Disclaimer: I do not own Lord of the Rings. The Characters belong to J.R.R Tolkien and the first two lines of the poem belong to Bilbo Baggins when he is exchanging riddles with Gollum. I own the plot and the other four lines.

Summery: In 'The Two Towers', we hear Gollum expanding on his 'fish' riddle from 'the Hobbit'. I thought of an expansion on the 'egg' riddle and realized that it sounded more like the Ring than bad eggs. The idea wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote this.

Eggs or Rings?

A box without hinges, key or lid.

Eggshells have to be broken before you can get to the inside. No hinges key or lid there. But the Ring traps all those who find or wear it. It overwhelms you, steals your will for it's own. The box – or cage, if you prefer – is invisible, also without hinges, key or lid, but it is a prison nonetheless.

Yet golden treasure inside is hid.

Golden Treasure. The yoke of an egg. Food is precious, and could sometimes be thought of as treasure. Especially by a Hobbit.

The Ring. No doubt the Dark Lord thought it precious. And Rings can be thought of as treasure in some situations. But this ring had a mind of it's own, and brought only death and suffering. Hardly a treasure.

But a curse as well, though gold it gleams

An egg gone rotten. Fleeing the kitchen or pantry at a dead run and being unable to return for the rest of the day for the smell of it is certainly a curse.

The golden Ring. A curse indeed. Taking all that One is, twisting and warping until all that is left is a mockery of what once was. It steals all that you are, changing you irrevocably, and seldom for the better.

The Price sometimes beyond your means.

Eggs can be terribly expensive. But usually affordable, even when used only in bartering.

The Ring of Sauron. Oh, the price you pay for wearing it, even if only for a short time. You pay in sorrow, anguish and pain. A price paid over and over, even until your death and maybe even beyond that.

Treasure to find, Treasure to keep

A perfect egg is a rare treasure. Any egg at all in a time of famine is even more so. And chickens try so hard to keep the eggs that they lay, seeing the life within them and reluctant to give that up.

Many sought the ring, seeking it throughout the ages. For the few who were unlucky enough to be successful, they did all within their power to keep it. Even killing, or wandering the edges of madness, to have it in their posession for even a few more seconds.

You'll find not always what you seek.

Most eggs are good for cooking. Or for hatching, to get more chickens. But there are occasional bad ones, or baby chicks that are hatched dead.

Some find the Ring; thinking to use it for good, hoping that it's power is not beyond redemption, that it could be made to serve one who is not Sauron. They are mistaken, the ring has no other master and in the end, the Ring only brings about the destruction of those who seek to dominate it. Few things are as they seem, The Ring least of all.









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