I am dedicating this story to my friend "Nina Marie". If she didn't get her job at the ice skating ring, then I wouldn't of gone and kept her company, and I would never of gotten the idea for this story, so thanks "Nina"!!

Title: A Christmas story: Memories and ice-skating.

Summary: The A-Teams goes ice-skating. Mandy doesn't know how too, they make her.

Authors note: Okay, I know that this is not the story that was supposed to be next, but I got the idea, and so I had to write while it was still fresh in my mind. It's short and funny (hopefully). This is actually the first story to the Christmas story. Hope you like it.

Time Line: Wintertime after part 2, in New York.

It's nighttime, Face, Murdock, Hannibal, even B.A., George, Jason, Athena, and Tanya are skating at the near by skating rink. Not a lot a people are there considering that it's late at night.

Mandy is sitting at the picnic table watching her friend. She soon remembers what brought her here.


The new team has been with the old team for a good month already. Hannibal thought that it would be a good idea that they stayed together for a little while, so Decker could cool down.

Mandy hasn't been herself lately. Everyone was worried; they didn't know what was wrong.

So one day when she was watching T.V. Face came and sat down next to her.

Face: What's wrong little Facey?

Mandy: Wrong? Nothing's wrong.

Face: You're lying.

Mandy: Lying, me lie? I don't think so.

Face: There you go again you lied. (Mandy opened her mouth to say something when Face caught her off.) You always lie when you answer with a question.

Mandy: I gotta work on that.

Face: So, tell me, what's wrong? (Mandy hesitated for a minute.) You know we can always get another dog pile going. Guys!! Guys!!!

Mandy covered his mouth with her hand: Sush! Fine I'll tell you.

Face: Okay, but don't think that you're getting away that easily. (Mandy just smiled.) Okay, so tell me.

Mandy: Well, we just had Thanksgiving, which was really great by the way, but now it's almost December. It's time for Christmas decorations, time for hot coca and toasty marshmallows, and especially time for snow.

Face: Ah, I see where you're getting at. HANNIBAL!!!!!

Mandy: What are you doing?

Face: HANNIBAL!!!! (Hannibal entered the room, but no one saw him.) HANNI....

Hannibal interrupted him: WHAT?!

Face: Little Facey has a great idea.

Hannibal: Really? (He removes a cigar from his pocket and puts it in his mouth.) Let's hear it kid.

Mandy: Well, how about we go...

Face interrupted her: Back to New York and have an old fashion Christmas. (Hannibal just looked at them.) You know, the whole works. Christmas decorations, hot coca, toasty marshmallows, and snow.

Mandy: Hannibal what's wrong?

Hannibal: Nothing. (He says so that everyone can hear him.) EVERYONE PACK THEIR BAGS WHERE GOING BACK TO NEW YORK.

Athena screams something weird and everyone else is really happy.

Mandy gets off the couch and runs and gives Hannibal a hug: Thanks Hannibal.

Hannibal: Anytime kid. This should be nice, I can't remember the last time I actually celebrated Christmas. (Mandy's still hugging him.) Go get ready. (Mandy let go and ran into her room.)

Back to the present...

B.A. REFUSED to go on a plane, so they drove. They arrived back in New York late last night.

Athena came up to Mandy trying her hardest to balance on her skates: Facey, come skating with us.

Mandy: I don't know how too.

Athena: Do you think that's stopping me?

Mandy: No thank you Murdock, maybe later.

Athena: Okay. (She turns around and falls. Murdock and Hannibal came over to her, helped her up, and then they each took a arm and skated with her.)

Mandy just sat there and smiled at the memory of the last person that tried to help her skate.


Mandy was 11 years old and her best friend Nina took her skating at that same rink. Mandy tried and tried, but she couldn't do it.

Nina: AMANDA! Stop skating in the snow and get on the ice!!

Mandy: I can't do it!!

Nina: Of course you can.

Mandy tried and she couldn't do it. So she just sat in the snow. Soon more people started to come so Mandy just got up and took her skates off, never to skate again.

Then her mind skipped a few years ahead.

It was there senior year and Mandy was keeping Nina company at her job at the skating rink.

Mandy tried to slide around on the ice with her sneakers on: Why can't I slide?

Nina: Because the grooves on the bottom of your sneakers are stopping you. Go put on some skates and go skating with me.

Mandy: No. Do you remember the last time I went skating?

Nina: Amanda, you were 11 years old, and you wouldn't get out of the snow. (The two friends laugh at the memory.)

Mandy: You can't say that I didn't try.

Nina: Try again!!

Mandy: NO!!! Okay, I tell you what, you find me a cute guy that will help me and I will go.

Nina looked around the skating rink and saw two guys: Well, you got two choices, there's that guy (She pointed to one boy.) and then there's Dale.

Mandy: Nina! They aren't really considered cute guys.

That was the last Christmas that she saw Nina, they lost contact with each other after high school.

She looked back to all those times when Nina would repeatedly say: You aren't really Face; you aren't running from the military. (Mandy laughed cause now she was.)

A voice: Face? Facey??

Mandy came out of her daze and realized that Athena was calling her.

Mandy: What is it Murdock?

Athena: Looky who I found.

Mandy: NINA!?

Nina: AMANDA?! (The two friends hugged and they sat down.)

Athena went back to skating while Nina and Mandy talked and caught up.

After a while...

