword and the other on his money pouch, he lumbered into the town.

"Alright, men!" Captain Jack exclaimed behind her as he addressed the crew. "Tonight all the drink and strumpets ye want. Gibbs and Sam, ye two get the list o supplies tomorrow morning. Ev'rybody back on the ship by noon! K, go on, men!" With a cheer of 'Aye cap'n,' the crew quickly dispersed, happily making their way towards the town. Saviya looked around and then started also but a hand on her arm stopped her. She turned to see Sam, a rather odd fellow, standing there and looking at her hesitantly.

Saviya looked at him a bit impatiently and said slowly, "What?"

He looked at bit uncomfortable. "Well, lass, do ye think ye should jest WALK into Tortuga? I mean, wit the way ye are dressed..." At her unbending gaze, he continued, "Well, people might think ye are a whore."

Saviya looked down at herself. She was still wearing the red and purple layered skirt with the galbi (gold coins sewn on skirt) and had put on the off the shoulder white blouse with the long sleeves, and a black bodice that laced up the front over it with purple designs and jewels embedded in it. Jack had handed her a pair of boots before they'd docked and she'd just stared at them for a minute before he sarcastically explained to her what they were for. After glaring at him and cursing at him-she did not like wearing shoes or being patronized-, she put them on. After hearing the men talk of Tortuga, she thought it might not be best to walk around barefoot.

"Well, I know I'm not a whore, so dat is all dat matters-"

"And I woun't be surprised if one o'them tried to steal yer clothes wit all those shinies on 'em. Prob'ly while tryin' ta get ta somethin' else," he laughed.

Saviya smiled, but it was not a nice smile. "That's why I have my churi."

"Yer wh-"

Before he could finish his sentence, a dagger was in front of his face, seemingly whipped out of nowhere into Saviya's hand.

"Where did that come from?" he asked, looking bewildered.

Saviya just smiled again at him, this time brightly, before putting her dagger back quickly in its concealed spot. She started to walk away again when she heard Jack call her name. Cursing under her breath in Romany, she turned around AGAIN and glared at the man as he swaggered towards her. He looked very happy to be in Tortuga and she assumed he was going to go find the nearest whore and bar. Maybe not in that order, though.

Jack pointed at her, "Ye come with me."

Saviya put her hands on her hips and said as patiently as she could, which was not patient at all, "Captain Jack, what are your plans for tonight?" She felt she had to remind him on some things.

A giant grin from Jack as he unveiled his MASTER plan, "'ell, 'ere it is: I plan to drink, find me some pleasurable company to (at this point, let it be noted, that not red light went on in his mind about mentioning this to Saviya, a lass he planned to try to bed), get in a few fights if I'm lucky and finish the night by drinking my weasly black guts out." He paused to think for a second and then added, "Again."

"And where am I during all this?" She asked, thinking it interesting to see his thought process. For you COULD see it, in the little quirks and narrowing of the eyes, you could see it.

"With me!" he said as though it was obvious.

"And while you find your pleasurable company?" She asked him and watched as he thought for a second. "Exactly. I'm going to a bar. I'll see you tomorrow." And she turned and walked off. Jack turned to Gibbs who was staring at him with a perturbed look on his face.

"She's absolutely smitten wit me, really," Jack assured him. Gibbs snorted and the two made off towards the rowdiest bar they could find.

At the Blushing Virgin, Saviya found a empty chair and planked herself down in it, staring at the little bags in her hands, pleased. Just on the way in she'd slipped five bags of nice little coins. Jingled very nicely they did. A bar wench came near and Saviya got a pint of rum and then settled into her spot, listening to people. Most of everyone was talking loudly and drinking. Fights occurred sporadically around the bar but there seemed to almost always be one. Whenever she started getting looks at from a man- leers, really-, she flashed her dagger and they kept their distance.

A man in the bench behind hers but facing the opposite way was talking in lowly to someone next to him. It held no interest to her until she heard 'with this map, we'll never have to sail these seas again. Rich men, we'll be." She perked right up when she heard that. A map? As in a treasure map? The person the man was talking to left and Saviya thought for a second and then decided it was worth it. It was a treasure map, which as far as she'd ever heard definitely mean adventure and fun. When the bar wench came back with her rum, Saviya motioned for her to come closer and then pointed to the man behind her.

"Oy, I'm new here. I mean, it's my first night working here in Tortuga. What can you tell me about him?" Saviya asked. The woman stared at her with a smirk, hand held out and Saviya rolled her eyes before dropping coins in her hand for the rum and extra for information. The wench nodded satisfied before answering.

"That there's Captain Johanas Jaminson. And from what I 'ave 'eard, he likes ta break in the new girls, if ye now what I'm saying." She stopped and Saviya stared at her expectantly.

"That's it?"


Muttering for a second about rude bar wenches, she said, "I hope that money at least keeps ye from spreading yer legs for some slimy rat for ONE night!" She grabbed her rum and walked away. She got seat where she could watch Captain Jaminson and drank her rum. Jaminson downed pint after pint and seemed to be with no one here. When he seemed considerably drunk, Saviya unbuttoned her white blouse to show plenty of cleavage and walked over to him.

"Is this seat taken?" she asked when she reached his table. Jaminson looked up with a slightly glazed look in his eyes and slowly let his eyes trail over her body before nodding. Warming him up wasn't that hard because, as he drunkenly pointed out, he was needing a strumpet for the night. After a few nauseating minutes of giggling and pumping his ego, he started to brag about what a great Captain he was. She momentarily shut her eyes when she took a drink to hide rolling then at his obviously exaggerated and probably completely made up story of him fighting off seven ships at one with his one ship, the Ruby Catch.

"Why, Captain Jaminson," Saviya said in mock awe, "ye do seem like the greatest Captain I've ever met. Someone like you must have tons and adventures, and surely plenty of treasure for yerself."

"Aye, I do," he bragged, "and I'm about ta get me some more."

"How?" she asked innocently, signaling to the bar wench for more rum for him. Jaminson drank the rest of his and eyed the new tankard in front of him happily.

"Well," he confided in one of those wonderful times of loose tongue from plenty of drink, "ship me crew 'n me plundered last week 'ad a map 'idden in the captain's quarters. 'Course I found it. Say, ye ever heard of 'Ol Captain Bashers?" She shook her head no and he kept going, swaying a little in his seat, "'ell, Bashers plundered more 'n 95 ships in his days and hid his swag on this island but 'is boat was sunk 'fore he could collect. So I find the map and- 'ey," he stopped and squinted at her as he seemed to realize he was spilling these important secrets to a stranger, "'oo did ye say ye were?"

Saviya quickly gave him her most seductive smile and said in a sultry voice, "Someone who'll be making yer bed warm tonight, Captain."

Jaminson's eyes filled with lust. "Aye," he said, reaching out for her but, before he could touch her, another hand reached down and pinned his wrist to the table. Saviya looked up to see Jack standing there, looking at Jaminson with his head tilted to one side as he coolly assessed him through narrowed eyes.

"No touching the lass, mate," he warned.

Saviya jumped to her feet. "Jack, it's fine."

He turned and stared at her, eyebrows raised in surprise. He looked back at Jaminson, grabbed Saviya's arm and pulled her few feet away and hissed in her ear, "What do ye think yer doin', luv?"

Saviya explained hurriedly and low so that Jaminson wouldn't hear, "He's got a map to some Captain Basher's island." She saw something flash in his eyes and continued, "I'm going to steal it as soon as I can."

"'ey, get yer own strumpet, Sparrow!" Jaminson yelled, standing up. Jack looked at him, looked back at Saviya and cautioned in a rough voice, "Ye better know what yer doing." He let her go even as his eyes seemed to struggle whether or not to do so. He knew what could happen with Jaminson so he found a spot where he could watch them both and ordered a rum. Some reason other than the possibility of a map kept him watching them. One wrong move and Jaminson would pay.