Nina: So, you really are running from the military now.

Mandy: Yeah. It's not that fun.

Mandy watches her friends for a few second. She saw Jason and B.A. do a double axel and land perfectly. Her mouth just drops open.

Nina: What?

Mandy: Is that possible?

Nina: Sure it is. You gotta go really fast, jump into the air...

Mandy: I know that that's possible, but B.A. and Jason just did that.

Nina: So?

Mandy: So? So! It's B.A. and Jason! That's So!

Nina trying to change the subject: Come on let's go skating.

Mandy: No, do you remember what happened the last time that I went skating?

Nina: Yeah, you didn't get out of the snow. ATHENA!!!

Athena came over: Yeah.

Nina: Let's get this girl to skate.

Athena: Okay, let me go get Face.

Mandy: ATHENA! No. (But it was too late she got Face and brought him back.)

Face: What's up?

Nina sat up and looked at him and then looked at Mandy: Amanda isn't this that Dirt Diggerler guy?

Mandy laughed: You could never remember his name. No, it's Dirk Benedict, and no this is Templeton Peck.

Nina: Oh.

Face: So, what's up?

Nina: Get this girl to go skating!

Face looked at Mandy and Mandy shook her head: I ain't going.

Nina: Come on Amanda! You told me that if I found a cute guy that would help you skate then you would go.

Mandy: I did, but I don't see any cute guys.

Face: Thanks a lot.

Mandy laughs: I'm just kidding, but I still ain't gonna go!

Face: Okay. (He walked back out to the ice.)

Nina went after him: Come on! Make her go.

Face: I am. (Face whistled and told everyone to come in.)

Mandy knew that Face was planning something, but no matter what she wasn't gonna move.

Face: Nina, you got skates? (She nodded her head.) Good here's the plan......

A few minutes later they broke there huddle, and Face walked over to Mandy, but he stopped at a big pile of snow. He made a snowball and threw it at her.

Mandy got up and started to throw snowballs at Face.

Face: Now Murdock!!

Murdock ran up to Mandy and pushed her down.

Mandy: Hey!!

Athena came and helped keep her down.

Hannibal and George just stood there laughing.

Mandy: Hannibals! Don't just stand there. Help me!!

They didn't move. She looked around for some help from the B.A.'s, but they were too busy talking with some girls.

Face and Nina put the skates on her feet and everyone let go of her. Mandy sat up and crawled over to the snow pile and sat in it.

Murdock, Athena, Hannibal, and George went back onto the ice.

Mandy: I ain't gonna move.

Face: That's okay you don't have too. (He grabbed her arm, pulled her up to her feet, and flung her over his shoulder.)

Mandy started to pound on his back: Let me go! What are you doing? Face put me down!!!

Mandy continued to pound his back and yell at him while he skated to the middle of the ice.

Mandy: PUT ME DOWN!!! AHHH! (He put her down and she fell down.) That was rude.

Face said nothing. He just pulled her up and made sure that she was balanced. He took a hold of her, so that she wouldn't fall and he slowly started to skate with her.

Athena and Murdock skated past them. Mandy: I think Athena is a natural at this.

All of a sudden Athena falls down.

Murdock: Come on little captain, if you fall try and try again. (He helped her up and they went skating again.)

Face: You were saying? (Mandy started to loose her balance and fell down bringing Face down with her.)

After an hour and a half (and after many falls) Mandy finally got the hang of it and she didn't need Face's help anymore.

After awhile her ankles started to hurt so she went over to the picnic table and took off her skates and put her boots back on.

Face went over to her. Mandy: That was a lot of fun.

Face: See all you needed was a cute guy to help you out.

Mandy: Yeah, I guess you're right. (For once she gave him a complement.)

Face: You quittin'?

Mandy: Facegirl don't quit. Just stopping for the night.

At that moment Murdock started to yell at Billy: Billy! You stop that!! (turns to Athena) Are you going to be okay for a few minutes by yourself?

Athena: Sure.

Murdock let go of her and runs to Billy all of a sudden Athena falls down.

Jason skates over to her: What did you do foo'?

Athena: It's a simple procudre. It's called falling down.

Murdock got Billy and looked back at Athena and saw her. He skated REALLY fast over to her. He stopped in time, looked over her and said: What are you doing?

Athena: Lieing on the ice. (She moves slightly.) Ow!

Murdock falls to his knees: You okay?

Athena: Yeah. I'm numb, but I don't know if it's from the pain or the ice.

Murdock: Come on, I'll help you up. (He grabbed her arm.)

Athena screamed really loud.

Murdock: Yeah, all right, forget that.

He gathered her up in his arms and carefully picked her up. Athena buried her head in his leather jacket and either fell asleep or fell unconscious, Murdock didn't know. He carried her to the picinic table and sat her down. She soon woke up.

Murdock: You okay Athena?

Athena: That has never been satisfactorily determined yet. (Mandy and she laughed.)

Murdock: Hey, that's my line.

Mandy: I think that that we all should call it quits for tonight. Tomorrow we are putting up decorations and it's getting late, so I think we need our rest.

Face: Sounds good to me. (He also pulled off his skates. The rest all came in after a short while.)

Mandy: Nina, don't be a stranger.

Nina: I won't.

Mandy, Athena, George, Jason, B.A, Face, Hannibal, and Murdock, all went back to Mandy's house to sleep.