Saviya put a hand on Jaminson's shoulder and guided him back down onto his chair. "Sorry 'bout that. I turned his down to over to ye before."

"Ah," Jaminson nodded smugly.

"Surely ye wouldn't leave a map as important as that on yer ship, would ye?" Saviya said, donning a concerned voice.

"'Course not," he said, looking as though his intelligence had been questioned. "Only trust meself to carry it."

This keeps getting better and better, Saviya mused. Now to actually get it. She leaned forward, making sure plenty of cleavage was showing and licked her lips. "Why don't we go find a room?"

He nodded eagerly, eyes wide, and downed the rest of the pint before jumping up and grabbing her hand. As he led her across the room, Saviya mouthed to Jack 'two minutes and then go upstairs' with hand motions so he couldn't misunderstand. He nodded slightly, his dark eyes following them up the stairs. Once inside the room, Jaminson shut the door behind her and couldn't seem to get his hands off her. When he tried to nuzzle his face into her neck, Saviya put her hands on his shoulders and shoved him back. He stumbled back a few steps and looked at her, confused.

"Jest what kinda game are ye playin'," he asked, looking suddenly angry. He went to take a step towards her but she whipped out her dagger and held it in front of her, looking at him steadily.

"We can do this two ways: ye give me the map, or I make ye."

He stared at her for a second and then laughed. He actually started to laugh at her. Saviya nodded, "Well, I guess that was a no." She lunged at him with the dagger but he twisted to the side, grabbed her arm and yanked her back to his chest tightly. He stank of filth and the hands that held her were grubby and dirty. She kicked at his foot and shin hard and pushed away form him when his grip lessened. She grabbed a ceramic figurine and chucked it at his head. It managed to slow him down a little as it broke against the side of his head but he lumbered forward, reaching for her. She quickly brought the knife up, slashing his right arm from wrist to elbow. Cursing, he grabbed his sword with his left hand but she kicked it from his hand and then hit him in the temple with the handle of the dagger. His eyes rolled back and he slumped forward, falling into a heap on the floor. The fight seemed not that hard to her, but she knew that he would have been much harder to beat had he not been drunk.

Jack came in just as she was wiping the blood off her dagger and putting it back in its place. He stared at the body on the floor, with blood dripping from its arm and head, and then at Saviya who stood without a scratch on her.

"He wasn't that hard," Saviya supplied. "He was very drunk so he was kinda slow."

"Never knew ye was ruthless, luv," he muttered, looking at Jaminson again. "Gonna have ta keep that in mind so's not ta make ya too mad at me."

"Hey, I gave him a choice," she defended herself, hands on hips. "He's the one that chose to fight. Now let's find the map. It's somewhere on him. Hopefully," she scrunched her nose, "not on a bad place."

Saviya started to check his pockets while Jack ripped off his boots. She gave him a strange look but was proved wrong when he pulled a folded strip of paper from inside. Unfolding it, he glanced at it for a second before refolding it and shoving it in his pocket and standing up. She looked back down at Jaminson and shook her head, "He smells like a pig sty trough." At Jack's inquisitive look she shook her head, "Don't ask." She took his hand to stand up and found herself mere inches from him. Staring up into his eyes, she suddenly found it very hard to move away and with every second, she didn't want to. Jack stared down at her, bringing his arm around her waist to being her ever closer to him. He cupped her cheek gently with his other hand and lifted her face up. Saviya melted against him, so lost in his eyes and touch that she knew, if he let go, she would not be able to stand. Their lips met in a soft kiss and he pulled away after a long while to look at her. She looped her arms around his neck and smiled lazily at him. With a smirk, he lowered his mouth again, this time giving her such a passion filled kiss and pulling her so close to him that she couldn't stifle the throaty moan that left her lips. Lips swollen, she opened heavy eyes to give him a look that spoke more than words could.

"C'mon, luv, let's get back to the ship," he said, his voice more raspy than usual as he led her out of the room, his arm still around her waist.